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probably just a little bit behind it will probably be up in a bit :3 

happy birthday harold!!!!

richards route is very.. different. in good ways tho! the way he flirts and interacts with mc is very.. on character with him. he isint the type to dance around things. if he is interested he will show it. ( maybe not to maria tho.. he is way too flustered with her to do something like that lol ) and the change of pace is honestly a happy change! i love the show pace with the other characters and the bonding time. but richard is a change of pace. a happily accepted one at that! :3

who else is excited for the update today?!?! :D

alright! thank you for letting me know! love your work! if this game comes at a price when its fully out i would so get it! ^-^

i know you probably get this question alot.. but what is the update schedule? ive tried looking everywhere for one. its alright if there isint one but i just wanted to ask :3 

i am going to be honest. i love this. like alot. love lyall and his big snout through the peep hole. deserves a big ol boop. the way mc went about the dream/vision thing was kind of weird to me and over the top, but that may just be me :3 you are doing a wonderful job. id like to see maybe a secret route for the best little plague doctor ( we all know who that is lol ) keep up the amazing work! 

maybe play it? just because he is a wolf doesint mean that it is a ripoff. the story is in a completely different setting with different story and their own characters. you cant copywrite a species. before hate commenting please play it first before you start to angry comment. this is honestly in my top 10. 

i cant wait for the next chapter! 

excuse me, but i have a question. how do i run away with koshiro? the option is there but it is crossed out? can anyone tell me how to do that? 

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nothing is there i tweeted dyne and asked about it incase there was an error as it says it updated but nothing was added and there is no update log for today.

im confused it says it updated but nothing has changed? 

cant wait for the update! :3

i was surprised! i thought pedro and oscar would be the villains! i was.. pleasently surprised and got attatched to them soon after! i loved everything in this! every. single. thing. no matter where this vn goes i will love it till the end of time!! amazing work! would totally buy the game if i gotta pay to have the full thing once finished!

uhhh wasint day 32 of darius's route already out?? why was it uploaded again?? 

 it has alot of nsfw content later on. you seem to be a little young to be playing it so id advice you dont play it for that reason but idk


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save.... that is all i have to say. please some sort of save. i dont want to die from punches so often 

gonna wait the 2 days for the update before i play :3 

is this going to be a small vn or one of those bigger  vns? :3

yay! i will totally buy it when id have the money!! cant wait! ^-^

this update is SO WORTH IT!!

your entire post was legit everything you hate about it in a hateful way. that isint having an opinion. that is bitching about shit that you think needs to be changed because you dont like it. be respectful of peoples work.

please tell me the full game will be free! boris is the cutest sweetest boy everrr! 

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i thought the other chapters were out and redownloaded the game. lol just realized it was all being put into 1 update xd i also have a question? is there just the bad route. ( im gonna call the other one the bad route as being mean to the bull mans isint nice! ) and the route where you are with asterion? is it romance based? or just a normal visual novel?  if romance, will there will be other routes, which characters would get routes? ( sorry im a very curious person! )

nice how it seems you made an entire account just to bitch about someones work. please be respectful about someones work and dont treat it like garbage because you dont like 1 or 2 things about it. 

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1 name. deckerlink. they do perfect voices

i loved this. i honestly would like to see more in the future! 

i went to open the game and my computer instantly uninstalled it because a virus was in it... uhm?

do you end up getting sal as a romantic partner? just asking if you dont want to say i understand!

there is an issue with harolds first sex scene? i think? the mc doesint actually masturbate but talks about how he did after? was that scene deleted?? it got me confused so idk

the game keeps saying not responding every time i would try to get it to run so i have to shut down chrome to close it. kinda sus

ive noticed something? in the first sex scene with harold, from the original the mc actually ya know, cums. but in the new one he doesint? was it just deleted or is that something messed up? i was just wondering

its out now!

where oh where has the download button gone oh where oh where can it beee

we dont mind! take all the time you need! ^-^

since dyne replied to me 3 days ago saying its the 16th of this month

im pretty sure it updates today

im excited for tomorrow! chesters final day comes tomorrow! :3

alright thank you!