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Love it, surprisingly difficult.

If anyone wants to recreate this exact demo on their own you can put together these 3 marketplace assets:

The superhero flight animations are really really good and even includes the blueprints for the flying movement character controller!

Probably the best game I've ever played, hands down.

This is a really cool concept, great job!

Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed it! If what I think you're meaning is right, to travel to other moons you need to middle click to shoot a portal to where you want to go and then shoot one at the ground and jump in. Hope this helps!

Love the aesthetic, nice job!

This is great! 10/10 would play again if I wasn't so bad at it.

This is so awesome, never would have thought to use a game as a journal/time capsule. 10/10 would listen to a podcast if you had one.

Fantastic controls! Feels great to play and cute as heck.

Dude! Nice job, this is great!

Much appreciated!

Wow, thanks! That means a lot.

I was curious how you did that, thanks for letting me know!

Wow! Thank you!

That's strange, it's set to public.