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I'm not sure what's up, I bought the pack years back, but now when I try to download it, instead of downloading the asset pack as folders and pictures, I get a unity WebGL document that opens to a blank grey square.

I'd pay for a template version with no hair or clothes.

Oh, cool. I love your work so far.

I'm confused, did you change this from an update to a separate pack? I had the updates for a few days, even started working with them, and now I don't?

These sprites are adorable and such a nice addition. Thank you.


I didn't have a specific "other" format in min, but I'll find a way to get it to tff. This tool is still sweet.

Is it possible to export a .ttf or similar from this?

I'm not using this for the intended purpose. I keep using it on people's faces. $4.49 well spent. 5/5

I'm not using this for the intended purpose. I keep using it on people's faces. $4.49 well spent. 5/5


I  look forward to it.

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I've waited eons for your appearance, Mastercoldrice. I found your gameboy-styled tiles a year or two ago and they helped me greatly. These ones are wonderful as well. Have a money!

EDIT: These are the same tiles I found. That's cool, though, now I have license to use them!


Oh. Okay.

Are you selling this to be used in whoever buys its games? If you want to sell this as a regular product, put it in "Soundtracks", the Assets section is for pieces to build games.

Well, you're just awesome, then! Thanks for your responsiveness and efforts in all of this!

It unpacks properly now, but Is "prettyloop" suppose to have that blast of static at the end?

Otherwise, very solid stuff! I love the sfx!

I keep getting an error that says "Unsupported Compression Method" when I try to unzip it. I WANT YOUR SOUNDS, BRIAN!


It's still just the frog, bat, ghost, and skeleton. Was this supposed to add the slime, lizard, and eyeball enemies? (I still love this pack, long time fan of your stuff on OGA)

It's all good, you still have a very cool piece of software here.

It is also having issues loading up languages from previous sessions.

Typing "ctrl + V" for me resulted in the input "^V" showing up in the console and did not paste the text.

Can you add the ability to paste in text copied to the clipboard?

Awesome. I can't wait to dig in!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't voxels cubic on a 3d plane? Are these tiles set to change automatically upon some sort of change of camera angle or is this just a 2d pixel art tileset?

The processes kept running after the app was killed and caused a 30 degrees F spike in CPU Temp. You're not mining bitcoins, are you? :P This could be really cool if it was optimized to use less processing power and stop correctly when ended. I also found it easy to replace the fish sprite with my own animation.

No, thank you for all your hard work here!

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Any way you could include an image in each color set that has a palette grid for easier color selection? Pretty please? I love your pack so much.

So pretty

What does it do?

No, seriously. I checked the new stuff and the moment I saw this was yours, I paypal'ed soooo hard.

I knew waiting would pay off. So good to see you back, Lucky!

Its .PNG

Excellent work. Good to see you here as well as OGA.

Error Ware 2: Demo
A hectic onslaught of offbeat microgames hosted by cute characters, Error Ware 2's demo's definitely got some charm. The microgames are weird and fun, using mouse and keyboard controls to complete odd, sometimes hilarious tasks within a 2 to 5 second period of time to help the host accomplish their mission. The host of the demo's Galaxy Groove level, Gaylien the alien, needs to party and you are their protege, helping them turn a crashed spaceship into a hot, German dance club. If the trend of offbeat characters and hilarious microgames continues, Error Ware 2 has the potential to be the PC's best answer to similar games available on consoles and handhelds. As far as I played (about three times through full rounds until I either died or won) I did not encounter any bugs, so good on the developers there. Overall I'd say 8.65/10, small deduction for Gaylien and their crew looking a little "photoshoppy", but I'm definitely telling my friends and I'm gonna play again.

Gameplay: Fun, Accessible, Hectic, Concept: Casual, Rapidfire Minigame Anthology
Art: Fits the game's tone, and the microgame assets are great, but could look less "photoshoppy" in the Host's cutscenes and multiplayer screens if they cleaned up some lines. Not bad at all, though.
Entertainment Value: High, Potentially addictive in its full form.
Features: "1 controller" Multiplayer, Many, Many, Minigames, funny situations and complete control from a mouse and keyboard.

Sorry, I am still interested, things have just been busy on my end with work, the US presidential election, and my personal projects. I did get a chance to play your demo and will post my review tomorrow. I'll go ahead and email you now.

Wow, Thank you! I will shoot you an email in just a bit and once I go through the pack, I'll post everywhere I know to (twitter, OGA, here, mostly) about it! Do you have any particular preference to anywhere else I should post a review?

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My bank still won't allow the transaction because the receiver still requests euros with no conversion option. If you have a way to accept a paypal payment on another platform other than paypal, I can do it, but otherwise, unless the transaction is in USD, my hands are unfortunately tied. I'm very interested in your pack, still.