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Thanks, i was a little nervous to post it haha.

i personally find while i draw from my drama skill set often, and they feel similar to me, i don’t draw from it as much as some of my other drama friends who play too do. for me they are pretty different experiences due to the nature of improvising a character, thogh i’ve never really done improve so i can’t say if that would be a similar experience, and due to the ability to play in a space outside of just what your character says and does. It’s something i really find vauluable in roleplaying because it’s not something i find in a lot of other places.

coming to roleplaying from a drama background, i find both my actual play and personal play feel like performances to me. The main difference being the size and composition of the audience. When i’m playing a personal game it tends to feel lower stakes a bit more like a rehearsal, i’m still performing for myself and my friends, but it feels like there is more room to try things out and take chances. In actual play there is the added pressure for me, not present in drama performances, of feeling like my choices and the things i say represent me in some way. Even though i’m playing a character it’s a character i created and whoes views, even if they don’t line up with mine, how i frame them says something about how i seen the world.

they are bad but i am also bad

I’m Atlas (he/thon) or koboldtime, @koboldtime on twitter. 

I’ve only been designing for just over 6 months and only been playing for about a year, but I’ve made quite a few games since then. I’m currently working on my first big game a forged in the dark game tentatively titled Oops All Warlocks. I stream my game design on thursdays. 

I also produce a podcast found @playtestpower called Playtest Power Hour where we playtest games. It’s half an excuse to play games with my friends and half a way for me to support the community by providing playtests.

I’m hoping i won’t be too nervous to post here in the future.

i’ve always restrictions prompted my creativity. I’ve really enjoyed participating in game jams even if i’m not always happy with my games in the end for this reason. Having some sort of direction helps me come up with new ideas that i wouldn’t have come up with without them.

Bird in Space is a sculpture by Constantin Brâncuși's that went into public domain this year. It is the inspiration for the game both in name and in the design of the ship. The image used for the game is a modified photo of the sculpture.