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This is super exciting~

Naturally, I'll be pre-ordering this game tbh. I feel terrible because I actually had money to buy it yesterday but paid for Witcher instead. dfjksldjfldjf >.< Oh god, I'm in pain.  Next paycheck for sure though <3

My soul left it's body. This is shaping up to be HAWT. Mmm mmm mm~

No there isn't a detailed guide. People say Tocchan is the hardest for some reason and I don't really understand why after beating his route for the first time though tbh. It's not very difficult, at least in hindsight, though I haven't replayed in months.

The above link is supremely helpful. 

Visit Tocchan in the park, at the market/grocery store, etc. as often as you can. 

Call him often. On dates, wear the type of clothes that he likes and touch him in the correct areas and give him the right gifts. But don't slack on auditions and raising your stats in the meantime, do all the above steps again and again until you hit the Lovers status. The quickest I've ever got him to admit to liking MC is in April, game time wise, I believe; for the best ending, wait for him to come to the realization he loves MC without any prodding. 

Getting certain CGs unlocked and triggering certain moments requires you to be a seme the entire playthrough or an uke the entire playthrough. Above all, don't get discouraged. If you missed the aquarium date, I'd go back to a previous save file and try again. 

I'm replaying the game again to see if I can help you, but if you have anymore questions, don't hesitate to ask <3

For some reason, my payments never go through on Patreon or Kickstarter despite there being $50+ on a debit credit card. So it sucks but I'll just wait til the game actually drops before buying the full thing.

This is a-ma-zing! 

I don't know what I expected when I started playing the demo even though it was pretty much lined out, I still for some reason had doubts and thought it was just hype. It is not hype, this game is so cute. MC's parents are wonderful. Elizabeth is an atypical bossy kid then later teenage girl and I adore her.

Shiloh's cameo appearance is also wonderful.

Cove, Cove, Cove.

This boy is so precious and I'll protecc him!

I think this is one game where I'll actually fund the kickstarter when it's set up.

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I'm really enjoying this updated version. Normally I kind of tease and pick on Heath, but this time, I decided to go the full tormented vampiress route as an Iscari in the first playthrough of the updated demo.  Heath is interesting and I can tell that his route will give me plenty of feels. 

Overall, I'm liking how the lines have subtly changed and the artwork is enhanced, it's all beautiful.

What I'm most looking forward to, besides how my behavior gets me to the top of the food chain or killed, is the option of a human pet. That sounds super fun!!

I'm so eager to throw my money at this game, it's pathetic.

This game is absolutely amazing! I loved August's route something terrible and I know for sure that I'll be doing a replay. Everything going on in this story is very intricate and I think I've pretty much figured out what's going on, especially after chapter five and six. I won't spoil anything but again this is amazing and great job!! Thank you for this game!!

Okay, there are typos in the Flirt Boyfriend route. I played it twice and I remember that when you send BF out to find a hobby then choose ‘chatting with girls’ or whatever the correct wording is, that when he says he’s in the mall and then goes on to talk about being in the mood?

 MC seems hilariously incredulous and wonders how looking at shoes can turn him on. The words in that paragraph are repeated and a bit unintelligible though I can get the gist. 

I also noticed a glitch in Prince route with him randomly losing his shirt while trying to fix the faucet leak. 

Since I haven’t got all my CGs for each route, I can comb through each route again for typos and such.

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Okay, I completed the Princely Boyfriend route with a good ending. I got all the CGs in the gallery except one, which might be for the bad ending? 

There are only two endings for this game if I remember right. 

I really have no complaints. It was so fun and interesting!! There were times when I was thoroughly confused about whether I was doing good or not since Boyfriend’s features barely changed beyond his quirky smile and I worried ‘NOOOOOOOOO, I’m gonna get the bad end!!!’ 

It all worked out though and I’m happy.

P.S. I have a Steam key for those who want to try the game for themselves (please take it, just take it).

P.P.S. I'm so thirsty for Fashionista boyfriend, it's pathetic. He's tooooo cute!!

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Now I'm doubly curious! It's the only CG of his I don't have and it was driving me nuts. I'm gonna re-do Tocchan's route too and make him a sub, for reasons, ofc lol! If this works, you'll have my undying gratitude~


...Huh. I never actually tried that, since the CG where the MC is topping Shiba looks so silly. Shiba is so muscular, lol! I'll try it out that way soon, as I started over the route for the third time.

I'msoexcited!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work~

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I've been trying to get the doggy roleplay CG since two-three months after buying the doggy costume in-game late June after unlocking the puppy CG. I visit Shiba daily throughout the weekday, we're lovers and the meter is totally full, and it still hasn't happened, it's September now. 

So is that a glitch or has the event passed me by?

...Probably having a mental break due to murdering people. Or, he's being blackmailed after someone caught onto what he was doing. Maybe the Doctor himself knows he has an admirer?