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hi i'm Interested this is my discord kisk#2933

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how the judging works.

thank you :D

new record

as the title say.

Do I Need To Be a beginner To Join The Jam.

Pro Gamer.


awwwww so cute

Gj Love The Mood 

sorry to hear that,my game can't be complete it after you reach level 5

So Cool

Love It :)

fking playtesting ):

xD i was talking to the guy above you

much appreciated

hey, i'm struggling to understand the them because of my English, so could someone please explain the theme to me(like how to use it on a sentence) thank you in advance

also here Vimlark Youtube channel

Aww that's adorable

it's almost the same tho 


you are welcome 

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the download link in the press kit page does not work (the link to download media files) 

press kit link : 

(pardon my English ):

does anyone notice that this jam is not featured on itch!?.

community and 3D

yoo godot better than unity, btw i'm unity user

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how you can't see,it's 2 colors not one go google 1 bit games

simply use 2 colors like black and white red and yellow, also no colors in between  just stick to two colors hope you get it now.

totally understandable sorry for the complains ):


you probably need to update the game and add a restart button cause it's annoying refreshing the web page everytime i die,Overall it's really neat concept i loved the randomness and the feel of nostalgia i really recommend trying it.

really great job guys i really like how the levels designed it make me feel the nostalgia of the game boy love it.

very addictive game gj guys

yoo what's wrong with unity i'm pretty sure you know nothing about game engines