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Translations are had to put in for making games. When chapter 2 comes I promise you there will be different languages in the game

Possible in 2023 early

We just actually fixed the performance after you said this. Thank you for the Support!

its for spooks.

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Don't Forget about the secret ending too. also being a game designer yourself, I was wonder if you wanted to help with some future projects with me and omogonix?

It was fun helping Lachlan Remake a legendary indie game. Shrek is love, Shrek is life - 2013

Have to say good mate, when I pressed (NO) You made me jump lol, Good one and a great little game!

I love the art design on the walls and basement. I actually made 4 games on this website and making a new project now. If you want to see what my team are making let me know if you want to join. Great little Game.

Discord Kirley#6852 

Hey MoustacheBannana, I had a look at your siren head game and i have to admit,I love the style and atmosphere of the game. if you want to get in contact with other games we can talk about in future, I can help you with and also if you want to help with a project me and my team are working on too. Ill let you think about it 

Discord: CurlyDemon#6852

Hey Jimmy. You might remember me as the creator of Jimbob's park of mischief"

I was wondering if you wanted to help with a project, me and the team are working on. and yes I could use a expert programmer like you mate 

hope to talk about it anytime man 

KirleyGames | contact on Discord Kirley#6852

next one we are working on right will be About SCP ;)

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this is a creepy pasta game but a different plot. Here is a teaser for u to see:

if you want to join us and help here is my discord to contact: KirleyGames#6852

Leoshock, hi, im Kirleygames. me and my team are working on a squidward game too. if u want to know more reeply soon as u can.

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Your feedback was great, and will work on the  full game for some differences, we are going to change the levels and AI enemy’s completely different. We’re just working on a different little project atm but after it will start with JimBob’s again

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we maybe planning to remake the game. Different levels and mechanics. but hey, thanks for your feed back. we are working on a different game atm. if you want to see the teaser link is here:

The name was rehanged to a more horror look and a new basic scary design. Hope you all like it! 

The Game is going to be renamed by Amarok Dreams so it would be cool if you changed the name of the video

The Game is going to be renamed by Amarok Dreams so it would be cool if you changed the name of the video

The Game is going to be renamed by Amarok Dreams so it would be cool if you changed the name of the video

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hey man, I'm a game developer myself. This game was pretty good i really liked it! it was hard to figure out what to do at the start. If you want  to check out my latest game click right here:

Yeah I know, we have lots of work to do and so many ideas. thank you for the feedback and there will be big updates to the game!

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I saw the gameplay. Great job on beating it, yes it is a bit challenging but it’s how MaXoMeR Games wanted it so I’m glad you liked it! 


Until next time ;)

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Their maybe some tiny bugs in the game changing the settings quality. That's about it. We will continue working on the full game and show the release until next time ;)