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Hello!  I just published a beta release of a fun little slot machine game called Lucky's Lucky 7 Slots.   It was created using Unity3D, coded in C#, and features my own original graphics.  This is my first build for Android, and I'd appreciate any testers out there willing to give me some performance feedback from their device(s), as well as how you like the game, in general.  If all goes well, I'm planning to use it as a foundation for other slots games, and possibly release the code in a DIY asset.  So, let me know what you think!  Thanks!

You can download the .apk here: Lucky's Lucky 7 Slots

Here's a clip:

I'm a huge fan of old school paper games, and intend to check this one out.  I don't have the dice, though, and will have to use some online ones...  Something to think about.  If players need something other than 1d6, maybe include an alternate way of obtaining rolls, like a random number table for dropping a pencil on, a printable/foldable die, or a spinner.  Regardless, good for you for keeping the classic format alive! :-)

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Hey, everyone!  I'm a long-time multimedia designer and game maker, and I just published my first asset pack on itch.io -- an Inventory Panel Set.  It includes a couple of briefcases, bags, a backpack, and some other UI elements.  I get tired of seeing generic inventory UIs, and wanted to put out an alternative that wouldn't break story continuity.  I hope you like it.  Even if you can't download it (at $2.99), have a look at the screenshots and demo clips and please let me know what you think.  I hope to publish some other assets soon, and value any feedback from the community.  Thanks!

Inventory Panel Set

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