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Kenneth Plasa

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thank you for this lovely experience. i like it, it's quite soothing. :) if you are thinking of further development, it would be nice to see more different kinds of vegetation, various landscape features (e. g., lakes and streams) and maybe different seasons.

Interesting little game about an important topic, thank you! :)

I see, it's out in English now as well, thank you! :)

Replied to Memia in Lucia comments

no problem at all. yes, it does work now. thank you! :)

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the game doesn't work. when i try starting the exe-file, it asks for the data folder. would you please upload the other files here as well?

i see, thank you for your information. :)

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I'd appreciate if you would write a bit more about this experience. Is it just about walking around, or interacting with the environment, too? I wasn't able to do any interactions besides walking. As I've only seen green grass, are there seasonal changes, because in the posted photo I see yellow grass? Another question I would like to ask you is, if you could make the viewing position a bit higher than it is at present, as about one third of my view seems to be covered by grass?

Wow, thanks a lot, I'm looking forward to it. :)

Created a new topic Win32-bit version

I'd really love to play this game, but I only have a laptop with Windows 10 32-bit. Would it be possible to make a 32-bit windows version?

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i like the idea, there actually seems to be a meaningful use of powerpoint. ;)

I'd love to play this game, but I only have Windows 10, 32-bit on my Laptop. Would it be possible to make a Windows 32-bit version and upload it here as well?

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Thank you. Okay, let's think:
It would be interesting to extend the idea of the paintings inside the 3D painting. Wonderful would be listening to an audio guide about the painter and his / her paintings or this particular painting during walking around. This won't have to be that professional, and different voices or maybe an interview would be cool. But that would be quite some work I think. In the same spirit, one could get some more information about the particular paintings and / or the painter through pressing "E" while standing near each of the paintings. This could be done with a half-transparent overlay, information might be simply used from Wikipedia. Furthermore, although again a lot of work, those information might be read by different voices.
Visually, I would have liked, if the cows and sheep would have moved their heads to the grass as if they would be grazing. Some fishes in the water would be nice, too. A day-and-night cycle for experiencing the painting in different light environments might be interesting, as well as the possibility to have the 3D environment drawn in different art / painter styles (don't know how much work it would be changing the textures - but I think quite a bit).

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Okay, then I'll wait with buying until you release a DRM-free version.

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Will there be a DRM-free version on itch.io?

No problem. Thank you! :)

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I love the idea, thank you for this game. :) I can't play it, because it seems to need a 64-bit Wndows and my Laptop only has Windows 10, 32-bit. Would it be possible to make a 32-bit version, too?

Thank you, it works now. :)

that would be great. :)

Aaahh, thank you, I thought SP would be the condition of the shield, and DP would be the damage points it can take as well as the value against which enemies it will hold.

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yes, the source files work, as they are html files one can use in a web browser. i only have a laptop with windows 10, 32-bit.

Lovely graphics, but I can't get further, because at some places the character doesn't jump high enough to get up to the next step. It would be nice if the jumping hight could be increased about 3 millimetres.

Wow, I'm definitely looking forward to Fauvist Andre Derain. :) Impressionism is my favourite art style, when it comes to paintings.

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It would be nice, if someone would explain the difference between DP and SP and how it affects strategizing gameplay (especially against which enemies it holds and how points are getting subtracted from)?

- e.g., 10DP 16SP => Against which enemies can I fight without breaking the shield, and how many attack points will it hold back?

- e.g., 10DP 15SP => Against a Queen of 15 the shield holds and only changes to 10DP 14SP - but using a shield of 10DP 14SP against First Donsol with 21 breaks the shield, why is that so?

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When I try to start Donsol.exe on Windows 10, 32-bit, I get the message "Access denied".

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Thank you, I love this tour as well. It's really nice to see some birds now and to have several paintings of the artist inside the 3d landscape. :) Btw, did I miss the exit point to get back to the gallery room, or isn't there any this time?

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Nice little story. It works fine on Windows.

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love it and have bought it! :)

As I'm interested in your Twine game / interactive novel, I'm looking forward to an English version. :)

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wow, i love the visuals as well as the game mechanics! :) and i've bought it, of course.

Thanks for your information! :) I'm looking forward to all of the 12 mini-galleries.

I love the idea and the experience! It would have been nice, if a few birds would actually fly around. Anyway, I'd definitely buy more of your upcoming galleries. Keep on doing so! :)

windows, please?

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Thanks, it works now. :) Yes, it must have just been the missing folder. I really like the concept of the game and the idea behind it. Formally it remembers me a bit of the installation in the pool, you've talked about in your presentation. Listening to the peole in the game and reading them and more about the project in the zine is a good package.

No problem. I'm looking forward to playing the game. It would be good to have a 32-Bit version of the game, as a 64-Bit version won't work on all windows computers (e.g. my laptop has just a 32-Bit Windows 10 OS).

The windows version doesn't work. It says "Data folder not found" / "There should be 'sweetsway_bonfire_Data' folder next to the executable" .

The game decribes itself a having quite a freedom of making decisions for the protagonist. So that is not true, because out of three romance options all thre are straight one, that's no freedom, that's boundaries... Not everyone is gay, right, but not everyone is straight as well.

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I can't start the game. It says it needs another *.exe file.

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It might be no dating sim, but THERE ARE 3 ROMANCE OPTIONS and THEY ARE ALL STRAIGHT ONES. I won't have said anything, if it would just be one possible relationship (which would be normal, if romance won't be that much of a focus of a game), but THERE ARE 3 and ALL OF THEM ARE HETEROSEXUAL. So the game developers at least didn't reflect upon conforming with the HETERONORMATIVITY in most games. You write about the many possible ways the player can decide about the narrative, but in a point, which is a quite important one in our daily lives, you just keep reproducing the heterosexual normative thinking, there is no real freedom of decision in this ascpect - you quasi force a heterosexual relationship upon the player (if he / she wants to romance). Why include the romance option at all, if it isn't that important?

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Hm, so I won't buy this game. It's a pity, interesting story and nice graphics, but fails in important aspects of diversity.