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This is actually nice!

Might wanna stylize it like "FIREAID'S MUSIC COLLECTION".

Nice! Proud of ya

Hello! Sorry for the late reply. I'm working on something cool ;). I make the art using Piskelapp. It's this online pixel drawing website. Look at Wolfenstein or Doom for inspiration.


Looks really good! Nice presentation.

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Thank you. I'm gonna patch the bugs now. I've added support for checkpoints. Just need to add more levels. And thank you for your continued feedback :D

Checkpoints are underway

That's a great idea. I need to add more levels then :)

One thing. Do you mean checkpoints for levels? Or checkpoints in the level?

I mean most levels aren't super big.

No problem!

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Thanks. I will add something that makes it less annoying starting over. I added it to the games Trello :D

Nice music

Oh that sucks. Hopefully ue4 will provide better support for Linux in the future :)


Really like the updated version ;D

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Don't really get the controls. Also a lot of seemingly fake comments lol. The art looks copy pasted from google. It isn't really consistent. And fonts look a bit squished

It's a instadeath permadeath game. I feel like the weapons fill too much. But dunno. Help?

Nice :D

However I think you can just add it. So no need to redownload that way

You need to redownload unity. Remember to add Linux and MacOS support.

Then select Linux as the Target Platform. If you have added Linux and MacOS support the option is already there

Can you build it for linux too? It doesn't work on my Ubuntu based laptop. If you don't know how I'll show you some time.

Seems that v1.1 fixed the stuff that didnt work. Nice

Seems like a lot of stuff isn't working. Will update tommorow

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Any feedback, bugs and ideas here


This is my favorite game. The goat

TRAFFIC JAMMER community · Created a new topic Feedback

Feedback, bugs and ideas here!

Looks good!

Okay. Nice

When is it releasing? Also nice

Husk at trykke på "Windows" når du uploader et spil.

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Bugs, feedback and ideas here :D

Very nice! :D

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Bugs, suggestions and general feedback

Inspired me to finish my paper. 10/10

Make a playable game first. Then add polish/finish after. Always have a playable game.

And always downsize. Downsize a lot. 

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Post any feedback here. If you find any bugs. And so on