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i know the "quick survive" and the new game you are working on are first priority.... i would love to have the money to buy quick survive. i just dont like buying games, im too cheap.

How do i change the field of view? it would be cool to have a *Not Forced* tutorial at the begging to really walk you through it all, but make it short and simple.

Sorry for such a negative approach, but i think the game needs a little do over. The time holding the ball is too short, for a beginner like me stupid AI is too good, the field of view should be changeable. the throwing mechanic for the ball and grenade makes it super hard to aim,  and i think the hoop size should be configurable. on the bright side this game idea is new and has a bright future. keep doing what you do!

Nice! I wish i can donate!  What programming language did you use?