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haven't had the thrill of playing a flying sim where i don't go down at the first 3 min of the game- i still do, but here at least i can go "hell, that was good. let's try again". that's a point in favor for ya, plus good ol' MISSION UPDATE keeping me on my toes at what we can see on the demo. no need to comment on the gameplay or the overall feel because all I can say is that i loved it, moments on both the mission demos (being at 5HP when the last two fighters appear or certain big bird making an appearence) and the conquest mode are what will keep this one on my disk, and on my watchlist. Cheers! Don't know what are the plans for the Conquest mode; I like the increasing difficulty over time, the whole "buy your planes" thing, and the menu hits me on a nostalgic vibe back when all I did was play Peace Walker, but without preparation the scaling can feel quite unfair- and here's the not a developer feedback: maybe add a way to reduce the alert level? Hell, best way I can think of is destroying some slow-but-tanky planes so you can try and not get drowned in aircraft damaged UI prompts.

again, I wish Project Wingman the best of the best, having tried it out is simply a gift from the team to the world. 

also: gotta love that plane choice. no plane game is good enough if it doesn't have a su-27 equivalent for me.