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Really fun game! Honestly I haven't understood the game until I was editing the video and it caught me so off guard. It changes the whole perspective when you know the end. I really liked it!

Not a bad game, but so much can be better! I feel like you started with the right foot, but then tripped and almost fell. You have something pretty good on your hands! I hope you can make it amazing! I made a full review on it by the end of the video, if you're interested it starts at 18:11.

That was surprisingly really good! I really liked it. The story was small and simple, but creepy, and those things at the window... loved it. Great game! 

For a 13yo you did an amazing job! The atmosphere was on point, the map was very claustrophobic, and the creatures are very scary. You just need to polish your storytelling and jumpscare timing, and you'll be great! Good Job!

Hey, I'm not sure if anyone else had this problem, but the good ending seems to be broken. After leaving the house, instead of telling me what happened, the text got stuck in "And so I answered it."

It would be nice to fix that, and also add some sort of mechanic to let us go to the end after finishing it to watch the other ending. Since is not nice to play again for 40 minutes something that you already seen, specially if nothing is going to change.

That is also other minor bugs, but they didn't break the game for me.
Add: A casa é tão brasileira q eu senti q tava na casa da minha avó xD Muito bem feita!

haha my bad xD

The game itself is very short, only elongated by how long you have to walk from point A to point B. But you get to shoot a skinwalker (I think it is), so props. Some things don't make much sense, still fun to play for a couple of minutes :)


That was pretty good! I found both endings (I think), and let me say: (SPOILER ALERT): The ending with the dogs statues was so good and unexpected! I really liked it! Nicely done. 

It was a good remake from the original short film from Michael Evans! I felt like the side story (going to the market) had more of a gameplay to it than the main one, so it was my favorite from the two. Nice job! 

Creepy game indeed.The old lady was the most creepy thing around. Just didn't like much the way the second ending happens, since is counter intuitive. Other than that the game is pretty good :)


I got the second ending when I didn't get the knife. By not getting the knife, the flowers won't be there when the body disappears, then finally there won't be any pills in your room. So I think is the knife...

The game is quite good, but I found the story a bit confusing. At the second ending I really didn't understand what just happened and who I was playing with anymore, or what happened to the main dude(James if I'm right). I really couldn't make any sense of it. But the game is still fun and a bit creepy.

I can't pass the clown of the first night! T.T Why is this game so difficult?! It's really cool though. Maybe one day I'll be able to see how it ends...

I made a whole review of your game around the minute 19:24. But in summary, it can get much better than what it is right now. You have a good skeleton for a game, but now it needs flesh and skin!

game #3

Pretty short, and creepy, but nothing more. There is no reason to be hated by the ghost. For some reason I still liked it. I have no idea why.

game #2

The only thing I felt was confusion. Honestly. I don;t even know what happened and why...

That was a funny little game! Well thought. Just think that the intro and the ending are a bit too long, but the rest was pretty great! xD

I'm just now learning that this game had more than one ending. So I will go back in there and get more, because I really liked it! Very creepy, and quite interesting. Now I'm feeling bad that I didn't dig this game as much as I should have. 

Definitely an improvement from the first one, but not quite there yet. I missed some proper ending on at least two endings. Previously when you die, the boss calls you anyway. This time he didn't. And when you "die by darkness", nothing happens. That was upsetting. I would also exchange the cheep jumpscares for a more environmental scares, like noises or footsteps before an actual jumpscare. Overall, you're doing better and better each time. I'll keep following your work :)


So a Dead Space, but Victorian Ship. Clever hahaha
Was too short to actually have an opinion on it. Maybe the monsters are just a bit too strong and difficult to deal with. There is no way you won't get hit.

I actually really liked a lot of things about this game. The ending 4/4 was really clever and my favorite, the system to achieve the other endings faster was great, and the characters were fun. I'm not a fan of the throwing system though, but that's all. The rest was really great! I hope to see more of Mr. Lupin and Susie in another game!

