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Nice idea

On main page written Remember, theme is purely inspirational and not required. Feel free to interpret it however you want.Does it mean that i can not to follow this theme at all? (following only limitation, of course)

This is all about you. If you don't want to - choose another variant.

Cool alternative while i'm trying to find money for Aseprite. Almost every function. Only one issue - every time file exploer opens at program location, every time opening my folder is long.

Thanks for encouragements!

That's damn good! Why don't you change app icon with ResourseHacker?

Thanks Clementine, I just noticed your review. 
I have no expirience in Gamedev, this is one of our first tries. Picking colors was really hard, i changed 6 different color palettes before i see this one. Sound  are like theese because this is the first game where i even use sounds. I definetly need more practice with Bfxr. There is no Goal because i wanted to make something endless, replayable. Yes, in that order this game need some points, or time high score.
Sorry, i didn't write much about your game, because it's just good.

Celeste-Boshy alike game. Simple, stylish and well made. You have some expirience. (btw, rate me?)

Beatiful game. Complex, simple and well made. Noticeably that this isn't your first game.

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You came up with really simple, but genious idea, and you did it well! Good job!

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I think you just don't came up with some idea. 3D is not the best choice for beginners. as well as Unity. Try Godot, and try 2D. This is much easier to do. Make clear idea of what exactly you want to do. Try to make very simple game, as "Snake". (btw, don't mind checking my game?)

That's like a pokemon: not every singgle shape is needet to complete the game, but if you want, you can catch 'em all

The firs thing i like in this game - complexitiy. It feels like this is completed game. Good animations, good sfx, good bg musix, good world, good transitions, good colors. In every parts of game was put much effort in it. I like it. and I want to make games as you. Could you check our game pls?

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Yes, you could. Just want to tell that Unity is not only one engine. It's kinda hard for novices.

You did this in one day? That cool, but still you could spend more time on it

don't mind checking my game?

What were you using as engine? You know, with powerful engine you can make small games just by spending 3 hours per day on it.

Big world with content, Original sounds and assets and complete story. Good game, no more words.

Agree. It's like a bet, if your game gonna be the winner. (btw, could you check my game)

Wow. Did you buy ticket? Looks like you like you going for main prize. I wish you luck!

That's ain't much. Why are you using Unity? Isn't it too hard for you?

Why Community, why not Commets?
The game is odd. In what condition am i taking damage? In what condition do i deal damage? Why my sword rotating like helicopter? Why i can't attack enemy on the left/down/up? Why am i always dying?

But core overall is really interesting: crafting system. battle system, loot, world
This is really big game for Gamejam. Maybe you just need more time to polish it, don't you?

And why don't you add some death animation, like red screen. fade-off, or something like that. Just teleport to You Died menu  ruins nice pixel retro style of game.

Don't you think that proving something to someone is not the best motivation to make games? Good programming skills is not only GameDev, it can be apps, scripts, bots, anything.
This game has some right things. With great effot this can be turn into a nice game. Change point-of-view in side-view, change colors, balance game, and it can be beatiful game. By the way, why do you choose Unity? This is not the best choice in my opinion.

Wow, that's hard but interesting

Please, leave comments on game page.

Wow. Never game makes me feel like that.


Wow, that's interesting "random" algorithm. Will you update it to some game, or leave like that?

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Hmm, i think this can be used in some type of Rougelike.

What kind of algorythm did you use? Just Random Num Genereator? I used a lot Simplex Noise.
(Also, "Phaser" it's name fo HTML5 Engine)

Just reset on "R" if you get trapped. Also resetting couple of times can give you one free apple right next to you. I will update it tomorrow, i just don't know how. When you enter chunk, world generates under your feet, and if there is a wall - you get stuck.

I was able to beat that game in 10 minutes, but maybe you are right, i need to spawn apples more often

Game looks awesome, never played anything like that before. That't a pity that i can't play it for more than 20 sec.
Don't forget to export without debug, because this console is for you not for players.
I bet this game coud be good, but i can't check it out.

Please, do not submit this game everywhere. You ruining reputation of your game by doing that. If you want to participate in Jams, please, make another game specially for Jam that follow rules of Jam.

Just wow. You are too good for this small jam. 

Interesting mechanic and good design even with that limitation.

Don't you think snow on background must too be 4x4?

Soundtrack is too good, i will live that on PC

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Wonderful. Not even close to my games.
(easter eggs? 0)