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Shame it was so short, because it was so good! It already starts giving you the creeps, the sound work is really good when you go inside and can hear the spider creeping around and it gives you some tense moments. The only mechanic I didn't quite like was the grabber, the laser seemed to never point to the right direction, and it was very misleading. The rest is great though!


That was really cool! Didn't expect to have more than 1 ending, that was a nice surprise! I got all of them, and they kept getting better haha. Simple, effective and somewhat fun to play. I really liked it! 

This game was so cool! Before I noticed I was so focused on trying to figure out how to win, I didn't notice the time passing. Simple, but effective, great replay capability, and just overall quite fun. Good Job!

This game was amazing! I loved how claustrophobic it was, every detail on that house, from every room. It shows how much work it was put into it, and it shows that you'll be a graphic artist. You did an amazing job, I must say. Exactly what a horror game should be imo. Just the atmosphere was more than enough to make it scary. I loved it! Good job, I really don't have more words for this game!

This game has potential. I played 2 other games from you guys before: Goodnight and Under. This one seemed more polished then the previous 2. The graphics really raised up. If this is a Demo and you intend to make it a full game, go for it! You guys can definitely do something great with some effort. You guys are on the right track. I'll keep following to see how things will come out. Good Luck! =)

So, I broke the game at the end haha but it was an interesting experience. I dare to say it felt like a game made for learning how to make it. Old graphics are always interesting too. It gave me some scares and it made me laugh. 10/10 would play again. Good Job!

I don't know what just happened, but it was great! Too short, unfortunately. It reminded me from Tiktok Dora, it was scary and funny at the same time. Great game for what it wanted to deliver. Good Job!

oh man, that was funny! The hotel design could have been a bit better, but considering what the game wanted to deliver, it was good. 10/10 I laughed and got scared! 

That was really fun! The ending caught me so off guard. The noises, the shadows and the way things seems to be what they aren't... really well done! I really liked your game =) 

That was really good! That's how you do a P.T like game! I can't wait to see the whole thing. The tension, the notes, the atmosphere. You're going on the right track! I'll follow to see where this will go! Good job =)

For a game made in one week, it was pretty good! I liked the atmosphere, the constant music tensing up everything on the background, the shadow part was a good play too, and the monster was pretty scary! 10/10 good game =)

That was a pretty good cinematic horror experience. The only thing I think could go better is the controllers. They are really weird and difficult, making you loose track of what to do, like the phone part. Controllers aside, you're going on the right direction! Good Luck and good job so far =) 

I need more. But more related to the ajar doors. It was a fun game, and really wasn't expecting the end, but duo to the description, I thought the game would be more based on something watching you from behind a door or something. Again, it was very fun and cool game, but I hope it gets developed into something more interesting and more related to the description. 

This was one of the funniest shit I've ever seen. Pun intended hahaha I loved how much work was put into the news, the character commentaries, the voice acting. This was really fun to play, good job!

Felt like Stephen King met Edgar Alan Poe. Pretty good for a short game. I wanted more of it, with a more developed story, but for what it was, it was great!

That was a really cool game! It's hard to walk at the start, but then you get why, since he walks normal afterwards. The layout of the apartment is a bit funny though. And I'm still upset about the puppy =( Overall, good job!

It started very good, and then it was PT. You are doing an amazing job, you don't need to rely on old horror games to make your game great. The detective mode was pretty cool, the atmosphere is scary, the idea is also amazing. You're on the right direction, before the PT.

That was awesome! The way that you play inside the movie is such a cool concept, and the story was quite sad too. I felt bad for the poor child. And that ending was really on point! Great job, an excellent short game indeed! 

Very good game. The jumpscares were a bit cheap, but they all got me and gave me a headache hahaha good job!

Come on, you gave me a lighter in a building full of evil plants! xD 😆 

Probably one of the best short games I played in a while! That was amazingly good! 

