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Aw, thanks! I plan on expanding the idea in the following weeks, so will do! :)

Thanks for the feedback! :)

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Sorry, new to itch. Just uploaded a rar. Thanks for checking out the game!

That was amazing! So short but it really got a laugh out of me and felt very fresh. :)

I'm getting the same issue. :(

This thing is insane! Played a little bit  and it's incredible. The gameplay is tight and fun like any good shmup but the aesthetic is out of this world. That centipede thing blew my mind. A lot of little details remind me of Evangelion, which is probably what you were going for. Great demo.

Best of luck with development!

I got up to level 8 and the game is pretty clever. I really like the moments where I have  to make a mid-air jump, switch layouts, and land on something else. VERY satisfying!

Have you considered limiting the player's movement to 4 directions instead of 8? Pressing two buttons at the same time makes the character move little bit extra in one of those directions when you release, so it feel a bit unpredictable. I feel like limiting movement would help. Either way, it feels a bit off to move. Great game though, I really like it so far!