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Fun game.

The game is fun. The gameplay is quite repetitive, and the game itself is not very memorable, but I had a good time playing it.

The level design was good, but on most of the levels the edges of the screen are cut off on lower resolutions, so I could not see the cube or endpoint.

Amazing game. The sound, idea, and graphics are all quite good. The jumping feels a little heavy, but that does not detract from the amazing design.

Great game, I really love it.

The rewind and shooting mechanics did not mesh well together, and the level design was not too interesting. However, it is still an enjoyable experience, and an overall good game.

Thanks, I really appreciate it. This is my first game, and my first game jam so kind words like yours is exactly what I wanted to classify this as a succes. Again, thanks, and I'll be sure to check your game out.