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Where can I find this build of unity? 

Love it. What engine did you make this in?

What engine did you make this in?

Sorry for such a late reply. I appreciate the in depth response and look forward to the update. I am developing my first game on the Playdate via Pulp and decided to message you directly via discord. I figured that was better suited than here! If you're in need of testers I'm happy to help. I do not mind.

Regarding enemies, it could just be that I suck at it but felt it necessary to voice the concern. I am curious to hear your thoughts after you do a second look. 🤔

I bought your game via Catalog and have found a series of bugs. Specifically with exits creating a locking loop where you can't go back or continue further without restarting the game. I also feel that the save mechanic should also save your keys but I realize Pulp is limited. So far there are two regions where the exits trap you. I've gotten all the way to chapter three where combat begins to feel cheap as you can't attack enemies from time to time without them side stepping and attacking you in really cheap ways. Some would argue that this just makes the game challenging but I'd suggest it to be more of something to check into as It almost feels broken.

Over all, I enjoy the game and the story is quite interesting, but the sudden change in battle mechanics adds more frustration than enjoyment on my end.  There's a lot of unique features here that I haven't seen in other pulp games and I give you props for that.

Image below is where the exits lock the player and you can't advance. Player is located in top right exit:

Interested 🤔

I actually bought it within 30 Minutes of it's release 😀 I was scrolling catalog when they updated it. So I bought this and 6 other games.

So far, I absolutely love it! Fantastic game!

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I actually never heard back from Panic since leaving this comment and I have yet to purchase the game by a catalog because I want to use your game as a test for resolving said issue. I did however learn that I am not the only one experiencing this and most people solutions has been just switching to a different card. My problem is although I have a credit card I don't want to sign my credit card up to a store front because "credit card ".

But you have my word I have every intention of buying your game :)

It looks great!

What's the new game that you're working on like? Personally I think if you should submit both because even if they don't pick one they've got to pick the other right? It opens your options more 😁

You have to submit your games into Playdate through the dev email and they choose the ones that they think "compliments Catalog nicely". They're looking for artistically curated content.

Just got an email update from itch. They refunded the two dollars. 

Do you have any plans to publish via Playdate's Catalog? I'd be interested in seeing your stuff there. 

Regarding your free gift, (which I do appreciate but you don't have to unless you really want to), I have plans to donate some money to a couple of the playdate indie devs here on itch on November 1st. I've added you to the list. Thank you again for being so kind. I can't stress enough, how much I appreciate that. 🙏

Dude, I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it! Thank you so much 😀 🙏

I emailed them the same day I left the comment. If they don't get back to you, just keep the money. I appreciate all the support and the willingness to go through the trouble. Nothing but respect to you 🙏

Sorry for any delays. I only started using itch recently so I need to get in the habit of checking it more often. The email was I used PayPal for it.

And now it works fine! 😁

What was the issue do you think?

Hello, I recently purchased your game for Sunday Lawd via Itch IO, which I've never bought games through this platform until today. 

Decided to purchase some side loads for my new Playdate. Unfortunately I was unable to play your games as they keep crashing on the device and when they do work the crank is not responding properly to the in game mechanics.

I'm not sure if there is a refund policy or what not. But is it possible to get a refund?

thank you so much 🙏 

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A quick question for you: I tried to purchase this through Playdate's catalog using my prepaid debit card and it and some games are not purchasable with this card. I've contacted Panic regarding this. (And I have been able to buy games with this card before).

Your game was one that was unaccepted by the debit card. The question I wanted ask was, do you, as a developer, choose how payments are received/taken? Or is this an issue exclusively on Panic's side of things? I could easily use my credit card to buy your game (an I definitely will), but I was mainly curious 🤔

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I don't really know. I've only had the OS 2 version, as my Playdate only arrived a week ago. So it had to have been some time ago. If the game was working fine before then, thin I'd disregard my comment. However you should contact playdate (panic) as this is apparently affecting several games at this time. Specifically ones on

Edit: by "this" I mean, where games in pulp were working fine and then suddenly they no longer can be added via the sideload option. I'm not really sure what the issue is but it is doing this for 5 other games that I had side loaded previously on day one. The files have not changed. So there's no reason they shouldn't be "able to resideload". 

Just picked this bad boy up tonight for my Playdate. And I have to say it is awesome! It needs a local multiplayer option or an online option in my opinion but I find that for two bucks this game is absolutely worth the pick up and I feel personally it really belongs on the Playdate catalog ! Great job dude 😎

Hello again, I am having the issue with the demo where it refuses to upload. Have you updated the game to support OS version 2 on the Playdate?

Hey, new to playdate as well, had mine for a week, I'd like to recommend contacting playdate as the past 48 hours there have been issues purchasing and sideloading titles. I've sent in customer support tickets. I originally had Tochi sideloaded on mine and it was fine but I was figuring everything out and deleted the file. Now I can't sideload some of my other files. I'll try to sideload on my end and give an update. It may not be your game it may very well be issues on Playdates end.

oh absolutely. I just want to say I appreciate this game. So when it does launch I'd be happy to purchase a copy. 👍

oh! That is fantastic news thank you for the update! I'll pick it up first thing tomorrow then! Kind regards! I'll give feedback when that happens 😁

When is the final release?

Was this ever submitted into the playdate catalog? I want to buy this game but I also want to support playdate with a percentage. Wanted to act if they accepted it before I buy? 🤔

So this game will find itself on the playdate catalog? If so, I will wait to buy. I want to be able to make sure my money goes to panic and you at the same time. 😁

Honestly, I kinda like it. A simple game for a dollar. That's pretty good

Interested in buying but I can't really tell what the game is about. Can you tell me More?

I'd pay good money for this

Tthinking of buying this. Has there been any updates on chapter 2 and three? I've tried the fre version. Love it

Unfortunate, all three versions are not working, but I can confirm that 24/36 hours ago the file was working fine. So nothing has changed. Please reach out to Panic regarding this if you can. The other games i have had this issue with are "Finstere", "Don't Cross the Streams", "You're_Gonna_Di3", "Starvation" and "Super Date Box". All are free games here. 

I originally had the game installed on my playdate, I just uninstalled it to reorganize my sideloads, and it too (The original file from 6 days ago), will not install/upload either. It mentions a forward slash issue. I am having this same issue with two other files.

I used to play this game all the time on my old Gameboy when I had copy of Game and Watch Gallery. I love this so much and having on playdate has given me a sense of nostalgia! Thank you so much dude

I was able to add it to my sideload list but I am unable to download to my playdate. Can you assist?

Would you consider making it for the Atari VCS? I could get you in contact with the right people there if you're interested. It's probably one of the easiest consoles to publish on at this time

Dude I love this demo. I would pay good money. Do you have plans to continue it? Also what's your discord

For the Ouya game jam, I vote this one as my number 1 vote

I vote this one

Hear me out. This game would be perfect for the Atari VCS. I could get you in contact with the guys at Atari if you were interested in bringing this to their console. 

If you want any more information, let me know. I think it's awesome!