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Thank you for the analysis! I'm glad you enjoyed IncomSpe for those reasons.

Besides the "modern" feelings mentioned, I'm not sure I intended to write the characters one way or another, but I did want to give them that human-ness mentioned. Happy to hear it came off well enough in that regard.

It should be safe!

Super cute and fun, thank you so much for this!

thank god, you didn't nerf tara 

Hi! Currently there's no plans for it, but who knows what the future holds! Maybe after the main story is done and over with. Thank you for your interest!

This is super good; I'll check the other endings later but I got Erika End 2 and had a nice experience, speaking as a trans woman. I appreciate how natural the conversations between characters felt and how they discussed issues involving trans folk (in Japan, in particular. I think it was important to share that perspective and clarify the differences elsewhere in the world... even if things aren't exactly the best for us anywhere ;;). Thank you for creating this.

Only excited to show off more of them and the rest of the cast!

Is it bad that I'm seriously considering seeking advice or possibly even work from y'all on a possible Unity project?

Incompatible Species is a kinetic novel undergoing development in Ren'Py, slated to have full and expressive character sprites, background art from lush bio-technological cityscapes to dingy offices, voice acting, and some fun short episodes on the side.

Incompatible Species is an episodically-split story detailing the exploits of a specialized (read: self-glorifying) pest control unit. Despite the mismatched nature of each member and the world around them, what keeps them all together runs deeper than the surface.

holy smokes I've been itching to try to figure out how to 3D platformer good with unity and I definitely wanna take some pointers from this