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It's working! Thank you so much for the quick response! From now on, I'll just download these links from Firefox.

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Ummm, I signed up for Coolpaca and I'm trying to download the Windows version of chapter 3 but it won't download at all? Like I'll click on the link but it'll just fritz for a sec but won't even download the zip folder...

Edit: I don't intend to keep it for more than a day so I won't be double charged. 

Oathbreaker: Season 2 community · Created a new topic NSFW?

Is the NSFW version already posted or is it not out at the moment...?

I updated the game and the DLC's on the itch app and then re-added the DLC's RPY files back to the main game and now everything's fine so far. I'll have to restart my character over again but this is no issue at all as this game has serious, serious replayability.

I'd like to say thank you. Thank you so so much for creating this game. I've never felt more seen and understood and acknowledged until I bought this game.  As a demiromantic bisexual woman, too often I'm accused of sending mixed signals and not "being honest" with my chosen partner/crush, etc. There was none of those nasty feelings in this game and I sincerely appreciate it.

The game so far is pretty amazing and I bought the DLC's, all three. I'm going into Step 2, but before that, I realized I couldn't play the Runaway or Sleepover DLC.

I keep getting this message:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
  File "game/s1_library.rpy", line 2499, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "game/s1_ghost.rpy", line 561, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "game/s1_barbecue.rpy", line 2954, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "game/s1_library.rpy", line 2499, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "game/s1_ghost.rpy", line 561, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "game/s1_barbecue.rpy", line 2954, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
ScriptError: could not find label 'runaway'.

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "C:\Users\creol\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\our-life\OurLife-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 316, in bootstrap
  File "C:\Users\creol\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\our-life\OurLife-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 578, in main
  File "C:\Users\creol\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\our-life\OurLife-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 143, in run
  File "C:\Users\creol\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\our-life\OurLife-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 908, in run_context
  File "lib/windows-i686/prologue.rpyc", line 2490, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_shopping.rpyc", line 1483, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_grownup.rpyc", line 1497, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_long_day.rpyc", line 1445, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_sandcastle.rpyc", line 1586, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_firefiles.rpyc", line 1530, in script call
  File "game/s1_library.rpy", line 2499, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "game/s1_ghost.rpy", line 561, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "game/s1_barbecue.rpy", line 2954, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "lib/windows-i686/prologue.rpyc", line 2490, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_shopping.rpyc", line 1483, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_grownup.rpyc", line 1497, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_long_day.rpyc", line 1445, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_sandcastle.rpyc", line 1586, in script call
  File "lib/windows-i686/s1_firefiles.rpyc", line 1530, in script call
  File "game/s1_library.rpy", line 2499, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "game/s1_ghost.rpy", line 561, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "game/s1_barbecue.rpy", line 2954, in script call
    call screen moment_selection_screen
  File "C:\Users\creol\AppData\Roaming\itch\apps\our-life\OurLife-1.0-pc\renpy\", line 898, in lookup
    raise ScriptError("could not find label '%s'." % str(original))
ScriptError: could not find label 'runaway'.

Our Life 1.0
Mon Nov 16 12:07:11 2020

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I just finished Tocchan's route and got the best ending. 

He confessed around April, a day or two after I refused to let Haato/MC do it himself, then they became Lovers. I continued taking him out on dates, talking to him, etc all throughout May and into June. June is where they finally moved onto the sexual aspect of their relationship.

Rinse wash repeat. I continued going on dates, running into him around town, etc. They had a beach date, like June 21st, I think, and later in July, the fireworks festival happened. Then later, there was a couple other scenes with Shige where he asks Tocchan to come back to the corporate world, I chose the option to ask what Tocchan wanted to do, not the option 'what do you feel you should do?' or something like that. Anyways, after that, Tocchan came to the conclusion he wanted to keep working with the VA company and stay with Haato/MC all on his own.

Later,  there was the PonPon Magic Land date, Planetirum date, and Christmas.This playthrough, I made Tocchan completely submissive and it was pretty neat, the CGs. 

