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Well done! This is such a simple yet difficult memory game. I feel inclined to play it with a dice on my side to guide me, though I feel like that'd be cheating lol

Very nice! Loving the die customisation, the locking die mechanism and overall intuitive gameplay / UI. I think a little balancing is required, some sfx bugs I think and minor issues that are common in gamejam submissions. But I see the potential and if you work at it after the jam, you may have a really fun game on your hands! Top marks.

I love how the dice is a physical object that I need to build and can also be what brings my tower town. Great design and implementation of the theme!

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The art is beautiful and its a nice take on the theme, though I didn't find the game as challenging as I had hoped and found myself just popping die in there without having to think too much about it. But still, well done!

Nice colours, sfx and implementation of the theme. Wish the dice were somehow more relevant tho, but had loads of fun anyway!

I feel like there's some potential and strategy here, but it's really hard to play because I don't know how long I have to press, or when it's my turn. If you guide the player a bit more with some clean & simple UI, you should be on the right track to something really interesting.

YES - I love this one. Very smart twist of the theme onto a match-3 game and having the colours of the die on the sides to know which one's where was a very smart move. I would only worry about accessibility and colour blindness when relying too much on colours, but it was a smart approach within a short period of time. Top marks!

I had a lot of fun with this one! I liked the customisation of your players in a turn-based strategy combat game. I think the UI and gameplay was a little weird/glitchy and hard to keep track of your actions, but the game was quite forgiving so it wasn't a dramatic problem.

Well done! Love the art, the vibe and concept. I only wish you'd give us some hint as to how buildings give us points, though I guess that's part of the puzzle?

Lovely art and smart twist on the theme. I only felt like the roll-equip-throw menu & mechanic was slightly over-complicated. I kept getting confused and would have preferred only having one dice in hand and the other as unrolled ammunition.

Assemble your dice! Great concept, well done!

Beautiful art, but I didn't get anywhere really. Nice take on the theme tho and I liked that their eyes was the two-side : )

WOW - nice auto battler you built there! I can totally see this becoming something and I love that my choices are where to invest the die I earn. The art is beautiful, music fits, theme is well implemented. Top marks!

Looks good! There's quite a few that have followed a similar line as you, though I like the diversity of weapons yours provides and that I can distinguish which is which thanks to your UI. My main comment is only that the enemies are too fast. Given the randomness of attacks available to the player, one should at least be able to outrun the enemies. Or at least not let them catch up so quickly. 

Loved it! Top marks! Original and super polished! F-zero x vibes meets mario kart power-up system? My only comment is that skill has "no" place here, other than hitting or avoiding the dice spinners. Maybe having them be temporary booster/brakes would give way to a better balance between skill and luck. 

I did not figure out the rest.

Yes!!! This is awesome! I got super hooked by this game and love the strategy element within. The only thing that kind of bothered me was that when I defeated an enemy, my remaining die would be lost :(  So, whenever I was close to defeating them, I had to remember to do other stuff before dealing the final blow. So a between-enemies step would help with that. But top marks! 

Beautiful art and the vibe was spot on. It takes a while to understand what's happening and I think a bit more feedback on that would have been quite useful, but it's a cool twist on the theme.

Soundtrack is a banger! Loved the character and the random attacks that queue up for you to use. I only wish I would have had a little bit more feedback from enemies or information on their stats/weaknesses, stuff like that.

Well done; a literal take on the theme lol - had myself some good fun. I think a larger room and random powerups and stuff like that could be included in future iterations to make it even more interesting. Maybe even have the dice influence them somehow. 

The art and overall aesthetics of the game were wonderful, and the game mechanics were also fun, but there was too much story and exposition against too little actual gameplay. If this was better balanced I would absolutely love this game!

yes and no, because I'm not sure what the ideal solution is lol. Don't get me wrong; your game has a great baseline! And with some tweaks it could gain gameplay depth, making it more engaging, because right now it's a little basic for the genre you're in. So, for instance, you are actually only using 4 sides of a d6, so maybe if you click on yourself, you can expose the other two sides gaining access to new abilities (shield/jump). Just a thought! :)

That dice looks nice! And also good puzzles. I have seen a few games like this one in the jam tho; a dice-themed Bloxorz. But your aesthetics set you apart, with a noir vibe. However, my first instinct was to match the dice face to the number on the floor. Having the number look down, but it was the other way around, and that's ok! I would just let player know.

Ah! Our battle system is similar to this, without the gachapon bit, so I totally sympathise with your concept. I think the Gachapon is a cool feat and makes total sense with the theme. I also really love your art and presentation. Well done!

OMG. I wish I could have come up with this one. F*ck'n brilliant. Some blend of FEZ and Limbo, with amazing atmosphere, simple gameplay and just all around smart and fun puzzles. Top marks!

The concept is good, but combat escalated way too quickly and was overrun on the third area. I also felt like my dice throwing was a little off; maybe something about the dice hitbox when it spawns?

Nice and simple, but barely connected to the theme. The concept is good! Has some funnny bugs too; I managed to fly through the sky by standing on an item, grabbing it and then jumping to gain height lol

Ha! That was fun. Seems like a twist on Vampire Survivors, creatively adapted to the theme. Cool stuff, I had a blast!

Interesting interpretation of the theme and beautiful art.

Slick, simple, elegant, random, loved it. I was only getting slightly frustrated with the physics of trying to get a cube rolling. I was wondering how this game would play with a d20 (though of course, you'd need 14 more play styles). I think have a dice that's has a few more faces may allow it to "roll" better. Either way, I can definitely see this scaling into something bigger.

This was a cool twist on the theme. Top marks! I loved how I basically ended up playing volleyball with my enemies, instead of fighting lol - and I really like the penalty system as a concept, though I barely felt punished; rather challenged instead. And my curiosity drove me to drop the dice on purpose, just to switch it up a bit. Which may be a good thing, but I don't think it works an an incentive to actually have to catch it, if that's what you were going for (since the dice is cursed). Maybe if the penalties would accumulate, you'd really be forced to be more careful / strategically? - Eventually I ran into like 4 little dudes and the game crashed tho. Maybe worth looking into your event system.

ok! I see where this is going. I like how you are forced to move around in order to use the element you want. I feel like it's missing something though, to make it a little more dynamic; something that the player can do/develop skill to balance it out, bc I did feel a little too constricted by the mechanic.

I always like a good puzzle game, well done! This reminds me a bit of Bloxorz. Fun stuff.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game! The concept is really fun, and the mechanics quite original. Overall, great job!

Love the style and idea. I think it could be fleshed out further and turned into a proper semi-idle game.

So, I guess I guess the game fits the dice roll theme by offering up random projectiles, yes? It's an interesting challenge. But I would have liked to know which projectile I'll be shooting next so I can use it wisely. Otherwise I found myself just spamming that LMB.

Fun, simple and I like it. I think that before entering battle; I would like to have some choices. For example, allowing me to choose not to use a '4 of a kind' and have two 'full house' instead; almost like customising my battle style. Maybe also offering different ways to add up the dice.

Loved the mood, the art, the sounds and text-based d&d-styled horror adventure. There isn't much new going on here, but it is fun and beautiful.

I like how chill and well built it is. It's a cool twist on chess with die, though I do think that some tweaks on gameplay choices, or having a link between the dice numbers and chess piece movements, could add an extra layer of strategy and make it even more interesting.

This is good! an interesting twist on FTL, if that was ever intended. The UI could use a little more work for it to be clearer on what's going on at a moment-to-moment basis within the game.