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Kenneth Plasa

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Thank you, that's nice to hear :)

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I like your game, but I had to stop playing after the 1st level as the brighter lights are not that brighter to me. It's frustrating that it's not always that clear if a light actually shines brighter or not. How about changing the brighter lights to another colour (like pink or green), this would be very helpful?

As a beginner, easy mode is too hard for me.

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You've got me hooked with episode 1: After finishing it, I've bought episode 2 now :)

You're welcome. :) By the way, this guy releases game music packs for different genres on .

I would like this game being playable on PCs without VR hardware. Gameplaywise one could move the viewfield via mouse and pacman itself with WASD

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Your new update improves the gameplay a lot, thank you. 

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The game would be more fun if your plane would turn and shoot into the direction you move. Until now you can only shoot in one direction and the visuals of the plane don't change while moving right, left or top. The music could have more pep, dynamic and bass

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Thank you for your reply, but I don't own VR glasses for PC (nor that much money to buy the computer hardware for it) and VR makes me dizzy, so I don't use it anymore. What I was referring to is Anaglyph 3D ( ) for anaglyph 3d glasses (  ), there was even an anaglyph 3D mode in the PC version of "Tomb Raider" (2013)

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The screenshots remember me of anaglyph 3D googles. It would me amazing to experience an art game like this in old-style 3D with googles over one's nose

Thank you for your information. Looking forward to the release of the source code

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Is this game moddable somehow? I would like to add a blue / colourful background, eyes / noses / lips and perhaps some music, but besides having programmed in BASIC, JavaScript and a bit PHP I don't have much programming knowledge

Nice little game to enjoy with 2 players :)

The "Paper Doll" and "Dice Tower" PDFs seem to have identical images

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Thank you for making and sharing this game. Do you think it's possible tweaking this Jinx playbook / character sheet for "Rune RPG": ?

Could you write a bit more about the genders involeved in the interactions, friendships and romances? In the video I only see interactions between a girl and boys. Is this game LGBTQ-friendly?

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Your game looks interesting. I love the graphics and its style. I would have liked if we would have to make Hot Pots from scratch, which means without a ready-made Hot Pot base in the cooking pot. As I've never made Hot Pot before by myself, I'd love to learn it through your game (which would also mean to learn how much of each ingredient would be reasonable to use).

I wouldn't mind a higher price for the game if it had these features.

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I finished the demo, and I really liked it - I enjoyed getting the know the characters, "my" boat house, decorating it with rewards and the main goal which this game seems to have, hope to play the full game in the future. I only played with the keyboard and it worked fine, had no problems at all with it

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I really like your game and the protagonist. Thank you for making and sharing it. Is there a way to save and load where you are in the game? On my laptop it's too laggy during the 3d scenes, which won't hinder me to play it, but it doesn't make playing quite enjoyable

Well, I would like Leo to be able to not consent to take part in a satanistic ritual

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Leo does not have to do the rituals at all, do they (I only played the demo so far)?

Why "Steam" and not

Can I play as Lara?

Thank you very much, it works. :)

Would it be possible to upload a 32-bit version  for Windows?

Thank you, that would be nice. As this is an HTML5 game, I think it would be enough to just copy all the HTML, CSS and image files (and other fiiles you might have created) into one folder (with keeping the folder structure, if you have subfolders).

Love it. :) Would you mind making an offline version for Windows (32-bit)?

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thank you for this lovely experience. i like it, it's quite soothing. :) if you are thinking of further development, it would be nice to see more different kinds of vegetation, various landscape features (e. g., lakes and streams) and maybe different seasons.

Interesting little game about an important topic, thank you! :)

I see, it's out in English now as well, thank you! :)

no problem at all. yes, it does work now. thank you! :)

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the game doesn't work. when i try starting the exe-file, it asks for the data folder. would you please upload the other files here as well?

i see, thank you for your information. :)

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I'd appreciate if you would write a bit more about this experience. Is it just about walking around, or interacting with the environment, too? I wasn't able to do any interactions besides walking. As I've only seen green grass, are there seasonal changes, because in the posted photo I see yellow grass? Another question I would like to ask you is, if you could make the viewing position a bit higher than it is at present, as about one third of my view seems to be covered by grass?

Wow, thanks a lot, I'm looking forward to it. :)

I'd really love to play this game, but I only have a laptop with Windows 10 32-bit. Would it be possible to make a 32-bit windows version?

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well done, i really like your interactive zine. it's quite artsy and retro. :)

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i like the idea, there actually seems to be a meaningful use of powerpoint. ;)

I'd love to play this game, but I only have Windows 10, 32-bit on my Laptop. Would it be possible to make a Windows 32-bit version and upload it here as well?

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Thank you. Okay, let's think:
It would be interesting to extend the idea of the paintings inside the 3D painting. Wonderful would be listening to an audio guide about the painter and his / her paintings or this particular painting during walking around. This won't have to be that professional, and different voices or maybe an interview would be cool. But that would be quite some work I think. In the same spirit, one could get some more information about the particular paintings and / or the painter through pressing "E" while standing near each of the paintings. This could be done with a half-transparent overlay, information might be simply used from Wikipedia. Furthermore, although again a lot of work, those information might be read by different voices.
Visually, I would have liked, if the cows and sheep would have moved their heads to the grass as if they would be grazing. Some fishes in the water would be nice, too. A day-and-night cycle for experiencing the painting in different light environments might be interesting, as well as the possibility to have the 3D environment drawn in different art / painter styles (don't know how much work it would be changing the textures - but I think quite a bit).