Next playthrough, I aim to go for Shuu, then Shiba, and then Hikaru with Toru-chi being last. 

Edit: I did all this without Shuu's Max Money cheat, which is useful to buy household stuff like the TV and computer/desk, and clothes. I want it to be known that it is entirely possible to romance Tocchan at a decent pace. I also had close to $700, 000 left over.

Are you touching his pecs/chest, hands, etc. Basically his "hot" areas. Take him to the bookstore, not only is it cheapest, but you can buy a newspaper and novel there while doing the recommended touching and this will boost the date score tremendously. 

Talk to the stalker guy in the park if you haven't already, he will inform you about your level of relationship you're at with Tocchan. Last but not least, don't just invite him on dates, talk to him during the week; he can be found at the Agency, Mart, Bookstore and Park. Although I don't think it really changes anything, also work to do well in auditions. Money is def necessary after all.

Sad as it is to say, if it's June and there's been no real change in your relationship with him, I think you should start over.

No problem <3
If you need anymore help, I'll be around. 

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I wish there was like a more concrete way we can get pinged for people when they respond to these things lol. To get the doggo CG, Shiba has to be completely submissive, he can't be on top when y'all boink, ever. Then there will come a scene during the week where y'all meet in the park, he sees the cute doggy, picks it up, it licks his cheek, etc.

After Shiba leaves, you will encounter the Love Hotel suit wearing person and a prompt will pop up. I forget what it is. Anyway! I think it's a sex toy that it will be trying to give you, get it and the next time y'all meet up, it'll automatically do the scene.

I'll be going through this again for y'all since I messed up with my version on my laptop :/

Oooh cool cool cool! I'll probably buy it later since I have to catch my bus for work.

Wait, I'm confused. Is the game finished and we can buy it now or is it finished March 10 for next year???

I really do want to support the game. Especially since I loved To Trust an Incubus so much. However unfortunately I don't have the funds for it right now, and likely won't til like October, at the earliest, otherwise I'd be pre-ordering it right now. 

I'll continue to spread the word about it though.

I'd like to start out by saying I enjoy the premise of the main and side game and will continue to scream into the void and celebrate any and all updates on my main blog on Tumblr.

Now, I've read a couple comments and since I'm a late comer to this site in general, and finding this game, which got its first demo in '18? dksljald I'm not sure, but that's unimportant. Basically, I like that y'all are transparent with the fact that real life got in the way and y'all took a break. Better to know now than have people wondering if they paid for rewards on KS or for some type of reward, etc. and they didn't get it and the game developer vanished. 

That's a trend I noticed for a couple other indie game devs on here. 

Some people are...being difficult about the lack of "professionalism" regarding this up front behavior, which I don't get but whatever, again. Y'all aren't big name gaming companies like Sony or PlayStation, so I don't understand the double backtalk and such. As a writer, even a little fanfic writer, I know what it's like to get burnt out on something you love, or you're writing for the community that you love but hate the content and want better. It's not a fun experience.

The whole point of this spiel, I guess, is to love what you do. Enjoy it. If people leave, they leave. More than likely they'll come scrambling back when you post the game, so don't worry too hard. 

It occurs whenever you start a new game after beating the game. 

Truthfully? I honestly forgot. I think it's max money, all caps. 

It's been awhile since I played and completed his route, which is also easy.... You might have to actually play through his route to unlock the cheat.

I bought the complete story like forty minutes ago and tried to play it on the itch desktop app but it wouldn't launch. I'm currently trying to manually play it without all the fancy tricks but I don't want to wrack my brain for this issue.

My desktop is a Windows 10 with 746 GB. The wifi is strong and every other game worked fine with me downloading it off the desktop app. Not sure why this is so different....

*confused* It won't let me buy the strategy guide. I bought the guide for To Trust an Incubus with a debit card and it worked fine. It won't allow me to do that this time and it's the same card.

