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love the drum and bass. The idea of sneaking out as a princess is pretty legit. screw the hero.

I poop my pants. 


I made it , the typing caught me off guard tho. 

I MADE IT, like the idea but its pretty short, would be fun as a full game. Esp. the typing caught me off guard.

Liked the game, trump in a tank topkek. And that MSN sound STILL made me look at the bottom left of my screen after all these years. Love the random generated dungeon.

I liked the graphics, I liked the first person perspective view of a rts game. 

VERY fun game, I REALLY liked this game, except for it bugging in the second level so I couldnt proceed. 

I caught myself still looking for guns on the second day while itwas bananas and nunchucks I had to watch out for . Love the music love the idea, please make it a finished game!

Nice music , its fun to shoot the buildings but I dont seem to be dieing when going for black only. 
Could be a great game with massive particles and c-c-c-c-combo breakers. 
Losing condition would be nice as well.

Keep it up!

Fun to play with the items.

I Love to DAB. Its really cool this mechanic. (I can walk through the wall without activating the swtich on the 2nd level) Other than that cool.

Nice little story, I liked it. fun art fun soundtrack. 

Looks really nice. and the pet is really cute