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and so dead too

а такое было?
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на телефон нет портов, только на виндовс или линукс. если и с компа работать не будет то нажми там "Скачивание не началось?"

I remember playing it on pico-8 a while ago. Love the remastered version


You can turn off the antivirus and find people on the discord server to play with (actually nobody will respond because the server is dead but you should give it a try)

some of the sounds are too loud and after I beat the level I don't loose the fly in my mouth, but the game looks fun and I think it should be a roguelike maybe?

Best party game but sadly online multiplayer is broken

Add Robo-Baby 2.0 that fires a lazer that deals damage to every enemy in front of the baby

1. So I can even submit a game which I started making like a year before or whatever?
2. No theme I guess?
3. If games are rated, can we check our places in ratings after the rating period ends?

chrome, windows 10, screen resolution is 1366x768, laptop, bit x64

I couldn't play the game, it is too big for my screen.

I think that Loop should have been the core mechanic of the game, not just a part of it like you fall into the void and respawn somewhere.

kinda cool but repetitive. Also the sound of jump is loud.

the art makes my eyes hurt, but the concept is very cool.


it is called "The Line Game: Orange Edition" there are also Lime and some other editions

windows 10, laptop, screen resolution is around 1400 by width, playing web version.

hard gameplay because of how high the jumps are

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It is hard but fun! I also got nostalgic because there was a game where you have to controll the orange juice so it gets to a green spot on the map.

I didn't see anything related to loop as a game mechanic but the game itself is a little bit fun to play.

is it a downwell remake? Looks fine but I didn't see anything related to loop as a main game mechanic.

SQUID GAME??!??!?!??!?!? fun game but repetitive a bit.

the game is quite hard, I fell from the cube like 5 times and couldn't make a lap. But I love the kitty

I couldn't play the game, it is too big for my screen and there was just a blue rectangle shaking on the screen.

The game is cool, I love the concept, but the sounds are very loud. The game itself is also too big for my screen and it doesn't fit in. Also physics are quite strange.

I love how you made music change on the current gameplay state (writing commands and running them). I also love the graphics. But I would make robot move a bit faster and also add a dark mode because the game is to bright to play at night. Great work!

I love the additional mechanics you gave to the tetris, but I didn't find anything related to the theme.

my bad, I meant d1 instead of d4. I tried playing this game again and realised that my caps lock was on. Anyways the gameplay is a bit confusing and I think that pushing tiles instead of writing "move something somewhere" would be much better.

It is very hard to play even on easy difficult (idk maybe I'm noob)

I love it very much but I think that Undo is missing (Back is different to undo, it doesn't put crates back). Anyways cool game

I couldn't make it more complex because of how the game works :(

Did you see how I credited you lol


In options you can change palettes, the 6th one is black and white.

thx <3

I write "move d4 up" and it doesnt move the cell on d4 upwards. I tried pressing enter and space and even clicking on that button but still didn't work. I even wrote "move 4d up".

loophero okok. Anyways cool game but needs music

It doesn't work