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fun simple game i mostly like the simplicity and the art style,i don't now how it fits the theme but gg i gave it 4 stars.

happy you like it

thank you for playing my game, yeah i notice that after i uploaded the game that the sound are too loud soory for that,i can't update the game unless after the vote ends.

thanks for testing the game, soory for that it's not intended it should damage you  the game made in like 20 hours and i barely test it, soo you will face some bugs.

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this game is too short soory for that it's becuz i don't have mush of free time during the jam and i barely tested the game so you will face some dumb shit

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nice cute game if there was more variety of things and quests it would be awesome and also i liked the music it realy fits with the art style but much appreciate for you :D

what you think this theme fit any game genre and if you have some ideas pleas share it with us.

What you mean you don't know how to open file can you please explain more about the issue

Thank you for playing my game hope you like it

nice game i loughing from the first attempt hahaha