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oh cool, i think i saw this game on the unity subreddit. felt really cool to play, a bit short though i feel like. and i feel like it would’ve benefited from some other mechanic other than just walking and making decisions. although it was really cool, and i enjoyed the atmosphere.

how is the performance this bad, like, actually, the game looked promising, but the performance, i just couldn’t get over the 10 fps, and besides, those shaders just hurts my eyes to look at, i’m sorry i don’t have anything to comment on the actual game, but it’s what it happens when i can’t even play it.

happy. This was a good game, I loved the atmosphere, the graphics.

Though two things I wished were implemented into this game:

  • To have the ability to go back to the main menu, instead of having the current option which reloads the entire game, and thus having to download/load everything again.
  • I’ve noticed there’s a delay between being able to click, like on dialogs, or stuff like that, and maybe the transitions between screens are a bit too long.

But, this is far better than anything I’ve played today, keep it up.

The game is pretty good, though I didn’t really like the “sudden deaths” (aka when I got killed for going near the monster even though I didn’t know that would happen), good thing there was checkpoints at least.

I don’t know if there’s something you can do to fix it, but, I noticed the light origin is at the end of the flashlight, so sometimes it gets clipped into the wall, what I would suggest is to put a small faint point light on the player, it’s something I did for an old horror project so everything wouldn’t be completely black.

Was cool, very short, would be better if I was able to interact again with notes after I read them, since I skipped the last one on accident.

I like the atmosphere, performance is good, but the scares are cheap, an idea that comes to mind is having the monster slowly creep into the room while you have to solve a puzzle.

And besides, I got stuck into the wall a few times by invisible geometry.

But, it’s a good game, and the idea has potential, I’d like to see where this goes.

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As a unity developer myself I can say that it’s pretty trivial to change between rendering backends in unity, unity does the bulk of the work.

Unity uses a modified version of HLSL for shaders, modified so that it can be compiled to all the other backends. (See: )

There’s some problems with the OpenGL renderer in some distros of Linux, so if you’re able to add an option for switching to Vulkan it would be appreciated, and some shaders are broken on Linux, like the post processing stuff.

You can just extract the file by using unzip in the command line, or you can use your favorite graphical extractor, I would recommend using Ark.

After that you just need to double click the Karlson_linux.x86_64 file.

NOTE: this is a build for Linux x64, so if you are still for some reason running a 32 bit version of Linux, it will probably not work.

Thanks. I’m thinking about adding full sound effects, and making the cue sounds a bit longer.

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Hey! I made a SF2 (SoundFont2) version of the Nokia 3310 sound samples made by Eamonn Watt for simplicity, so that’s it’s available for anyone at any OS. Here you go

In case someone still wants this, I made a SF2 (SoundFront2) version of it so that it’s easier to sample, and works on pretty much any OS. Here is it

Cool concept, not that scary though, the pixel filter is a bit hard on the eyes, but my biggest gripe with this game is the performance, you can use the Profiler tool in Unity to look and see what are the current problems.

But it’s a really cool concept, just found it to be a bit short seeing as how i just kinda of rushed it.

Nope, you don’t need a GPU, although FPS might not be that high.