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what do you mean do his route?? i never get the sex scene with burry only the dream sequence.. ive tried his route in all sorts of different ways?? what do i need to umlock for it?

also i love how its about a " god " that believes all carain are good. as in they are all good boys. its the most adorable thing ever. worship the god who calls us good boys 


i read visual novels as a hobby! furry vns especially. so far i like the plot of this! it feels familiar to another one ive read i believe, but im not sure how, maybe just a familiar feeling to some other ones ive read! this FEELS new tho. even if its familiar its still new uncharted land and storys to be made! im very excited for the updates. the music is soft and uninterrupting. a problem with some vns is the music being so overpowering you cant focus on reading. even if i have the volume up, i can still read uninterupted. just taking a minute to appreciate the music and continuing. the cg's of aron ( default mc name ) are very detailed and interesting. even animated in one if im right! the way he is designed is an aspect i like. usually if a main character is turned into something it just looks... strange and unnerving. but this mc transformation feels fluid. visually appealing. even if he never turns back, he will still be a beautiful lion boy! and agnarr is a very kind and loving character. i cant wait to see more of his personality form along with mc!  i cant wait to see the art style develop. the writing. and this story. 

oh my gosh yayyy! im so excited! 

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will this be a romantic visual novel on the side?? seeing alex and dawn hound would be a cute couple! but its ok if they wont date or anything :3 id just think its cute

other then that question, i just wanna say this is an AMAZING VISUAL NOVEL 

hang out with harold when he asks then you will meet dwayne outside. if you offer to help him both times his route will start! hope that helps

question! im a 5$ patreon now and if im right, i believe the completed guides come with it? how do i access those? im sorry im kinda new to patreon and dont know what im doing really.

ah alright! thank you :3 i was worried they just wiggled their way through without you knowing and got out and i accidentally found them

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this is kind of, a little review thing from what ive seen of this vn over the years!

extracurricular activities is a very great vn. alot of writing styles dont feel smooth to me. but, the writing style and wording of exca makes alot of sense to me. the most disrupting thing when  reading a vn, is if i struggle to understand what they say. with other vns i dont know how many times i have googled different words because they are so out there and unused i have never seen them before. but with exca, everything is easy to understand and follow.

the pacing of the vn is also great! it is a good mix of detail. story. action. i struggle alot with getting bored mid vn and skip ahead. but with exca, i dont do that. i read every line and it keeps my attention! the cute little details about the characters that give them life.  this vn has a great pace to keep the attention of the reader without losing the attention or being too straight to the point. 

 ( this little bit has some very small spoilers. nothing much but this is a big part of the review i couldnt leave some  of this stuff out.  )

the characters that dyne has created, feel like they are alive in a way. each character has their own particular details. desires. dreams. ambitions. feelings. and inner struggles. while other vns struggle to grasp that realness to a character, dyne gives that realness to them. like harolds writing. chesters game design. dozers plants. spencers want to become a professional tennis player. dwaynes painting.richards want to provide for his daughters. and darius with his acting career and piano.  they have their own struggles and lives that draw you closer to them and  give you a personal bond to each one of them. 

 the endings are all AMAZING for the main starting cast. as of right now, we currently have richard and dwayne whos routes just  got started a little while ago. dwayne more  recently.  honestly, i love dwayne alot. at first i didnt like him. but his sheer puppy love and admiration for eric quickly won me over as he grew on me. the fact eric seems more dominant in this route intrigued me,  the fact that no one really went after eric first. and it was only really eric approaching them. seeing eric being courted and shown such puppy love is amazing. dwayne is a little air headed but its honestly adorable. i can be airheaded myself so its relatable! its also interesting with eric taking initiative with dwayne sexually, seeing as eric isint really seen as a dom type.  we see some of this in spencers route and maybe harolds once in a while, but honestly we dont see much of truely dom eric! so the thought of eric showing his more dominant side is new! and dwaynes reaction to him? absolutely LOVE it! and seeing dwayne as the bdsm type( at least i think seeing what may have been in that box, ) shows that ALL sorts of characters are in this vn! you have slow burn like darius but quick to sex. a lovestricken romantic like dwayne. harold who needs love and comfort to help fight his mental and emotional demons. all of them have their own pace and mix. this visual novel has bits of everything for their characters. richard is also a great character! given his route has just started and we dont have too much to go off of, he is really caring about his daughters and seems to want to help take care of eric and do things for him and help generally.   richard is very playful and fun! hes not my favourite ( harold is tho ) but he is a great character and i look forward to seeing more of him! 

not to mention the sex scenes are so beautifully spread out through the routes. 

 there are SO many great things about this vn that i cant put all into 1 comment. 
now this little bit is just something i feel personally doesint give that closure and relief we wanted. now, that does not mean that i am owed a good reaction. of course if dyne likes the way things are set up that is perfectly fine! everyone has a right to be happy with their work or how things go. no one is entitled to have someone else change their work because they arent satisfied with something. this is just one thing im sure has already been brought to attention. i have alot of faith in dyne as a creator. 


