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Make sure you did the following:
- Ensure NTT is installed correctly. If you launch Nuclear Throne there should be a message at the top of screen something like "Nuclear Throne Together version..."
- Take the folder out of the .zip file you downloaded and put it in the mods folder. Do not put the .zip in there, it will not work.
- Make sure there's a main.txt inside of the mod's folder. For example, in the "knight" mod folder, there should be a text file called main.txt, or just called "main." The "knight" folder is inside of the "mods" folder. Inside of the "knight" folder is "main.txt". (There's no reason it should be missing, but if it is that likely means it's the wrong folder).

Not very good explaining things, so if you have any questions let me know or double check the NTT FAQ. :P

Edit: Spell check

Thanks! I think I'm as disabled as these characters were.

Thank you! Found them

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I just earned all of the certificates but there's still one thing missing that I can't find out how to complete. Where do I find the glasses to complete it?

Is there a way I can redeem this game on Steam after purchase here on Itch?

I considered that, but the difficulty to implement was just enough for me to keep it as it is now. This was just a test for the concept but if I were to develop this further I would definitely change it to that.

The mod uses a little "blueprint" for the map that you can customize in the code.

If added in a mod, yes.

no, it's fine! it's not very obvious when first starting out.

Hi! Sorry, I'm not really updating the mod anymore, really. I can try to update it today if I have time, though.

And to answer the question in your edit, no, not really.

Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback!

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the download provided on the page is a .zip file, make sure you're putting the folder inside of the .zip into the mods folder.

let me know if you're still having trouble! :)

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please make more mods like this, it's very impressive.
i'd donate if i could. this mod is why NTT exists.

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I think there's a glitch where you may need to unlock all vanilla characters before these. I don't know how to fix it yet, but I will update when I can.

Edit: Nope.

I love this so much

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Sorry for the late response!

You can read how to install mods here.
After downloading it, you'll need to head to your Nuclear Throne folder.
Then drag and drop the folder inside the file you downloaded into your mods folder.
You need to have Nuclear Throne Together installed for this to work.

When the mod is installed, all you need to do is type '/load knight' in-game.

Have fun! :)

Keynote community · Created a new topic Sample music pack

Sample music pack.

Disco Zombi Italia - Carpenter Brut
War Season - LISA OST
Tongues - Joywave
The Ghost Inside - Broken Bells
Daddy Issues - The Neighborhood

How to install:
Drag and drop all of the included files into your 'songs' folder.

Thank you!

Steam app id 480 works, but not my own.

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If you hit space, you get this error:

Incredible mod. I didn't even know this was possible.

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Hi! Thanks for the feedback! :)

First, I'd like to say that Bard, Mask and Slide were made when I was just learning GML / modding, so their code (and the characters themselves) can be pretty gross. I plan on re-doing them soon.

Edit: Also, thank you. Nuclear Throne Together is amazing, and modding helped me get into Gamemaker. You're awesome.

   • Yeah, I agree there's a lot of things wrong with him. He'll hopefully be much better when I clean him up.

   • The rhino skin effect was initially on purpose, but I agree that it may be better without it. I'll change it.
   • The ammo being available to purchase is intended for multiplayer, but it may be best to get rid of it for singleplayer. I'll hide / change it next update.
   • I forgot about renaming the "sword upgrade" to "weapon upgrade."
   • I wholly agree with removing the gun, actually, and I don't really know why I added it, to be honest.

   • Thanks!
   • "Get excited" means that Dash's fire-rate increases for a short duration after using his active ability. I'll explain / re-word that in the mod.

The subtracting-ammo-to-generate-brilliance is much better than what I had before, thanks!

Yes, it's supposed to be free.

Updated! The shop is now much easier to use.

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To select an item in the most recent version, you must press space on the item you want to buy. That item and its price are then displayed on the top-left, and you can then buy it with E. Sorry if it's a bit confusing. I'll see if I can find a way to simplify it.

You may be buying the wrong item. Make sure you're using the most recent version of the mod; I've never run into that problem, but if it persists I can look into it.

Throne-butt decreases your current reload time by 50%, and weapon upgrades affect both weapons.


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Thanks for the feedback! In an upcoming update, ammo and chests will no longer spawn in singleplayer. As of now, buying ammo is just for co-op.