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reminds me of CS GO  training


he meant what country the dollar they mentioned is coming from(us dollar, canadian dollar...etc)


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does it contain an auto tiling feature?

Fuckin Love It!!, 5/5.

لعبة مليحة تستاهل التجربة خاصة اذا كنت تحب تتابع الشيكور تاع الجايمينق في دزاير.

very nice, I bought an asset you made instead of the game 😂😂


So cute, I'm definitely going to use this at some point, well done bro.

Beautiful art, I just purchased this and I'm planning to recreate my first ever game with this.

I have a game project that suit this game jam perfectly,but it needs some changes and retouches so it fit the theme

Right after the rating period

thank you for the support my brother❤️❤️.

thank you

glad you like it 🙂

thanks for your kindness😊

thank you ☺️

thnx 😊

Glad you like it ☺️

Happy you liked

thank you dude.

Really Appreciate your feedback

xD, thank you Very much.

6wrni Game Jam 3 community · Created a new topic طلب

سلام عليكم, عندي طلب بسيط و هو هل ممكن تاجيل المسابقة الى تاريخ 24 سبتمبر بدلا من 19 سبتمبر وشكرا.

it is very chaotic indeed, very well done graphics and music(for a game jam), great job buddy.

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sure, here is my game, i played and rated yours.

a decent game for a game jam, maybe more balance and polish will do wonders.

hey there, here is my game, I played and rated yours.

very simple and unique gameplay I really enjoyed it, well done.