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This happens in almost all cases due to the fact that you are downloading the game from the internet. Every downloaded file from the browser is marked as potentially unsafe, which triggers the antivirus. I assure you that we have nothing even remotely close to malware. There's no way to fix it on our end.

The recent dev build is buggy and we had this issue. Hopefully we fixed it and it should work properly in the next public build, but it may also persist. We're not yet sure what causes it, but we'll figure it out from the feedback we'll get on the next release.

1. Indeed there will be usage for the charge move

2. We tried automatic climbing, but it felt very weird. Not only that, but later stages would require you to make your own decisions if you want to climb some sort of a ledge or not. It's a bit part of the gameplay, so we felt it would be better to leave it entirely to the player.

3. We decided to scrap those in favor of special moves. We decided to do so because: A - special moves, again, there would've been to many moves if we were to have weapons. B - the coins serve as a currency for minor unlockables. C - they felt clunky in GDM.

I really hope that we'll be able to make a good game. Thank you for your feedback!