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game is cool and simple looking forward to see more!


this is game tell me what you think

hey i am working on a cool game can you play ?

i am indian

good game but difficult to play:(



I played it and i just wanna say Amazing! The Story of boy is so cool and i also love it thanks graffiti games for this amazing experience!

DO I have to use jams theme in my game or it is optional!

Thanks for your appreciation bro! I hope you will get  you wishes fulfill!

hi there !

i just want you to try my submissions too noone is checking my games i want my games to be rated too...


Thnaks for comment I will fix it Soon!

Thanks I will try to fix them in future and thanks for your suggestion i will remember it always!

:) thanks for helping me

Hello there ! I am working on a game called as mirror and the idea of  game is very simple.Game map is done and i am working on actors and objects.Its a RPG game and I am solo devloper working on it.I just want few suggestions if you feel free to give!

sorry for any inconvience you can watch wastedwork youtubes video he played my game your all doubts will be cleared! Thanks for comment!:)

ok i will fix it don't worry!thanks for comment!

I thinks it is better if it have more keys to operate cuz i can't do jump  onto the other platform.

Nice Game! I tried somethings different!

Nice game! But i can't be able to  play after 4 levels! Art is quite good and music also fits it and character movements are smooth to:)

Thanks Bro! For playing it!

ok I will fix it ! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing it:)

Thanks for playing it!



thanks for playing it! I enjoyed the video you got a sub bro!

Thank you for your comment ! I will fix it!


thanks for including my game in your video!

try this please:)

try this please:)

try this please:)

try this please:)

Thanks for playing yo too:)

my highscore 10 :)

check mine please!

thanks for commenting!

wait for few seconds and give it a try you all will love it!

nice game :D

Thanks for playing! This was my first game jam which completed successfully !

Glad to know about your experience!

Please try it once in a life!

nice idea! you are too good man!

sorry for inconvience caused i will fixed them!