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Do demons imply angels?

Have you thought about finding a proofreader?

Razit's spear deals no damage against green jelly monsters in the swamp, despite the text stating it's a good weapon against them.

What do you have in mind for prisoners' Like and Dominance stats? How are they meant to function?


The basics sound less like conquering and more like doing community service and paying a fine tbh.

Is it soon yet?


Would you consider making sex scenes interactive as opposed to animation loops?

I'd like to try and draw some fanart - Hyper and Wolfstar in particular, - but I've never drawn anything before so it's gonna be really bad and I'm a bit lost as to what characters' proportions are and what their body structure is like. 

Do you happen to have any full-body reference drawings for them? It would be a tremendous help.

You gigantic tease (^ω^)

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Well, not to state the obvious, but it's all up to you and what you think is best for your game :)

I absolutely loved the demo and am very much looking forward to seeing where you take the story. Can't wait for the next update to come.

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(Spoilers for up to and including Chapter 5)

Not to beat a dead horse, but when you say "at this time", do you mean there will be no way to romance Hyper at all (including when the game's development is finished), or do you mean that Hyper's romance route is set to begin at a later point in the game's story and you are simply developing the game in chronological order (and so, other five routes come first)?

It's just that, imho, with all the groundwork - or at least what seems like it - that's been laid for the relationship between Hyper and Wolfstar, not having a route for him would seem like such a waste. I mean, out of the entire cast, he's the one the MC has had the most meaningful interactions with. There are so many armed Chekhov's guns lying around: Hyper's "If I'm honest with myself, this moment feels right." and  "We don't ever need to say 'I love you' to each other." Wolfstar's dreams about him and him being the only one able to get through to Hyper when he's possessed by Fury, and so on and so forth. For them to never go off would be a crime, and during my playthrough I've got the impression all of them set Hyper up as the true endgame relationship.

Also, bros that bro and only bro don't usually cuddle and lick their buddy's face when saying goodnight. Then again, neither do they fuck on their first day of the afterlife, necessity be damned.

I really hope I'm not misreading all of this.

Shouldn't Dagio be a bit freaked out?

It might also help to expand the list of restricted aliases to include any variations of characters' names as well. At the moment aliases like "Reaper of Pleasure", "Wolfstar's Alter Ego" and "Hyper's Bitch" seem to pass the check. I doubt they should.

I loved the demo and very much look forward to seeing what this game turns out to be. I wish you all the best with your Kickstarter campaign! I have a couple of questions about gameplay, if you don't mind.

- Could you please explain what affinity points with individual characters are supposed to be for? Will there be multiple intimate scenes per character which unlock as we build up affinity, or would players need to accumulate a certain number of these points to unlock some items and such? 

- Do you plan to include combat in the game? I ask because when the blacksmith introduces himself in the demo, he hints he would repair equipment in the future. Was that just for the sake of flavour, or do you intend to implement be some actual RPG elements?

Only via save file editing atm afaik

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Next game? Could you elaborate a bit? 


Edit: Oh, it's up on your Patreon. Got it.

Same with Mind Blast iirc.

This has already been fixed in 19d

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I feel like you should post this as a separate suggestion, because it sounds really neat.

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While I would love to see both beastkin and halfkin horses, I think introducing them as MLP-esque ponies is a bad idea. Having a really niche appeal and violating the trend of beastkin and halfkin races sharing their beastial traits with real-world animals, thus looking natural, aside, if this were to be added by maverik, the game's Patreon could potentially be struck down on copyright infringement grounds. However improbable that might seem. 

There would be no problem with implementing this as a mod though.

Not really. Mana is still produced and it is added to your overall mana pool, it's just the number on the statistics page, that doesn't affect gameplay in any shape or form, refuses to climb up.

Losing the slave to the arena seems a bit harsh imho. There should be an opportunity to bail them out and pay their monetary equivalent (or double that, if you feel particularly vicious) instead.

Also, smuggling items makes no sense for combat with no equipment and items, since anything your slave takes into battle with them is immediately visible to the audience. You could instead pay Sebastian to rough your opponent up before the battle, shaving off some of their HP or hobbling them and reducing their speed, etc.

Also also, 500g for level 3 seems a bit too much, especially since the prize for level 5 battles is nominally 530g (if you sell the essences at the market). Maybe make it 300g instead?

0.5.19c (and prior)

(3 edits)

I've noticed that the player character still has all of the mental stats (like courage, charm, confidence and wit), and they still accumulate traits as the game progresses, they are just not shown. Could we potentially make these part of the game?

1) First of all,  I think it would be great if the master could get off their ass and work just like other mansion residents. This would allow the player character to gain some experience and pull their weight financially, which would be a vital addition at the very beginning of the game for those starting in Gorn or Frostford, where bandit encounters in surrounding areas are for all intents and purposes impossible to win with just two level one characters. It also seems strange that the pc does nothing just by the virtue of them owning the mansion, especially in clean playthroughs where none of the residents are branded and everybody joined voluntarily and therefore none of them are formally their slaves. And if, say, food were running low and there were not enough coin to buy it in the market, I don't think the mansion owner would just sit there and starve to death. They would lock the door and go hunting, realistically speaking. So let us go hunting/cutting trees/etc. 

