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Great idea. that was fun.
Maybe make it more challenging, i only ran out of cooper line once, i barely experienced or noticed the limitation inthe puzzles
ps: the camera sensibility was maybe too high.

nice game.
there was a red enemy stuck on the wall on the second floor / left side.
the door was locked and i could not get out.

i like the game, well done.
However, i didnt really understand why i sometimes kept loosing after rewind. Trampoline didnt seem to work too.

I like the idea.
That was actually sequence of RNG, i was trying the same move over and over and kept dying.
well done

nice art.
rewind is so satisfying.
on remark to add: maybe to keep the player's momentum in mid-air after replay.

Nice game,
Good art. Camera movement was a bit off imo. Falling downward is frustrating, as i cant see what beneath.

well done. that was a Fun game.

Thank you for your feedback. there is definitely the presentation part i should work on deeper for the next game. It always great to receive such feedbacka. 

For the Tetris. Destroying lines that conyains the small black blocks will unlock the equivalent part in the top right shape. Each black block is actually placed in (non clear) 3x3  grid in the tetris block, which again fits dor the top right shape.

After collecting all the parts. You play the 2nd part with the built shape in the Conway Game of Life (simulation game) . the Player Shape is actually a  (non animated) Glidder pattern. The entire grid interact in between grid content and with bullets you fire, and Changes according to Conways rules. So it is not obvious a bullet would destroy the Cell. It will however change their behaviour following the Rules. 

Movement was a bit difficult. Maybe due building momentum/force instead of Constant Velocity.

nice game overall, well done.

I enjoyed playing the game.  That's very well done.  The art stile is satisfying too.

I though the hint were ASCII code at first. but then started seeing some pattern.

Great game.

Thank you for taking the time to play it

i d like to give it a try asap

Thank you my friend, Yes, there are few bugs on the second level., wall and invisible blocks.  And Getting the simulation done with less computation power was challenging. It was even framedropping at first.
Thanks for the feed.

I am not gonna, i haven't read the first part. I have trouble reading dialog and starts pressing all buttons for skip. I like the game style. that reminds me of the old days RPG. So fun to play. And the art Style is amazing. very well done.

Lovely game. This gamestyle is to play for hours and still have fun. The art style is also great. well done

Great game, simple and lovely.

The central memory is Deja Vu from portal. I enjoyed it even more. 

The gun recoil however is a bit much.

Thank you very much for your kind words.

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Thanks!, and Definitely, there are lot of things to improve, including the presentation of the gameplay. ll take note for the next experience

Cool game. that was fun. well done.

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Much better now. I like it. Got it on the 2nd try :p

On the part QTE-handlebar. Maybe you guys can work on the color of the interaction parts. ( sides ). light blue was not noticeable at first sight. (i mean, with timelimit it's frustrating :p )

I think there was fog along the hill. So i guess im missing the item that unlocks the hill path

Man i like the art style, animations are so smooth, so niiiiice.

Nice use of the limitation making the same level playable more than once in a different way. 

Death penalty however.  hehe :(.  had to replay with ghost .

nice game, well done.

The jumping felt like the dog is floating. and in the 2nd section, how about you add a small light on the character itself. to see both in direction with flash light and some details of the dog.

the gameplay is nice, but it s a bit harder, goblin HP is way too much and deals much damage that restoration, a tweak in numbers can fix that.
Keep up the good work

I could not get a single photograph point. did i missed something ?
Otherwise, the movement is smooth, nice gameplay. well done

The game took an unexpected turn. So much relieved by the end. 

And i have a DATE with a lovely ...ghost. 

Amazing art and effects. well done

Man the pixel art is so great, the cards are amazing. very nicely done. the turn-based genre was so satisfying too. 

Nicely done. brilliant.

I like the art style, and enjoyed the game. However, someplace you get stuck and just wait for you death lol. So frustrating.

nicely done

For the concept itself, that was welldone.
Since it was Q&A You can add a score at the end or something or define personality or characteristic of the player according to his choices. Keep up the good work

other suggestion were made in other comments ( grid base + move the red block more than once )

Nice game, and lovely music.

You can spice up the puzzle, that would make better levels.

The level is so nicely done. (i had framedrops but) it was great. The details and grass reaction and even the trail . the gfx blur. that was awesome.

Just consider HQ + 900mo is quite big, not everyone can test out your game like that. give a chance to players to try it out. Make a compromise of performance and quality.

Keep up the good work.

Nice game, lovely music.

The camera switching upon going to portal gives a sudden unpleasant movement. And portals appears to teleport you on top, which create a loops, makes it harder to land where you want.

i like the control mechanic, that was fun.
However, i didnt know what to do much . How to open doors

lol i fell between two pipes and i was stuck there. Cant jump back.

well done, nicegame.

So satisfying to play. 

Maybe you can add sound effect on shooting too. to make it more lively

That makes sense.

Thankyou ~ ill check that