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crushed on the inside ;~; I'm still going

I have never smiled so much during a gameplay than this one OMG. This was so creative and the puzzles were ok. I especially love the animation in it xD This is too good, honestly!

I can't see the ingredients because they come up as black silhouettes, but the gameplay seems interesting and fun.

This was too true to life tbh lol I'm surprised I didn't get the bad endings first...maybe I have hope too. This is great~ I like it and Noah is too cute for words T^T


I get the feeling of anxiety thing especially as a no0b but I hope you finish everything cuz I wanna be the first to play :3

Have fun with it~~

You're pretty cool~

Sometimes these jams can be a reboot of an old idea instead of a fresh new one and that can make you feel even more reinvigorated to finish. Last time I made mine in 4 days with just royalty free stuff, I'm still proud of it since its the first thing I ever made that looks 'done.' I say still do it, the spirit of the jam is to have fun and collaborate with others and the resources are there for those who might not have access to it, you can take your time and make a demo of something that feels uniquely you. I'm glad you have a VA working with - I hope you get to finish what you need on time~~

Its looking good so far~~

That's crazy~ It looks good~~ Can't wait to play it~

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All assets used in this particular game (BGs, Character sprites, sounds, music etc.) are distributed as 'free to use' - some with special circumstances attached. Those sprites are in fact from a card game (I'm not sure if this particular one is still active or not but); you can check out their website and terms of conditions here:

I placed a full list of the assets I used here:; which is also seen at the ending credits of this game.

Hope that cleared it up ^^; sorry if it wasn't clear.

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Pretty much just the writing and the 'effort' - or lack thereof - of putting it all together :c

And like...the two pictures in there I edited/ yea maybe about 10% or less...idk