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If I could use something like this to make a video game I would be very interested.

It has hentai.

The main character is male.

He has 4 choices, 3 women, or 1 man.  Or 3 straight choices, or 1 gay choice.

This would be something cool to use with the Solarus engine.

I'm not sure why you have a patch. allows adult games.

Steam is where you need the patch.

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Very sexy.  Wish I had time to learn Unity to make a game with this.

I requested new payment then.

But it doesn't explain why you take 30% off non-USA sales.  Steam only takes 30% off sales made from USA customers, not from customers from around the world.

I requested to get paid, I filled out the tax stuff, you send me a letter saying you want to let me know that you need to deduct 30% because I'm from Taiwan (Steam deducts 30% of USA sales only.), you send me another letter saying you r cancelling my payment request, and I check my payment information and all the money I asked to for is gone, and there's no one to contact on this website.

Using this website feels like a fraud where sells my game and takes all my money and never pays me.

How to you add that to the purchase?

Yes, but it costs a lot of money to buy (Ren'Py is free actually.)  It's available on Steam.  I don't know if you're familiar with the RPG Maker series, but it comes from the publishers of those games.  Maker series are known to sell asset packs as DLC.  So things like characters, backgrounds, and music.   If you made some pack with a bunch of characters maybe you could sell it as a DLC as well as sell it individually, you would need to work out those details with the devs.  Just a thought.

This would be cool to use in the Solarus Engine.

This looks good.  You should consider making a pack of characters that could be used in a commercial VN.  (Could try to sell it as DLC for Visual Novel Maker if you contact that publisher.)