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Really interesting concept! Evolving planet via collecting resources is nice. Clouds in space? Idk if that was a design choice but it looks cool. I'd say it's unfair to have only one life, because sometimes there's no escape from meteors. And I don't think you chose the right font for the style of this game. But overall I liked the game.

Thanks :)

Thanks, I'll play your game :)

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Probably the prettiest game I've seen so far! There's a lot of physics bugs, but game is still fun and had some cool inovative features I've never seen like buying a checkpoint. Well done!

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

Thanks, already rated your game :)

Thank you! I'll definitely update the game after rating period :)

Cool game for 2 players! You did a good job with gameplay. Though I think you could include in-game tutorial and goals.

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

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Really cool concept for a game! I had fun destroying those little planets.

Some in-game tutorial would be nice, not everyone read description. I also think you should simplify launch mechanic by not forcing to use mouse. Character could just fly in a straight line from a center of a planet, so the game could be more challenging.

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

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The game looks and sounds amazing, but it's too repetitive and not exciting in general. It's not that levels are hard (well, they might be hard for casual players, but not for someone who played "I Wanna Be The Boshy" like me), levels just aren't intuitive (don't have any idea where to go) and collecting more coins for no reason isn't really motivating.

If you ask me, the first thing you would wanna fix in this game is the way your character moves and jumps. For metroidvania or action platformer like this, smooth movement is the worst thing, it should be accurate and responsive, without any interpolation of position. 

For jumping, you should implement "the more you hold, the higher you jump" mechanic to make it possible for player to reach enemies the way they want to.

Also, I don't think spreading bullets really make gameplay better in any way, so you might also get rid of that mechanic... Or make different weapons, so players could choose what to use in what situation, that could add more variety to gameplay for sure.

Overall the game has potential to be much interesting than it is right now, but good job that you made it in 7 days!

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

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Very interesting puzzle game! So simple yet so hard. Some levels are difficult only because of the planets speed, so I think it's better to have some other types of obstacles :)

Ok sorry for misunderstanding :)

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I really like this game! Good job with graphics and gameplay. Grappling mechanic was probably the hardest to do, and I didn't spot any bugs. Though the music was not so good. But despite that, game is very addictive and fun to play.

And now that I noticed... this game was submitted on the same day the game jam started. So does that mean you broke the rules and made this game before jam even started? That's kinda cheating, so unfortunately I can't rate this game.

Thanks for feedback! You can see list of planets below the game, if you want spoilers :)

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Thanks for detailed feedback! I had only 4 days to make this game. Two of them I spent on code, one on graphics and one on polishing. If I had time I'd definitely add an animated background and planets too! And I'm aware of the bug, that's why I wrote about it in the description, it's a weird one.

I'll surely rate your game :)

Thanks, I'd definitely make it with more time!

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I like design of itchio page lol. Not much to see in the game itself and I don't see how it relates to "Mini Planets" theme, but props for very cool idea! Also subbed to pewds :)

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too!

Thanks! I didn't have time to add game over screen, would be nice to have it

Thanks for feedback! Though there is a bug when two planets don't merge, and game definitely needs game over screen

I liked it and it's perfect for a mobile game! Music is calm and planets are well drawn!

Though I wish planets could be randomly generated each time I start new game.

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

The game is cool, but I can't play it more than 5 minutes, it gets boring. I like random system generation!

I think you should simplify gameplay a bit so people could actually do more stuff wtihout getting killed by a planet, which is hilarious.

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

So I was greeted with awkward bleeps and off-screen text...

Overall the game is good, it has some solid gameplay and story going on. Though the difficulty was a little unfair on day 7, so I didn't manage to pass it. It's nice that you took effort to make detailed tutorial and hints in game, but I think it could be more simple, without tons of pop-up windows. I also don't see how this game corresponds "Mini Planets" theme, it's more of a space shooter / space tower defence game.

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

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I really wish that this game could be as good as it seemed... However, I didn't enjoy it, and here's why.

