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oh yea will be posting an ashcan soon just did a playtest and it's pretty fun

I can't get evil henchmen who are just in battles to get beat up by heroes out of my mind.  Will most likely go with this idea and flesh it out.

I really wanted to have an archetype that was really struggling back against the blight, and creating a whole healing type for just that is so cool.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I didn't notice the implications of some of the stuff I put down there that's cool.

Something that could be interesting is a character archetype that is fighting against the Blight head on (thinking somewhere around the creatures healing type but for plant life and food). I couldn't quite make it work with the Herbalist, and eventually leaned to heal those who are affected by the Blight instead. I think the Earth Guard Archetype really hit the nail on this one though

I never thought of the Herbalist being multi-type until you pointed it out. It got me thinking of how other healing types could intersect. I imagine you can imply a cyberpunk setting with a tech-body archetype, perhaps. So much cool stuff.