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Hier meine Übersetzung der Karten ins Englische:


1: Welcome to the “Aces in Space” variant “For the Wing Queen”

2: Going around the table clockwise, each player draws a card, reading it aloud and answering the question.

3: The other players can ask you questions or make suggestions, but no one can answer for you and you alone decide whether to take the suggestions on board.

4: If you or another player encounter a card you don’t want to be included in your game, you can use the X-Card at any time to remove that card without discussion. The player on whose turn this happens simply draws again.

5: You can also pass on your turn after drawing and reading a card. The card is then moved to the next player in line.

6: The card continues to move in this way until it is answered or removed by the X-Card.

7: The game ends when the card “The convoy is under attack by a rival gang!” is drawn. This card is answered by each player in turn.

8: The question cards always relate to you, but sometimes also to another person in the convoy or your gang. You can narrate additional characters at any time, but also try to include other player’s narratives in your own.

9: The game starts as you and your gang have accepted a contract to fly guard for a convoy of bigger ships.

10: Your gang is in dire straits. Credits are tight, contracts are rare, and your social media followers are complaining about bad content or even leaving.

11: The only one keeping the gang together is your Queen.

12: Each of you has received a lucrative offer from elsewhere, but this contract is supposed to bring you back together and back into business.

13: The convoy includes large and small transport ships, as well as your gang’s choppers.

14: Without you, the convoy is defenseless.

15: In an earlier attack, your Wing Queen has been hit. You were able to beat back the attackers in a glorious dogfight, but her chopper was destroyed.

16: You are without leadership. Will your brittle friendship hold? Will your gang emerge stronger than before, or will everything fall apart at the first sign of danger?

17: Before you start, tell the other players who you are, what role you play in the gang, and why you think you would be best suited to be the new Wing Queen.

18: Choose a player to draw the first question and start play.


 What resource is your gang lacking and how do you compensate / cope?

You have a useful resource or know where to find it, and you have told no one yet. What is it and do you tell the gang?

You have a personal item that means a lot to you. What is it and why do you hang on to it?

You have discovered signs of a looming danger. What is it?

You have discovered a gang bro’s dark secret. What is it?

You know for a fact that there is danger ahead. What it it, and do you keep it to yourself?

A bro from the gang has more likes / followers than you. Who is it, and why is it unfair?

You must decide between two possible routes. Why are the gang’s opinions split?

A bro from the gang saved your life in the past. Who is it? What happened? Are you grateful?

A bro from the gang is always picking fights with you. Who is it and why?

You have changed your opinion of a bro from the gang over time. Why?

Why did you refuse the first time you got a lucrative offer from another gang?

What did you do before you came to the gang? Or have you always been there?

What is your greatest weakness?

What is your greatest strength?

What is your convoy’s weak spot?

Which two people are in a relationship? Is the relationship toxic?

What secret of yours is known to another bro from the gang? Who knows it, and is this dangerous to you?

Whom do you mistrust and why?

Who do you think is your gang’s weakest link? Why?

Whom do you hold responsible for your Wing Queen being shot down?

Who from the gang is getting on your nerves? Why?

Who is the greatest danger to the convoy? Why?

Apart from you, who is most useful to the convoy?

Who is on the picture you have in your cockpit?

There is a conflict between two bros in the gang. Do you know why?

You believe that a bro from the gang is cheating (on) you. Who is it, and in what context are they doing this?

How are you keeping your followers engaged?

You owe a bro from the gang. Whom and why?

What did you do that gained you the most followers?

What did you do that lost you the most followers?

You have a huge dent in your chopper. Who of the others is, in your opinion, responsible?

There is something in the convoy or the gang that you want. What is it, and what are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

What do you fear?

You are not sleeping well lately. Why?

You would vouch for a bro from the gang, any time. Who is it and why?

How was the last meal with the gang? What was it?

You had the opportunity to join another gang. Why did you refuse?

You keep a dark secret from your past. Does it come to light now?

Has your attitude towards the hunt for likes and follows changed after the loss of your queen?

[Bro Question] What is the nature of your relationship to the bro to your left?

[Bro Question] What do you and the bro to your left fight about the most? Is it serious?

[Bro Question] How do you steal likes from the bro to your left and vice versa?

[Bro Question] You and the bro to your left both answer the question why the other is suited to be queen.

[Bro Question] What do you like most about the bro to your left? What do you like least? The bro to your left then answers the same questions about you.

[Gang Question] You are passing a settled asteroid. Together, describe what happens there

[Gang Question] Together, describe a high point for your gang.

[Gang Question] Together, describe the most spectacular dog fight you ever had.

[Gang Question] Together, answer the question who of you was in a relationship with your queen and how it ended.

[Gang Question] Together, describe the incident that most brought your gang together.

A bro from the gang is endangering you all. Who is it and what do they do?

Two bros from the gang were having an affair. Do you know why they split up?

You did your gang a valuable service. What was it?

Who from the gang saved your life and why?

Who is flying the gang’s best chopper?

There is a conflict between two bros from the gang. Do you know what it is about?

Who from the gang would rather not have you here? Why?

When did you realize you were in love with a bro from the gang? Why are you keeping it to yourself?

[Ask Someone Else] Why does my presence bother you?

[Ask Someone Else] What do you especially like about me?

[Ask Someone Else] Why do you disregard my suggestions?

[Ask Someone Else] Why do you think me reckless?

[Ask Someone Else] How did I piss you off the most, and why did you forgive me?

How do you show the others that you are still irreplaceable to the gang?

Who from the gang doubts your loyalty the most and how do you react?

You are under attack. Whom do you help first?

What are you hiding in your cockpit? Why do you keep it hidden?

[Final Card] The convoy is under attack by a rival gang! It is the gang that made you the best offer. Do you help the convoy or your “new” friends? How?

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