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If you're on windows you can search for run and enter "msinfo32" without quotation marks of course

Oh ok!

Nice game by the way, realy like how the MC looks in all the iterations i'm quite interested in any future releases.

Clicks tongue


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A nice little experience, I like the graphics a lot and movement feels surprisingly good and responsive, I did encounter a hiccup at the start of the second stage, just when the spider is introduced tho, as moving offscreen results in a game over screen.

Hope you well!

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This is perhaps one of the best visual novels I've played yet, it manages to do something that seems simple but is actually very hard, it made me give a toss about the characters.

It is very charming, with exquisite sprites and personality and, while it does sacrifice freedom in exchange for a better story I wholeheartedly accept that.

On the "gameplay" side of things, there are some technical issues that, while I'm sure can be attributed to the game still being in development, I will list off anyways. [I played on a samsung galaxy a8 by the way, that might change things.]:

  • The most annoying bug I encountered relatively often was that the text would go off the bottom of my screen for the last phase, which wouldn't be a problem as the game does offer a log of all read dialogue if it wasn't for the fact that:
  • The history tab smooshes text on itself, rendering it unreadable;
  • The game tab would occasionally uncenter itself, I assume this has to do with my device's aspect ratio.

Other than that it's a great experience as long as you like reading


and big wolf daddies


and fun

I've finished the demo [I think], and I've got some things to mention, sorry if you answered them somewhere else:

  • I've been getting a screen tearing like effect on the game, Is it intentional?
  • The character and shadows bug out at times, sliding by one pixel to the side and slingshotting back;
  • Movement feels odd at times, like you're moving on ice;

Also I'd like to know how much will the game cost when completed.

Have a good day and don't overwork yourself ya goof :)

My peepee approves and so do I


Tho I do have a question.

Where do you store the images? 

I searched the whole bunch of folders and they all seem to be unused things, I assume the default assets.

Anyways, realy enjoyed my time!

Meh, remove the limit of distance in witch you can place things and I'll like it

Please upload the poems as images! I tried to find them in the games files but there are no .png or .bmp files.

It's a nice demo, but I have some critics:

  • using the arrow keys to move, but having to press space bar to jump is unconformable, I would at least change from arrow keys to wasd.
  • the 'uncharged' jump you get from tapping instead of holding the space bar is WAY to small.
  • the walking speed is not in-sync with the walk animation, this is more of a visual thing that annoyed me, but i wanted to point that out.
  • the movement feels sloppy, almost like moving on ice.
  • the characters talk very slowly, it would be appreciated if there was a speed slider, or a way to skip the dialogue animation, by for example double-tapping the up arrow key.

apart from that the game-play feels nice, the story is a bit to common, and the start felt like a 16-bit destiny remake, but all things considered it's a realy nice idea.

-Random Deslime

ok, take care!

I don't want to put any pressure on you, but do you already have a deadline for the new game?


Still love your games


First time making a game on rpgmaker, creates a  fandom.


First time making a game on rpgmaker, overwhelmed by interface, never did anything.


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Nami, I have a question about 'delicacy'.

Just How NSFW-ish is it?

ok. :)

Just to know, How did you make the toffee ending activate only if you finish syrup and the ultimate sweet?


thanks. :)

I have a couple questions the game development:

1.  What do you use for making the world? I think is RPG maker, but i'm not too sure.

2. How long does it take to make one of this games?

                                                        FREAKING LOVE YOUR GAMES, SO KEEP GOING