Really good for a 16 yo. You are on the right track, budy :) I think I was able to find 4 out of 5 endings, but can't figure out the last one. The game has some flaws and bugs, which is pretty normal. Is good that I was able to figure out the story before it was fully revealed, but don't know if I like the fact that only one of the endings actually tells you what happened. I think it all could be a bit more elaborated. Even though it has what we usually call a "cheap jumpscare" I still fell for it. Overall it was a pretty good job! Let's see what else you come up with, because you have talent =)

My heart fell of my chest a few times. The environment is very creepy, the idea is pretty good, but there are a few things to be said. I've seen that house before from another game. Is almost the same house. That took me out of it a bit. And the puppets voice is funny. xD I think overall is a really good game and I am super curious to see the final results. I just can't take the same house again. Good job so far and good luck moving forward! :)

I've been avoiding this game because I knew it was scary, and bro... it made me shake. That was terrifying! I loved it! This is the forth game I played from you, and I have to say, I liked all of them so far. You really know how to make good stuff. I can't wait for your next project!

That was really good! A bit confusing at the beginning, and the radio suddenly starting can make you lose a piece of the story. It would also be good to have a menu, where you can change settings like quality, fullscreen, etc.  Other than that, the story is interesting, PT style used quite well, and the game is fun and creepy =)


Not my type of game, but it was funny and quite fun to play. The only thing is the footsteps. It's too much and you can confuse your own steps with Mac steps. Other than that, I liked it xD

Good game, heavily inspired by amnesia! I miss a bit of story telling. It felt like most of the game was full of nothing. But the little story was quite interesting and the map was impressive. Good job so far :)

 I made a full review by the end of the gameplay. It starts at minute 24:25 :)

I quite liked it! Was able to find 3 out of X endings. If there was more, I failed to figure it out. But kinda want to go back into it eventually to find more. Great game!

It seems interesting, but it gives way to much in tips. I did a more detailed review as I finished playing it, but basically I feel like MC interaction is better as a tip than just changing objective. It can be well made and scary, but the gameplay style needs an update. You're in the right path :)

Review starts at 14:07 (if you want to see it.)

Started at something light, and then I got jumpscared by a dancing dog. 10/10 best dog game ever. xD But seriously, game doesn't take itself seriously which is great for what is delivered, the game is enjoyable and gets weird and creepy. Really liked it.

#1 out of 3

And back I got to it! xD Even better than the first. Well thought that we would try certain things again. Just a light funny horror game with a lot of improve from the previous one. Loved it!

game #3 of 3 :)

There is not much I'm more scared of than monsters that move when you're not looking. What a creepy dude. At the same time the game was light and funny because of the ducks. Not bad DEMO, curious to see how a fell game of it would be.

game #2 of 3

This game was great! So fun to play and funny endings. Very short and with multiple endings is sometimes a very interesting ride, and make something small replayable. I really like it!

Game #1 of 3

What an amazing game! It felt like a whole movie was going on and I was main character. The story was great, atmosphere was awesome and music amazing. The only thing I wished for was a save mechanic, since the game is quite big. The driving also felt a bit unnecessary. The rest though... phenomenal.

I was caught of guard on this one. The gameplay was pretty cool and she was very scary. I didn't catch up on what tale it was until the game told me, and then it clicked! I really liked it! 

That was really good! I liked the references to IT from Stephen King. Creepy and simple, the end caught me off guard haha, predictable but not at the same time. Great game!


When I saw this at first at the first page, I thought it was a rip off of another game, just to search my history and finding out that no, I just played it before a year ago. And I remembered it because I really enjoyed this game a lot! I thought it was very clever and creepy, with good scary moments and a creepy environment! I wouldn't call it a failed project. Call it a learning project! You're doing pretty good :)

Thank you too! So sweet ^^

I would love to do a voice acting, just let me know if you ever need it =D 

Your monster remained me of a brazilian ant called SMilinguido. It was funny. Couldn't find the second ending doesn't matter how much I tried! Overall cool simple game

game #3