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I think the best highlight of the game is the crayon-like art assets. Great job

I loved that the game has randomly generated orbits, that was a nice implementation. 

What I loved the most about the game is to juke the aliens into driving their spaceships into the sun, it is so satisfying

Nice job!

One point: I think that the board itself needs to be fixed to the fulcrum, it is difficult (almost impossible) to fix or solve the situation once the board is not in the middle, which is kinda frustrating

the idea is fun. However, there is a problem that there really isn't much strategy and not much I could do to win. The upgrades part was nice, but I after a few turns, I started to lose consistently

😬 as far as I know, this maaay be against the rules of the jam. Putting an external link for an updated game is definitely not a good idea, even if for a minor issue. 

Believe me, I been there before 

The biking mechanic feels innovative enough!

The game's description just emanates the helplessness and desperation. I like it! 

I like how the game has setting in the beginning to choose which keys to use, nice implementation.

I couldn't bear the depressive atmosphere of the game and the daily cycle devoid of all meaning. It fits the dystopian feel very well

I think the game can be improved if there were more penalties to just firing the weapon blindly everywhere. 

Despite what is written, the game follows the theme/limitation very well.

This game is surpisingly fun and challenging. The cycling mechanic is so unique, I will keep this idea in mind ;)

Sorry, can't play it, no HTML or Mac

There isn't much penalty to just spam all three keys at once. The game needs more penalty, otherwise it isn't that interesting

The game looks appealing from the previews, but I can't play it without HTML or Mac 

Game looks promising, however, there is no HTML or Mac version :(

I would have played the game if there was an HTML or Mac version :(

From the previews, the game looks cool, however, I can't play it because there is no HTML or Mac support :(

This game is really unique in its implementation and theme! I liked how the game centers around correcting the trajectory around planets, it is not an idea seen often

The game fits the theme extremely well!

On feedback: 

- The "manifestation" of pits and bumps on the road need more signalling of caution. Initially, I thought that these white signals meant something that needs to be collected and was surpised when I lost. 

- It is also unclear that I am losing health or taking damage from the bumps. 

- At times, it is confusing where left or right is when the biker is upside down. 

- The track itself could be bigger or have more complex features or architecture. 

- There really isn't a penalty for just stopping cycling and standing still, I think in a cycling game that should be addressed.

If the issues at hand are addressed, the game can be improved!

I like how the game immediately jumps into action, I wasn't expecting to start making juices immediately, ha ha!

On feedback: There needs to be more readibility on "throwing away defective juices". Initially, I thought that when  dropping the juices, it goes towards the serving and not to the trashcan. I think the defective blenders need to look more "wrong", showing clearly that they need to be thrown out.

I am happy to hear that you enjoyed the movement and the funny sound effects! Thank you for the feedback on down kicks, after the jam, I will think about how to improve that 

I am glad you liked the art and the mechanics! Thank you for playing! 

Thank you very much for playing! I appreciate that you liked the little cut scenes and the art

Thank you very much! Consider following me on Twitter to see future developments 


I get your concerns. You are right, the game was published a year ago. 

The game's development is a series of consequitive game jams. 

Most of the work completed for how it looks now was done in the jam period. 


Thanks for playing our game! 

Funny coincidence, I saw your video on tips and tricks to make juicy games and used tips from there when making this game! 

Видео очень классное и полезное кстати!

Haha! Thank you for playing! 

Now that I look at the feedback from the comments, I really should have stressed in the game that it was meant to be played by 2 people! Perphaps I should have also added an option for singleplayer  where the 2nd character is an NPC.

Thank you for playing the game! I appreciate that you loved the aesthetics we made!

If possible, could you suggest how I could make the weapons feel more weight? 

Thank you very much for the feedback!

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Thank you!

Wow, I never thought of using Godot for tool creation. Great job!

Hey! Thank you for playing our game! I am glad to hear that you liked the visuals!

Wow, congratulations on your first game release! For how long have you been developing Underlings?

I am working on Fireboy and Watergirl but you control an old man and your friend is a cartridge who can control different robots.

You can play the game on my page when you have time!

I would like to hear your feedback:

  • What would be the top 3 worst things about this game?
  • What do you think is the setting of the game? (Where does this take place? Who is the player?)
  • Did you encounter bugs?
  • Was there anything that was lacking in the game that can be improved?
  • Was there anything confusing?
  • Were the levels too difficult or too easy?
  • How intuitive were the controls?

Download the Game Here

A man and a sentient parasitic cartridge-tablet try to work together by hijacking antagonist robots to escape in a local multiplayer side-scrolling puzzle platformer.


I would appreciate your feedback on your enjoyment of the gameplay.:

  • Would you play this game with your friend? 
  • Was there anything frustrating when you played?
  • How interesting do you find the concept?

Follow me on Twitter and to see future game updates! Check out the Devlog for more detailed posts!

Thank you!


Now, that I look back, I really should have worded better. Sorry if it was a bit harsh. 

Adorable graphics and understandable controls!

I can learn a lot from you!

I also wanted to thank you again for providing an in-depth review!

Outstanding job!