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Thanks.  This is good to hear.  We have been aiming our projects to support 32-bit systems with GLES2.  Our hope is to have things running nicely on the oldest drivers and hardware possible.

Sounds like you had quite the experience.  We're very happy to hear it had such an impact, and thanks for this feedback.

Great suggestion for the pits.  The pits have been fixed, and the changes will  be in the patch we're doing after the jam has ended.

It’s good to hear it’s stable.  Were you having issues with the multi-jump powerup?

Level 2 was quite a bump in difficulty.  We managed it though, but got stuck in level 3.

A very well crafted puzzle game.  Had a good time with it.  Lovers prevailed until level 19.

Great stuff.  Our favorite so far.  :D  Music, visuals, and game player were all great.  Left us wanting more.

Interesting world and challenging puzzles to solve.  It was entertaining.  Managed to complete it, and wondering if that last stage's green switch was a red herring.  Good job. :D

A cool concept, it was fun in itself to see how big the character could get.  :D

Really creative idea and perfect for the theme.  We enjoyed it quite a bit, but we weren't skilled enough to get too far.  XD

Works great on Android.  A fun and challenging little spyder game.  :D

We had fun, it's a nice platformer. The running and leaping mechanics are very interesting, and the game also has a good atmosphere.  :D

Wow! Got us beat XD

Interesting and clever! You did a really good job matching the puzzles to the mechanic. Nicely done on the theme interpretation as well! :D

Interesting idea and mechanics.  Curious where it would've gone with more time.  :)

Nice little game to relax with. The graphics are really well done. :)

(1 edit)

Amusing idea.  The art and presentation of it was very good.  :D

A nice little tower defense game.   We played it to the end, and feel the only thing missing is a victory screen.  :D

We really liked the mood of this one.  The lunging attack mechanic was also well executed and quite fun.

Thanks so much.  A small game with this theme was a great opportunity to experiment with wild jump ideas.  I'm glad it came together.  XD


Nice! And congratulations! We're glad you liked it :D

Thank you! Our artist is very pleased to hear that. :D

Adding a sound effect for that is a good idea too. We'll see if we can find one that fits!

Thank you! I'm a little curious what kind of controller were you using? The game should be easier with the 360 aiming if you have analog sticks.

Thanks again for playing and making this video! :D

Wow that was one a intense run! xD I was so glad you made it to the end!

Thanks a bunch for your kind words, and for making this video! :D 

Thanks for the gameplay feedback. X)

I can certainly rebalance it, though it is a necessary mechanic.  At his cruising speed the fish can never catch you if you move around him.

We will be making another build towards the end of the month, I'll try tuning this one down.

-Jared @Avencherus

THANK YOU!!! Glad you liked it! :D

Thanks for this feedback.  That is very good to hear.   X)

I recall there are a few bugs that had to be left behind in this project, but they do appear only rarely.

Thanks for sharing the specs too.  It can be hard to know how these builds are running on Linux generally across the distros.

We are steadily working away at it, and thankfully frameworks like Godot exist.

~Jared @Avencherus

Thank you for making the nice video! We're glad you liked the game! :D

Nice! Thank you for playing and making the video! :D

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it so far.  XD  It will take some time, but a game will certainly appear.  Along the way we hope to have some partial releases for alpha/beta testing.

Thanks, we're glad you liked it.  We're steadily and quietly working away on an improved version.

Thanks so much for the kind review.  The video made me smile.  X)  Sorry about these rough edges we didn't have a chance to sand down.  When I see someone's experience get cut short like in your video, I'm always very tempted to go back and fix them.   Though I know that everyone who enjoyed this prototype will likely appreciate the new version we're focused on completing.  

-Jared @Avencherus

Glad you enjoyed it, and sorry to hear about the controller issues.  Thanks for letting us know.

Unfortunately, this is only a gameplay prototype, and all our spare time is being invested on working on a full version.  I definitely would like to know more about the problem,  so at least it can be hammered out going forward if it still exists.  Maybe if it appears in the latest code and is similar enough, I can back port the fixes.

Is there a good place I can reach you?

-Jared @Avencherus

Now that was a video full of energy! :D Thank you for playing!

We're glad to tell you the crashes at 3:43 and 5:05 have been fixed in the current version (1.8). They were caused by firing the grenade at close range.

Thank you very much! Glad you like the graphics! :D

Could you share with us your OS? So we can look into this problem.

Very glad to hear it! Thank you! :D

Thanks again! Your help is much appreciated!

Aw man! Sorry about the crash. Could you tell us which operating system you're using?

Thanks for playing and making this video! Very nice! :D

Thank you! And thanks for playing and sharing! :D You're exactly right about it being Contra inspired. Glad you like it so far!