  • Artstyle that doesn't fit the rest of the game. For example, why do the two main characters look like this?  Why are aliens and plants designed this way? Why am I controlling a floating head instead of character with a body? Why character's weapon is a magic staff, is there some magic involved? Why is there a moon from Majora's Mask? These are the questions that come to my mind when playing this game. I also don't get why would you make a plain gray planet with random mountains and puddles around. I think isometric view makes it look even weirder.
  • No motivation. Nothing to catch player attention. Sure, the goal is to collect some resources, find someone, go somewhere... But it all just feels boring after completing the first level. Going through one gray planet over and over isn't interesting pointless (especially on level 2). You could make dialogs with some story appearing when you explore the planet, or some side quests to reveal more backstory about characters and their personalities.
  • Frustrating character movement. There are a lot more ways to show "unstable graivty" without getting player frustrated. I guess you already understand that was a bad decision.
  • Too much unnecessary content. It seems like you were focused individual sprites too much, not on actual game design that ties everything up. Sure, now UI and menus look fancy and there's lot of detailed sprites. But is it really necessary? You know, sometimes less is more. You don't necessarily need to spend all week to make your sprites look perfect. A lot of developers / designers start with simple mockups, placeholders. For the future I will advise you not to rush making art before you have all your game on paper. And by that I mean you should always have a clear representation of what will be necessary for your game and what will be redundant (not worth spending time on). That way you'll always know what you should focus on. It may be main characters, because they're always on screen, it may be planets, enemies, background, etc. 
  • Grammar mistakes. I know that english isn't your main language, but you should've definitely found someone who would translate all chinese text for you properly. It is important, especially in a game like this, that relies on storytelling.
  • Weird UI. Some of the UI is just broken (for example when you click on your items). Some of the text blends in with the background or too small to read. Inconsistent fonts makes your game less stylized and more random, so that's not what you want.
  • Sound effects design. The music is well done and I think it fits in your game. But sounds effects... They're just too random (not related to each other)  and have different volumes. Sometimes I had to lower my browser volume to 5 just to not get blasted by harsh sounds.

So. to summarize - it could've been an amazing game, if only it didn't ruin the experience in first few minutes... Anyway, all of you did a good job and I wish you luck with your next projects!

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

Lol thanks

Thank you!

Thanks for feedback! Yeah I thought about polishing  and porting it to mobile afterwards, it would be awesome

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Thanks for feedback! You can see list of planets below the game window, though I agree it would be convinient to have indication of each planets value

Thanks for feedback, this track was made 5 years ago so it's a bit repetitive yeah

Thanks for streaming cool games, I'll be looking for more :)

Yes, you can succeed with random moves, but that also can lead to losing :)
Thanks for playing!

6k is really good, thanks!

Glad you like it!


Thanks for feedback! I wish I had more time to improve everything :)

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This is a really cool and relaxing game! All colors, sounds, particles match perfectly with the style. Waves are challenging but fair once you get powerful upgrades.

Overall it's very satisfying game to play, good job!

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

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That's a very cute short game! I like the artstyle, music, and that funny ending. The only thing I dislike is how slow and smoothly I'm able to move. I think you should've made Pluto easier to control and create more hazards/levels of difficulty, being a Pluto isn't that easy xD Anyway, good job!

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

I really like the idea behind this game. It has a cool gravity-affected physics and nice looking planets. It looks like you spent a lot of time drawing those planets, and I wish I could see them closer. One feature you could add is zooming in when you're launching terraform charge. Also, lots of cool particle effects. That would make your game much more exciting!

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

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Thanks for feedback, it might be the highest score that anyone will ever achieve in my game :)

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Awesome game with cool looking boss planets. I wish there would be more to gameplay, but it's perfect for the theme of this game jam.

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)

Nice game but needs a lot more content and polish. Right now it feels empty and pointless.

But congrats on finishing it for this game jam!

Be sure to rate my game and leave some feedback too :)