Sounds about right. Did that not happen for you...?

I still say getting Tocchan as a bf is the easiest route. 

He's legit in the Agency, the Market, Bookstore and Park. Yes, going on dates with him is kind of expensive if you're not using Shuu's cheat, which I did, to buy his preferred entire wardrobe, Regio (Elegant). On dates, touch his hand, pecs, and shoulder, do this enough times and in the ideal location, preferably a restaurant, or the bookstore, novel works best though you can give him the newspaper, also like the art gallery which has the most turns available, and he'll get heart eyes every date. 

Based on my experience, going from Friends to Crush to Lovers happens in a pretty rapid pace depending on how often you see him during the week and go on dates. While using cheats, I've got to the Friends stage by early-mid March, on the 22nd, and Toru has just commented on how lovey-dovey MC and Tocchan look. This will soon lead to Crush, to get the best end, its important to wait til he confesses himself, and then Lovers~

Even when I didn't use cheats on my desktop, I'd say they were Lovers by late May. 

I personally use the itch app as it's easier on me. 

To do this, you have to go to meyaoi games patron page, there will be a couple pages that say sfw2 or sfw4 or something like that; this is the free content. Those are the RPA files and need to go in the game folder. Not for sure if you're a PC or Mac user or whatever.

If you need a more detailed explanation or help, I'm here.

Did you find out how to do it? I'm replaying the game again but its been so long that I forgot...again.


It is kind of difficult for new players to get a handle on how to actually get a boyfriend in this game. If you're stuck, I'm more than willing to offer assistance with an informal guide I used in the past. I managed to snag Tocchan, Shiba, and Shuu. Although I swear I've given up on this game half a dozen times, I always come back to replay Tocchan's route. 

I think you just need to wait til it releases on Steam. There's no point in rebuying it again. 

(1 edit)

Still really, really loving the demo! The extra content is super fun, and I love it so much! I don't have a complaint, more like an observation though. I chose nb pronouns, they/them, and in the Wave portion, while the mom's were teasing MC, it switched to male prononuns.

I'm positive this stuff will be caught before the full game but I just wanted to be helpful. Thanks again for creating such a fun game!!

With this COVID-19 stuff going on and being indoors 24/7, games like this really make a real difference. I certainly don't feel like crawling the walls and being overwhelmed when I play this game <3

I always hoped that there would be an update, or further expansion. 

Not just because it's an awesome game and the concept reminds me of the manga Absolute Boyfriend, but because I really really enjoyed playing it? And I want to write fanfics about this series because I'm a dork and that's what I do, so excuse me while I fling myself into the sun----!

P.S. Thank you for all that you do.

So I played Errant Kingdom for the first time yesterday and today. 

I think it's actually interesting to be honest, the undisguised (or at least poorly hidden) caution towards the Ambassador as opposed to the Knight and Nomad.  It's only the prologue of course so I could be wrong, but I think I'm getting a clear view on who would like revolution and chaos, change, for the kingdom, and who wants better for the people; and the people who kind of just watch from the sidelines, perpetually amused, waiting for the dust to settle. 

This game definitely has potential for lots of replayability. I went for the safe route, advocating for people to get along but the idea of spreading anarchy and being generally evil, could also be an interesting thing, too. 

10/10 would recommend. 

The redhead or Tocchan? If it's the former, I'm afraid I don't. I actually haven't gotten to his route and I'm in the middle of Hikaru's, whose definitely harder without cheats....

you're welcome~

Have you been topping him every time y'all bang or not? Because you have to be on top the entire time, buy the costume from the bear in the love hotel and just see him everyday. Make sure you've maxed out his affection meter or whatever with dates. It's been awhile but that's how I did it and I eventually came upon that scene. 

I loved the game and already have it. However, because I was so impressed by everything I've seen, I'm going to re-buy it for $5 and Errant Kingdom as a sort of package deal thing. Fingers crossed that I get that done this week coming up. 

