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I can add options to the game

Can I make ANY game I want? PLatformer, pixelated, 3D, 2D, puzzle, any?

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lol thanks :)

seems to be a very interesting gam

Great! Who did you play it with? Also, my discord is kreyk29#1085, if you want, we can play together

A puzzle game with a cooperative splitscreen mode. that what your site said

I dont know what to make, the theme is Spring and its a bit confusing. What if I make 4-player game where you... fight with each other in the forest full of flowers and trees and everything that matches the spring or whatever?

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I swear that it hasn't got any viruses. All it do is saving your progress somewhere in computer (with .ini file). Also, why would I upload viruses? I could already get banned if I did so

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tag is 9999 now :)

Im making a puzzle game in Clickteam Fusion and I need help. Discord: kreyk29#2451

So I can make any type of game, puzzle, pixelated, with any sounds, with any sprites, am I right?

New fruit ideas:
+25% (4) pigments from droplets.
Juice makes saws go slower.

grass area: 25%
-25% (4) pigments from droplets.

It's a cool idea but I think that the game is hard. Firstly, you should improve platform movement. Secondly - scrollings, in level 1 I was confused because I didn't know where to jump (the first 3 coins in a row) until I've found a platform under the last one

BG color of this page should be black

It will be .exe file but if I find how to make it runnable as .html, it will be a browser game

Well, yeah it''s pretty bad, but it won't make pixels blurry if you turn off the anti-aliasing.

Clickteam Fusion 2.5+ Developer. It would be hard to make flash/html game because it will freeze at any moment.

Can it be .exe? .html? What should it be?

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What does it mean lol. Can I just make a game, and at the end we will realise that it was a dream?

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ok I'll fix it


level 14 is actually imposibble

выглядит странно что на втором скрине нету Оливии, но я хочу писять

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hard but fun

what did you mean?

check how to play page in the menu

buy pixels

oof ok

oof ok

what game engine was used?

Please source code :)

<3 thanks

plz give me .mfa

lol wtf

oof ok, i will try

My PC can't load it normally, chrome doesn't respond after ≈80% of loading

hard to understand what's going on

How far did you get?

aww :3