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Really neat idea, but it's a bit too difficult to control, the shooter doesn't move fast enough to get into position for shooting the car in the right direction, but I love the aesthetics of it all!  Some balancing and this would be wonderful!  Fantastic job and can't wait to see what else you will make!

Really cool game, nice music, elegant visuals.  It was a bit difficult to control though, I couldn't tell when the cursor was gonna jump.  Very nice, quirky little game though!  Great job and can't wait to see what more you are gonna do!

A very zen game, but my comments will echo a lot of everyone else's I'm afraid, I couldn't really tell my movement without a more complex background.  Also I was unsure how the scoring worked, I ran into a several gems(?) and occasionally I would get points and occasionally I wouldn't.  I never saw any enemies after flying around for quite a while. A really relaxing experience would be cool to see this fleshed out a bit more. 

Gorgeous game!  Fantastic work with the fire and the 3D environments. My only complaint is that there isn't much to his "attack" it's really just spamming as hard as you can and kiting them into it, which wouldn't be a problem, but the small play area in the fights with the invisible barriers make it hard to tell where you can move resulting in getting cornered often.  Maybe if you dropped them directly behind you instead of summoning them at random locations above you it would be more fair, but other than that, it was a fantastically enjoyable experience. Well done!

Great game!  Really fun puzzle game, the only problems I had with it were that it was sort of difficult to judge when the knight would jump and when he would decide to just walk off into the lava and that moving blocks around was a little bit of a grind with the arrow keys, would have benefited from mouse controls in that regard. But you did an amazing job!  Wonderful work, definitely feels like a fully polished finished game! 

It's certainly a space shooter without shooting. It's an interesting concept, but needs to be developed a bit, all you can do is avoid stuff without much to see but stars and UFOs.  When you remove a mechanic, you make other mechanics work around it's lack of a core, without it, you are sort of left with a hole. The music is fantastic though!  Wonderful work for your first jam!  Can't wait to see what you do next!~

Some of the "flippers" like the gun were pretty unable to control and all you can do is watch the ball fall, while others like the wings would make it too easy.  1 ball isn't enough, needs like 3 lives before game over.  It was a very solid game otherwise, and a bit more polish to some of the controls and the graphics and you would have a funny fast paced game.  Great job!

Really good game, the graphics could have used a bit more polish, and the game play gets a bit repetitive once you figure out how to swing your collective mass of missiles and rocks around, which felt more like a space sword battle more than anything, but over all really nice game!  

Wonderful game! It does get rather difficult rather fast, but I think you have a solid game here.  I know it's not the case here, but a lot of the times, some of the movements feel luck based, It's a little hard to tell the exact power of your repel and retract powers. That said, you did an amazing job!  Well done!

Fantastic suggestion! We will add one in a future update! Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks so much for playing and your feedback! Glad you like the art style and the gameplay! I’ll definitely use what you pointed out there moving forward. Thanks again!

Interesting concept, would be interested in seeing it more fleshed out into something more.

I've been playing for a few days, building a tower, higher and higher and higher.

I'm at 71 stories tall so far and it doesn't seem to be anything stopping me from building even higher, aside from taking forever to bring supplies up to the top. Is there a build limit at all?

Some visible effect damage to raft components would be nice, be able to see how damaged a part is without having to hold a hammer set to repair on it.

Also something to keep the shark at bay for longer would be nice.

Some music and more sound effects would be nice too.

Also, if we are gonna make the place feel more like home, how about some furniture. It won't do anything, just be decorative.

Oh! And being able to pick up or destroy things and get some (not all) resources back.