while vernon being expelled and banned from campus WAS a punishment, it doesint sit right. given the fact that vernon has proven time and time again that he is willing to harm people further and worse with every punishment he got. the frat being disbanded got him to the courts and throwing the rock through erics window after stalking him to find his house, which was a homeless shelter.  then once he got actually expelled, who knows what he will do to them now. possibly even going after andrew and injuring him somehow as he did to eric and chester. feeling as if there is no plan beyond just what was displayed in the route. maybe if andrew mentioned a court date or something at the end, and in the epilogue we get to see vernon excorted out by cops or something in an orange jumpsuit, would be perfect. taking the weight off the reader and the victims. while this bit may have been planned to be saved for the epilogue, without context for that being a possibility it feels like chester didnt get his due as a character.  i hope that in the epilogue, vernon gets more then what he deserves. im hoping that is why things ended the way they did to give that big finish for the epilogue. 

along with the small problem with the touch spots in the new scenes where you can click spots, they can be on the small side and hard to find sometimes

 ( spoilers over )

other then the slightly underwhelming ending for chester, everything about this visual novel is perfect to me. some may feel others are better and thats fine! but from my personal  experience, this is the most fitting one for me. i dont struggle to understand or read it. the writing size. style. character personalitys. all fit so wonderfully.  ive been a devoted reader for years. seeing this vn grow and expand and become as popular as it is now, makes me very happy. dyne is a very nice person from what little ive spoken to them.  if you are looking for a visual novel to read, this is the one i recommend.  i basically follow it religiously lol. give this vn a shot!

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alright! but are the public versions gonna be updated later on or is 1.02 gonna be the permanent public build until its finished like a demo? 

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the download files only have 1.02 or 1.05 as options for downloading.  even before 1.05, 1.03 and 1.04 werent available for me. i see 1.03 and 1.04 in the development logs but they arent available to download? 

it says it needs to be 2$ or more to get them only 1.04 is free rn 

are all new chapters gonna be 2$? or is this the patreon version then  the free public version comes out? 

how do we read it? i know this may sound stupid if im just missing a button or something..

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the theories stack up! there is just so many possibilities to examine and little clues to look at! ken mentioning he was just a kid too. his very sudden and emotional reaction to whatever gray possibly did. possibly trauma from an assault? gabriel not using his name anymore? what could have happened? being there for the characters in their time of need is so emotional

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i have a question! so, on the day when mc has his first sex scene with harold in his route, is there a reason why the section after harold finishes where mc gets off was removed? i was just curious!

p.s at first i didnt like dwayne much. but his new day has me hooked on him! hes so sweet and adorable and its so adorable watching him be all flustered and totally head over heals for mc!

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i love how the MC is seeming dominant in dwaynes route! id like that to stay seeing as MC is a bottom in most cases or a switch sometimes! i like seeing the more dominant side of him and hope that MC is going to stay dominant in dwaynes route! its new and refreshing! im sure whatever dyne has planned will be great none the less! ( i just hope this will be a part thats staying :3 )

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usually they have public builds and then patreon builds. as in the newest chapter is for the patreons that pay to help make the game, in return they get perks like the new chapter a month or so before its public, sneak peaks at cgs or new outfits and general progress updates. the new build will most likely come out soon publically i think? im not sure depends on if the creator is wanting to save content for the final release :3

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while i dont have an idea for the actual scene, id imagine it would start out very soft and loving and stay loving through it. but getting rougher as it goes on as mac gives the okay. i think consent would be a big thing for mac! he may be very nervous as it may even be his first time but his love and trust for killigan would help ease him of those worries and just enjoy himself. maybe let him explore killigan, as the other sex scenes we dont see much of their interactions with killigans body. only him with theirs. idk these are just my thoughts

question! how do i get the " wear nothing " thing for the modeling with mac? cause, of course im still going to pay for his meal. and just be nice to him to get his route. but, that costs me the scene with the option of paying for the meal ;-; i need help

there was but it stayed strictly casual sex. i dont think that is the romance ending?

how do i get the actual romance ending for was's route? i got the sleeping together thing and nothing else other then the cutscene at the end where they are on the way to mc's wedding. is that the mid ending or romance one? 

i have a question, for the wattpad story is there an english version? i dont know how to translate it

finally finished it! i loved it! 

i can get it in the morning <3 cant wait

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happy april fools i got so scared for a moment ;v;

i cant get it on the release day sadly.. were really tight on money rn i will get it at some point once im able too tho! 

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ONE DAY LEEEFT i dont even know if ill be able to sleep! 

adorable in every way!! is this game gonna be nsfw btw? ( absolutely fine if not im completely happy with that ) i love malkreth alot and andy is like my soulmate! his adorable puns and the finger guns are soo good! no other words then just mwah. perfect. will be waiting for the full game! 

omg yesss!!!

do we have the exact date yet or do we just wait? :3

ive been counting down the days im so excited!!

for some reason im not getting any new dialogue? i even started from the beginning again 

ooh thank you!! ^-^ 

no the issue is i dont get the option to use it at all those options wont appear?

on burrys route how do i get the option to use the bomb? i had it on my old save but now i cant get it?

ayee update today! ( i hope at least )

alright! thank you ^w^

the back button on the kickstart is gone? i cant find it anywhere and ive been saving up to support the project