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Keith Thomas

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Hi thanks for playing! Def not too late, but the game has evolved a LOT since this if you want to try out the new version I've only got it on Steam at the moment. If you'd like a straight up Windows build let me know and I can throw it on Google Drive. Would love for you to join the Discord too! Thanks again.

The animations at night time were really great. Concept was pretty cool too.

Great write-up. Interesting how far in-depth you think on this subject. It's an intimidating one for me - I'm also making a "battle-mage" game. I feel like the more I think about it, the less certain I am about balance and certain mechanics. But this post helped me organize some of those thoughts, so thank you.

Hey, downloaded the releases on github and it's not clear to me how to start the game up, is there another download link somewhere?

Hi, developer here - my name's Keith - thanks for trying out my game. I probably begged and pleaded for it. No shame. I'd like to turn this into something great (I mean of course, who wouldn't want that?) - and need help to do so. I only know so much about game design. So player feedback is probably the most important thing for the game to succeed.

Possible format:

1) What I liked about it
2) What I disliked about it
3) What could be added to make it a game I would buy/play
4) Bonus: What cool wizard spell/effect should be added?

Thanks. Love you.