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That was really good! Very scary, but also funny. A few things were "broken", but nothing that ruins the gameplay. Just wished for an end where I could actually escape, but overall, great job! 

It was pretty good! The jumpscares were well place, and it did got me every time. But that was about it. I missed some story, even a little note about why I'm there and who is the tall lady. And after I got lost, the game lost a lot on atmosphere. So, it was pretty good, but it has enormous potential to be great! Keep going, my dude!


This is basically a masterpiece with wonky controllers. If you completely ignore that controllers being weird, this is a 11/10 game. It is scary, tense, great atmosphere, unsettling and have a very good plot twist. I love this game with all my heart now.


I found this game on steam a while back and played it. This is a gem! The girl character is just... something. The way she sees her powers and stuff... I don't want to spoil the experience, but if you have around 40 minutes of your day, play it. I can't wait for the full game.

Simple concept, but well done in general. The start and the end game are great, but I did miss something in the middle. As if I needed a bit more story? I really liked it though! Good Job, developer =)

Great. Now I am sad! Great game, really cool story, I got stuck because I didn't know a certain control, but I figured it out... so my fault. I loved this game a lot! Congrats, developer. You deserve a lot!

I wasn't expected it to be as good as it was! The plot got me by surprise. The mechanics were pretty smart, and the ending was actually creepy! Very simple, but so well made! I loved it!

This is so good! I am so curious to see how this story is going to go from there. The sounds, the graphics, the story line, the voice acting, amazing! The mouse sensitivity might be a little annoying at the start, but after a few minutes it is pretty clear why it is this way. Kinda hope the camera feature gets better though. It was a bit confusing to know when I should use it. But overall, it is on my Wishlist, and I can't wait for the full game! 

2 days?! It was pretty good for the short time used. I adored how there was random food in the house. Seriously. I loved it! Kinda upset with the endings =( But no spoilers! You could have added more creepy sounds to keep the tension. Ah, and a background for the creature through the notes would've been cool too. It would add a bit more to the lore. Overall, great job! 

Hi! Seems like only on this page. I imagine that the developer can choose the buttons. Hope that helps! =)

And I'm following for more in the future! =)

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As a first game, it wasn't bad at all! I really liked the first ending that I got, the atmosphere was good, nice playing with the sounds too! I gave more of my thoughts by the end of the video. 

This was good! Good pace, good sound placement, great idea. The fact that the tunnel felt like it never ended... it was good for the chasing part. If there was even a chase xD Good job Jonny, I'll follow you to see more

I loved this so much! It was very short, but very nice. All I wanted was the last ending and I couldn't figure out how to get it =( 

Congratulations on your game too! You did a great job! 

What a surprise! Really cool game, well made, good pace! The scares being subtle makes it even better! I hope to see more games from you in the future =) I gave more of my thoughts by the end of the video

This game has a lot of potential, but also needs a lot of polish. The atmosphere is pretty good, the story seems interesting, and the character being a small child makes it all very interesting... but the mechanics needs to be fixed, and some more logic should be put into it for the final product. I gave more of my opinion by the end of the video. I really hope to see more and the final game to come out great, because I do see a lot of potential here! 

GOOD LUCK, CREATORS! I'll keep an out out for the finished game.
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This game is pretty good! It has my favorite type of jumpscare in it, the atmosphere is pretty creepy, and the monster/ghost is just... hmm scary. I made a video of the game and gave more thought at the end! Good job Cody for the game and Eric for the music! =)

Not bad for a first try! You can see through out the game that some little things needs improvement, but jump scares where well placed and the sound was on point. I commented at the end of the video some other things that I thought if you want to see it! Good Job! =)

This game is really good! At first I didn't think it would be that awesome, but it is quite addictive and very fun to play! I had a great time and almost forgot I was recording haha Can't wait to go back in and defeat all of those bad guys! Well done yrbiax =)

It was quite funny. I have to say the jumpscare was really well put because it does come out of nowhere in SILENCE! Not much story, but overall pretty fun game to play! 

That sounds really cool! I'll follow you to keep myself updated on your projects! Excellent work =) 

What a surprise! I played it before the update and had to download it mid video recording, but damn! I'm glad I did! Amazing game, amazing set up. And the silence? Masterpiece. I wanted a longer and more elaborate game of this. 

It was pretty interesting. I kinda liked the concept, but a little bit upset that I would had to play everything again to try a different ending =( otherwise, I liked it! Good job, man

oh nice! I'll follow you there then! might play more of your games too! keep up the good work, man! =D

That game was awesome! Different than anything I expected, for sure. I loved it, and hope to see more from you too, mister Aaron. According to your Patreon and Instagram you're working hard on it. I'll keep tuned. Good Luck!

I have to say it was quite an unexpected experience. The game is really good, and now I want to see the full version of it. Seems like it will have 10 more minutes.... but there is only 2 updates and none of them specifies if it will be finished soon or not... we're in may tooo. But in either way, great game.

This game was a surprise! Way better than I expected, and I must say the end was really clever! Well Done!

I just wanted to say: what a masterpiece. This game is really good! The ending got me by surprise. The storytelling, the characters, the puzzles that fits so well in the tale, well positioned. Anyway 10/10. 

Oh, I'm playing it today! Keep up the good work =)

I LOVED IT! This is the third game from you that I play, and as usual, it was great! The atmosphere, the way the story was told, short but precise! It did remind me of Stephen King. I wonder if you write stories as well, or just make them into games.

In either way, I made a playthrough out of it. That was phenomenal and I'll keep an eye out for more things from you. 

This game is really unique. The atmosphere is great, the visuals are amazing, and the weird sensation that it gives... like you just died. The synopses feels like it doesn't match what I just played though. I would love to see a full version of it. With more explanation for everything. The universe seems really interesting for it. 

This game is really pretty! I've played a game from you before. I played The Supper, and let me say, what I love the most is the art style. What a beautiful pixel art this game has. The story is very subtle and short, but has enough details to make me want a full game based on this universe. I'm definitely going to look for more games from you in the future! 

Please, consider making a full game on this universe? It was really cool!

This game is adorable! Not just the art style is beautiful, the topic, the dialogues, it was all really nice! I admit it almost made me tear up a bit. I miss my Grandmas a lot. The only thing I missed was a button to hug Oma. She deserved it =(

The game is definitely better enjoyed if playing yourself, but I made a little gameplay out of it. 

What a game. Good atmosphere, the voices are quite creepy, and story is very mysterious. I would actually love to see more of it, if you ever decide to update it. Like... I want to know more about that thing... Good job! 

Here is my viewing of the game: 

Well, quite tough in the reality. It is a good game with an important message. It did got me. I wasn't expecting it. The atmosphere of the game was really well build for what the purpose of it was, it works how it should. It is quite disturbing in its own way. I loved it. Congrats Vidas Games! 

It was really cool! What an experience. It is just like a creepy pasta, but in a game format, and sincerely, I loved it. Guyen best character ever 10\10! Short, but great game!