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Utterly gorgeous, and perfect movement.

Great game - definitely could use a lot of polish in terms of feedback (animations, hitting things, etc), but the movement itself feels very good!

Two years late, but I got 350400 by finding exploits and developing skillz haha bow to me plebs


Amazing! You can really see the fidelity and quality that was put into this project, it looks so ridiculously clean, and the cover art is gorgeous! The graphics imo really capture the gb feel with some nice gameplay behind it!

Thank you so much! Gungeon was definitely one of the inspirations for the game, and I'm glad you enjoyed our game!!

Amazing concept! Elevator portion was a bit too long, and jump felt a bit too high, but other than that, everything is awesome!

I totally agree with you! Both of those things were in the works, and there are tons of weapons in which we've drawn the sprites but ran out of program; most of the weapons even share the same script. The health bar is entirely my fault, I just ran out of time to put it in when I decided to during the last few hours of the jam haha. (Rip the rocket launcher where the homing missiles were literally "homes")

Thank you so much!


Thank you! It was a bit hectic, and we ended up scrapping 3 + 2 bosses due to time constraints, despite the fact that we had the majority of sprites all drawn out :)

Thank you so, so much! It means a lot to hear this, especially from someone named BakaCirno :D