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Glad you ask because an announcement is coming pretty soon! Just tweaking last gameplay details :)

When is the extended version coming? ;)

The art and the animation are so cute ! And the music definitely put a big smile on my face :) I had some issue with the control, maybe I should try on a real Lynx, but in Handy I hardly managed to do anything than crash on the floor... Is it just me? I would love to warm up Letitia a bit more, please :)

That's a simple but very original concept. Kind of Ghostbusters but  reversed :) What I would love to see is maybe some traps to avoid, and also  more precise control because there were a few occasions where I missed the door by a pixel and the guy bounced away and ended in a trap. A solid basis nevertheless for a full game :)

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And Fadest did it again! A concept that only him could come up with and bring to the Lynx ;) I have to say I need to play this more because I have been pretty bad in my first runs (and I had only 1 monster). Really original concept, and while the game is not displaying much, it does it very well. My only ask would be to change either the yellow or the green color because for some color blind people, they just look identical ;)

That's a great idea to create a tower defense on the Lynx, a genre that is was completely missing on our beloved console. I'm pleasantly surprised that the game is already polished (I might have a suggestion or two, for instance color blind people will probably hate you for some of the colors ;)) and it feels it only needs some more contents and enemy to become a full game of its own!

Really nice dungeon crawler that feels like a strong basis for something bigger ! My only tiny complaint on the jam version are the movements who are maybe a bit choppy (especially when you change direction), but other than that great work and I hope to see more !

Thanks Mark! The gameplay is still very basic in this version but I will update it with something slightly more polished for the cartridge edition that you can put in Argon too.

I'll look into the crash, I wrapped stuff pretty late so there might be some debug and/or untested code :)

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Thanks! I borrowed the moon and the clouds from @ansimuz (well I bought them actually ), and I spent way too much time doing the rest... the crow animation was a little jam in itself :D

Hi IanB! Thanks for the comment... The game is actually almost finished but I struggled to add comlynx support and then I started other projects. 2022 looks reasonably good for a release, hopefully we will be able to do it both physically and  as rom :)

I have a working CDT file now (I hope) but can't update the page until the end of the jam.

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Hi John!

Oh I actually really like Dr Roland but didn't know it was originally disqualified too....

To be honest, I don't blame anything but me and since the experience of coding everything from scratch was great anyway, I'm don't mind.

I'll make AMSTRED into a full game later this year (even though I'm good at "almost finishing" my games ahah, time to change this bad habit).

Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks a lot :) Other worlds look even greater, but that will be for the "afterjam" version :)

I haven't considered that indeed. Great achievement and that was really the only little thing I could find :)

Love it! Needs more levels and a catchy music ;)

Nice art, palette is really well chosen. The gameplay might need a second pass of polish to be really enjoyable maybe?

Really cool game, and I was a bit sad to see the end so fast, I want to play some more! Possibly in my top 3!

This is an amazing technical achievement, and probably the most impressive game of the compo. Now unfortunately gameplay feels a bit off to me. The gun is immediately over heating, enemies come way too fast on you to the point there's no was you can kill them before they hit you. Also many enemies (the pumpkins) are coming at position where it's almost impossible to hit them. So I realize my comment sounds a bit harsh but that's because I think this game could be fantastic if only the gameplay was tweaked a bit.

Really really nice breakout clone. Only thing missing is the possibility to orientate the ball when it hits your racket. Generally there are 5 differents direction and here it seems there is only 2.

Great game with a real visual identity. If the controls were a bit smoother, especially during a jump, that would be my number 1 game of this competition.

This is an excellent idea served by a very polished execution! Impressed that this is made in basic. Too bad there's no sound. One of my favourite nevertheless.

Nice use of mode 1, very fine art. Too bad it's hard like hell!!! (or I'm just getting real old)

Great music! Jumps are a bit funky ;)

Absolutely love that one. This might be a slightly revisited version of Tron (but with a nice catch), the presentation is beautiful! My only critic would be the visibility that can be a bit tricky sometimes. This game needs more people to try it!

Remind me the Bruce Lee game somewhat, really nice platform game!

Quite similar to my game and very well done! You should check your collision box and make it a bit smaller imho :)

Nice one, with a slightly better physic on the jump it would be great!

Tape file is broken, I'll fix it asap but for now please take the .dsk file.

Great art and fantastic music!

Well done! Note that the .dsk version does not seem to work.

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Fair enough, I actually completely missed that rule... Or I read it as "the game must run in 64k" :) (and to make it worse the loading actually loads... nothing! Simply the same level that is already in memory, I was just coding ahead for new worlds for a later version ^^).

If I have just one single feedback for the next jam, that is is to provide more information and tools to create CDT files. I lost the biggest part of  the last day trying to get that to work. I didn't imagine a second it would be such a hassle :(

Thanks for organizing the event, I had fun! (and my "level designer" John Random too)

Thanks for the feedback! Assets for new levels are actually in the .dsk but didn't make it into this release unfortunately. If you progress into the game, you will see that 4 worlds were planned. Now they are just a iteration over world 1.

Tape file is not working as I put the .bin at the beginning. Please use the disk file (I just asked if I could update the tape file).

Ok I tried the tape today, and it does not seem to work. After some digging it seems that's because I put the .bin file at the beginning of the tape (which sounds like the logical things to do). I recreate the tape with the .bin at the end and it works now. 

Would it be possible to update the tape file?

I had a quick look at all entries, they look great and I can't wait to test the games tomorrow.

I wish I had the chance to do something similar when I was at university!

Thanks Pat. I ended up using javacpc, there is actually a tool inside to convert disk to CDT. I didn't get the time to test if the tape was working though. We'll see. Fun fact: while owning a 6128 from 1988 until today (yes I'm that old), I never got the chance to use a 464... So I actually didn't know how to load and start games from tape until today :D

Well glad you asked because I'm just done with a game jam project and I'm going to wrap this project up asap now. It's about time :)

Hello everyone,

So far I have been creating a disk once my game was compiled and tested it so (with the 64k limit in mind of course).

I'm not using cpctelera or any other framework and so here I am, slightly stucked to create the CDT file as I can't find any tool online (links are all broken). Best I could find is the source for 2CDT but I don't think I will have time to look into that, if you know what I mean (end of jam panic mode :D).

Any idea where I could find a binary for Windows?

Thanks in advance!

Happy you like it! Game is pretty much finished with much more content, and we just need to put some little extra effort to wrap it up :)

Very soon! Links are in the description :)