This is super exciting~

Naturally, I'll be pre-ordering this game tbh. I feel terrible because I actually had money to buy it yesterday but paid for Witcher instead. dfjksldjfldjf >.< Oh god, I'm in pain.  Next paycheck for sure though <3

My soul left it's body. This is shaping up to be HAWT. Mmm mmm mm~

No there isn't a detailed guide. People say Tocchan is the hardest for some reason and I don't really understand why after beating his route for the first time though tbh. It's not very difficult, at least in hindsight, though I haven't replayed in months.

The above link is supremely helpful. 

Visit Tocchan in the park, at the market/grocery store, etc. as often as you can. 

Call him often. On dates, wear the type of clothes that he likes and touch him in the correct areas and give him the right gifts. But don't slack on auditions and raising your stats in the meantime, do all the above steps again and again until you hit the Lovers status. The quickest I've ever got him to admit to liking MC is in April, game time wise, I believe; for the best ending, wait for him to come to the realization he loves MC without any prodding. 

Getting certain CGs unlocked and triggering certain moments requires you to be a seme the entire playthrough or an uke the entire playthrough. Above all, don't get discouraged. If you missed the aquarium date, I'd go back to a previous save file and try again. 

I'm replaying the game again to see if I can help you, but if you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask <3

For some reason, my payments never go through on Patreon or Kickstarter despite there being $50+ on a debit credit card. So it sucks but I'll just wait til the game actually drops before buying the full thing.

This is a-ma-zing! 

I don't know what I expected when I started playing the demo even though it was pretty much lined out, I still for some reason had doubts and thought it was just hype. It is not hype, this game is so cute. MC's parents are wonderful. Elizabeth is an atypical bossy kid then later teenage girl and I adore her.

Shiloh's cameo appearance is also wonderful.

Cove, Cove, Cove.

This boy is so precious and I'll protecc him!

I think this is one game where I'll actually fund the kickstarter when it's set up.

(1 edit)

I'm really enjoying this updated version. Normally I kind of tease and pick on Heath, but this time, I decided to go the full tormented vampiress route as an Iscari in the first playthrough of the updated demo.  Heath is interesting and I can tell that his route will give me plenty of feels. 

Overall, I'm liking how the lines have subtly changed and the artwork is enhanced, it's all beautiful.

What I'm most looking forward to, besides how my behavior gets me to the top of the food chain or killed, is the option of a human pet. That sounds super fun!!

I'm so eager to throw my money at this game, it's pathetic.

This game is absolutely amazing! I loved August's route something terrible and I know for sure that I'll be doing a replay. Everything going on in this story is very intricate and I think I've pretty much figured out what's going on, especially after chapter five and six. I won't spoil anything but again this is amazing and great job!! Thank you for this game!!

Okay, there are typos in the Flirt Boyfriend route. I played it twice and I remember that when you send BF out to find a hobby then choose ‘chatting with girls’ or whatever the correct wording is, that when he says he’s in the mall and then goes on to talk about being in the mood?

 MC seems hilariously incredulous and wonders how looking at shoes can turn him on. The words in that paragraph are repeated and a bit unintelligible though I can get the gist. 

I also noticed a glitch in Prince route with him randomly losing his shirt while trying to fix the faucet leak. 

Since I haven’t got all my CGs for each route, I can comb through each route again for typos and such.

(1 edit)

Okay, I completed the Princely Boyfriend route with a good ending. I got all the CGs in the gallery except one, which might be for the bad ending? 

There are only two endings for this game if I remember right. 

I really have no complaints. It was so fun and interesting!! There were times when I was thoroughly confused about whether I was doing good or not since Boyfriend’s features barely changed beyond his quirky smile and I worried ‘NOOOOOOOOO, I’m gonna get the bad end!!!’ 

It all worked out though and I’m happy.

P.S. I have a Steam key for those who want to try the game for themselves (please take it, just take it).

P.P.S. I'm so thirsty for Fashionista boyfriend, it's pathetic. He's tooooo cute!!