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60-100 sounds good.

Tying the FOV to in game actions would greatly increase game feel I think,
So for example when you pull the bow back it zooms in slightly, when you run around it zooms out to emphasise the speed, maybe even push the camera in the direction of movement if you're strafing without aiming.
All tricks to make the player character feel real and physical without really changing gameplay much.

Aside from general polish and game feel, the biggest change I'd make would be to increase the FOV, if not adding it as a setting.

Both winrar and 7-zip say the archive is damadged

Least demonic printer

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This is what I'd imagine would hapen if you told a sex-repulsed ai to make a porn game

Very nice but the servers seem to be dead rn

Very cute game

I wonder if he actually died, he was already undead and working to right the wrongs he committed so maybe he can't die until he does

Very nice mechanics, definitely something to keep an eye out for

I rate this cow/boy

This is the single most adorable thing I've played this month

I don't know if it's on my end or what but the game is unplayable because the cursor gets stuck on the edges of the screen


Nuked a dog, then nuked their family


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While the control changes for the crow are nice, the initial speed boost especially, I still think the momentum isn't being handled correctly; The map is filled with high pillars and ledges that make for some very scenic views (draw distance not withstanding) and soaring over everything would be a nice extra reward for completing a tricky parkour section but after a few seconds in the air you just stop moving forward and slowly glide down like a minecraft chicken and it just feels wrong? Like that's not how birds are supposed to work?
Now, I am neither bird expert nor game designer but from what I understand about birds the wings make them glide but it's the flappage of the wings that makes them go up, so maybe repurpose the jump key when in crow form and have the player manually flap the wings, like, have it so that when the key is pressed the wings are out stretched and when it's not they're closer to the body; I think it might work but then again my brain is only half-working at the best of times

very fun!

How do you unlock the other endings? 

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Translation: Execution of the code couldn't continue because XAPOFX1_5.dll wasn't fount. To resolve the problem try reinstalling the program

Translation: Execution of the code couldn't continue  because X3DAudio1_7.dll wasn't fount. To resolve the problem try reinstalling the program

It screams about directx when I try and run it, I am 100% on the latest version

Very cool effects! I did find a collision bug, if you nod aggressively while walking you can phase through stuff, including the barrier that keeps you on the island

So is there any gameplay other than "drawing" cuts?

Cool game, that ending was uncalled for though 

you can turn on the fire suppression system if you disable all the others and the green radioactive stuff goes away

Les goooo

Remember, your own wellbeing and satisfaction with yourself is infinitely more important than anything else, we're just randos online, we'll live whether or not you put anything out so don't force yourself to do something you're not comfortable with

Nice, but I feel the sprinting is unnecessary for something trying to call back the retro shooter style, also making the placeholder texture a bit higher contrast might help with orientation because I have no idea of where I'm going when sprinting in a small room

10/10 there's a little something for everyone

Simple cathartic fun

What a charming experience

This is definitely 


Most games on are anywhere from amateurish to good; This? - This is downright amazing, other than a few bugs and physics fuckups it perfectly achieves what it sets out to do.
If you like stupid fun this is definitely up your alley, if you don't then it's still worth a try as it's free for now.

This was actually pretty fun!

Files are stored in the game folder methinks, on my phone they're in Internal storage > Android > data > io.itch.rookfluffy > files > saves however I'm fairly sure that if a scene changed the save file will not be compatible, I suggest you just get a fresh install and check Skip unseen text in the options so that you only get stopped on choices

On PC you can hold an answer and it'll glow red if it's wrong

Vewy nice

Q heals you?!

Cute and entertaining, can't ask for more

well aren't they just adorable

I can't wrap my head around the combat

Most attacks are for 1 on 1 duels but the 'mons I fight have no sportsmanship and will gang up on me when I'm already in a fight someone else, I figured "oh this is Pokémon I need to get some new moves and then I'll be able piledrive these fucks into the ground" but all the moves you can buy are so ludicrously expensive that I'd have to grind myself blind to ever hope to buy them;

Am I missing something or do I just need to git gud?