It was creative, great atmosphere, fun, unexpected. Just cheers, my dude! what a great job!

Having the realistic ending boosted this game by 1000%. Simple game, great execution. I do hope this game helps you to make your main one! Good job and good luck!

The question is: why aren't you one of the let's players in the comments o.o 
It's a good game too :v

This was actually really interesting. And very unsettling. This game just gets creepier by the minute. Well done. 

This game caught me completely off guard. After a long time I found puzzles that were challenging, the atmosphere was amazing, the monsters were horrifying. It felt like I was walking in hell. This game works really well with this style of camera, and the protagonist is definitely not common. 10/10 I need a full version and a cardiologist. 

Hey man! I just sent you an email, but just in case: 

I recently played your game and just wanted to say that it is really fun! 

Unfortunately I couldn't finish it. I got stuck in a room right next to the throne room when I clicked on a bowl... I was playing for at least 25 minutes, and since the game doesn't have a saving mechanic (or at least I didn't see one) I didn't play it all again to get there. I might try again one day, or watch others gameplays because I heard it has 12 ENDINGS! I see that you put a lot of effort into that game, and you did a pretty good job. And even if you say it is a quick 15 to 30 minutes play, I felt like I would take much more than that just exploring it. So maybe a quick save mechanic would be nice? 

I also felt like you took a lot of inspiration in Amnesia (I might be wrong though), props to you on that! Some environments felt a bit empty too, like the kitchen. So map design is a thing to think about in the future. Maybe more for aesthetics than pure gameplay. I disagree with one comment you got about being too dark. I felt that the light was appropriate for the game.

It was very unfortunate that I couldn't get to the end of it, but again you are doing great!

Congrats for your game! Hope to see more for you in the future! 

very short, but quite interesting. I didn't took a look at the monster because I escaped from it hahaha Just wanted to point out that the layout of the apartments were really weird, but details, details... Good job overall!

I just want to say Randy is an asshole. Thank you. Btw, great game! Got me scared a few times, and the concept was pretty fun! Randy is still an asshole.

I've watched other people playing it before I gave it a try and thought I wouldn't be scared... that was a mistake. I still got treeified even when I knew what was going to happen. This game is on my wish list already, and I can't wait to see more of it. 


What have I just witness? What a great game! I never thought it would take the turn it did. I loved it. I have no words for it, except I want more of it.

I just wanted to point out: I hate that Miss in red. Like, a lot. What a terrible person. The game so far is great though! I had a amazing time, shame my nose didn't appreciated it as much and I had to cut it short. Can't wait to play some more of it!


That was really cool! Very very short, but cool. All that you need for a game to work was there, the jumpscare was cool, the monster was kinda scary. I just really liked the simplicity of it. Very well done!

That was really good! Very scary, but also funny. A few things were "broken", but nothing that ruins the gameplay. Just wished for an end where I could actually escape, but overall, great job! 

It was pretty good! The jumpscares were well place, and it did got me every time. But that was about it. I missed some story, even a little note about why I'm there and who is the tall lady. And after I got lost, the game lost a lot on atmosphere. So, it was pretty good, but it has enormous potential to be great! Keep going, my dude!


This is basically a masterpiece with wonky controllers. If you completely ignore that controllers being weird, this is a 11/10 game. It is scary, tense, great atmosphere, unsettling and have a very good plot twist. I love this game with all my heart now.


I found this game on steam a while back and played it. This is a gem! The girl character is just... something. The way she sees her powers and stuff... I don't want to spoil the experience, but if you have around 40 minutes of your day, play it. I can't wait for the full game.

Simple concept, but well done in general. The start and the end game are great, but I did miss something in the middle. As if I needed a bit more story? I really liked it though! Good Job, developer =)

Great. Now I am sad! Great game, really cool story, I got stuck because I didn't know a certain control, but I figured it out... so my fault. I loved this game a lot! Congrats, developer. You deserve a lot!