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Ah ok, thank you!


Ok that's fine, Thank You!

I have Direct to you payouts though, aren't they supposed to be sent immediately to my PayPal?

Hello users! So yesterday, I connected my PayPal account so that I could receive money when people buy my game, and I showed the game to my friends so that they could buy and play it. One of them said they bought the game, I know that because he was able to tell me one of the features that you can only get in-game when you buy it. The problem is though, when I checked the payments it said there were none and my gross revenue said $0.00. Also, when I went to downloads it said there was one (which obviously came from my friend). Is this a problem or glitch? Please tell what went wrong (or THINK went wrong), Thank you!

This was a very calming and nice game! Although it lagged A LOT, it showed an important message that we should never forget about our loved ones. Glad it had a good ending :)

Amazing Game! Definitely made me question slides again lol! The low-poly type feel makes it even scarier as well.

Oh, thank you so much! I found it in the spam folder. Finally I can make some money off of my games, thank you again!

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Hello users! So recently, I have launched my game to be donated to and connected my PayPal account. The only problem is though, this PayPal account was from a while ago and I signed up with my .aol account. When I connected my .aol account to it says I have account permissions and payments receivable but not my Email verified. I went to open up my .aol account but I did not see an email from nor from PayPal with a link. Does this mean I cannot receive payments? Also, even if I am able to receive payments how do I verify my .aol PayPal account? (just to be safe) Thank you! <3

Amazing game! I was so addicted to this game and although I died 195 times I was still able to make it to the gemstone. The storyline is very good as well and kept me engaged through the entirety of the game. Fantastic Job!

Amazing game! I was so addicted to this game and although I died 195 times I was still able to make it to the gemstone. The storyline is very good as well and kept me engaged through the entirety of the game. Fantastic Job!

Thank you so much for the review!<3 Also, I will consider making the game mobile-friendly as time goes on!

Feedback is much appreciated in the comments! Thanks! <3

This is a really fun game! I love the pixel art graphics, but I guess I was too dumb to through the whole game because it got really challenging! Nice job!

The way he talks is just so adorable! One of my favorites indeed.

This is so amazing! The mechanics are so fun and the gameplay is very intriguing and gives the player a good challenge. I had lots of fun playing, Nice Job!

This game is amazingly good!  It's so unique, how you have to balance the bus while fighting enemies in order to keep the bus on the mountaintop. The mechanics are fantastic too! Nice Job!

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What a fun game! What I really love about it is it's minimalist. The character isn't some highly-detailed pixel character and the controls are not complicated to understand. Amazing Job overall! I like it!

This is actually really fun! I had some trouble with the mechanics and the premise of the game at first, but with some practice I finally understood! Awesome Game! Only thing I'd suggest is maybe a little more clarity with the premise of the game :b!

This game ran VERY well on my chromebook actually! Most chromebook versions crash for me but this one doesn't at all! Very good version even if it doesn't have week 7! Great job dude! Also, do you ever plan on adding week 7? Thank you!

Yo, I don't know how you got this on web but it's amazing! It's so intriguing and I was so hooked on this game! The graphics are great and I can see myself playing this game more often! 5/5 Star rating! Keep up the good work!

This game is rage-inducing....I like it!

Oh wow, that's great! If you ever plan on updating this game that'd be awesome! I'd really like to see where this game is headed while using p5.js!

I really enjoy this game! I also use p5.js but I've never seen a game made this well with it! Great job! The art is also fantastic!

Yo, this game is amazing! It's super fun and the gore is great especially for a game like this! Nice job!