(*) An interesting twist on this concept would be to think about what happens when no one is at home and everyone, including the master, is away on some job outside of the mansion grounds. Since the resources are scarce and banditry is ubiquitous, I assume there would be a lot of people out in the world who would love to pilfer a lavish mansion left unattended. Why not introduce a separate type of a daily event with burglars whom residents stationed at the mansion need to fend off? Their level and number could scale with the master's level. If you are away, then results of the combat encounter may be determined automatically, and if you are inside, you can choose your party from those who are with you inside the mansion at the moment and resolve the encounter manually. Frequency of burglaries could be determined by your reputation and number of residents at the mansion, maybe by their average level as well if power is considered a deterrent. If none of the people inside have sufficiently high awareness and thieves decide to be sneaky instead of charging in guns blazing, then there could potentially be no combat whatsoever and you just return to your empty gear stash and coin chest and your servants none the wiser. If you have permadeath on, returning to your mansion full of corpses and empty of your valuables would be pretty hardcore, so very much in line with the spirit of permadeath itself.

2) Our character starts out as an everyman. A poor yet lucky person whose wealthy relative died and left them the mansion. Our nominal mental stats, which can be viewed in the save file, tell us as much. The master from my most recent playthrough, according to the save file data, is of slave origins, with ~19 courage, ~20 confidence, ~26 wit and ~36 charm. So how in the world does this person eventually teach their underlings how to become a noble god of mind with hundreds and above across the board? 

I suggest we extend the learning point system to our master as well so that they go and make use of library themselves to increase their own mental stats before they can teach anyone anything. Make their own stats the hard cap for training the rest of the slaves, and restrict earning learning points by the slaves via teaching in such a way that they cannot accumulate more than would be necessary to reach the current stat cap and learn the skills they have yet to learn. If the player tried to teach their slave some more after they had already reached the maximum for the number of learning points you can give, the game would say something like "You attempt to tell X more about the world, but you quickly realize you have nothing else to teach them." Maybe assign "noble" grade to our master once they get the mansion to evade the need to raise their grade at the slaver's guild while keeping their true origin as a hidden stat. This would be more realistic and make the player character feel more like a person and less like an almighty MacGuffin.

3) Also, if our master could learn a specialization by, for example, being taught the same specialization one of their servants has by that very servant over the course of several "meet" interactions, that would be great. I don't see a reason why that's not a possibility. You could flavor it as mindreading your servant and rummaging through their memories for several hours, retracing their training in that specialization in your own head, and then impose a mana cost for learning it as a master as a substitute for the fee you pay to the guild.

As for more minor improvements, letting us cast spells on ourselves inside the mansion as well as view our own statistics and traits would be nice. Just for the sake of convenience. I would love to heal myself inside the mansion and not need to go out and do it exclusively in front of everybody in the street.

Apologies for the wall of text.

0.5.19c (since 0.5.18 as far as I recall)

Here's the save. 

I know it's probably been lonely for him, but 9 days is a bit too quick for the dissociative identity disorder to develop.


The title.

The problem appears in both non-sexual interactions...

...and in sex descriptions.

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0.5.19c (and before)

Setting either frottage or double anal dildo to run continuously blocks out "Caress" options and removes instant access to other options on the "Fucking" tab.

"Tools", "SM", and "Humiliation" tabs are unaffected.

(3 edits)

No worries, keep up the good work)

Just in case this turns out important:

It seems the description is still missing not for the PC and for the PC only as I had thought before, but just for the one on the receiving end of the interaction. The text for the side initiating it seems to be fine.


Slaves' description was fixed, but description for the player character is still missing.

I'll try to remember to put /s the next time I attempt to snark :P

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Also, spreading lamia's legs during sex sounds a bit off, but I'm not quite sure why.

Edit: /s

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0.5.18 (and prior), Windows 10

Main quest spoilers: When meeting Ayda for the first time, you are offered a chance get a potion that will turn Irvan female permanently in exchange for renting one of your magically-adept slaves for two weeks. Rejecting the offer and trying to keep Irvan male results into a loop between the two screens below:


Presing continue on the second screen returns you right back to the first one.

0.5.18 (and all versions I played prior to this one), Windows 10

Frottage orgasm description is always cut off halfway.

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0.5.18, Windows 10

After completing Cali's quest in one day and handing her off to her parents, she magically appears next to my door to confess next day and reappears in the list of my slaves. The event of her returning from the village does not trigger after a week passes.

Save file:!Mix1HYiB!42QMfCPEtzYogqhnR1hzNbN_UfixFhmfsHN1niMWFp0

Can be fixed if "duration" for "code":"caliproposal" is set to 8 in the save file. Then Cali proposes intimacy after returning to the mansion.

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Revamped my pack a bit. Merged the compatibility part for story NPCs with around twice as many female portraits, and added some males too. I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Yup. Google image search doesn't always help too. I especially love it when the image is so long gone off the web it breaks its algorithm and it finds every image but the one you submitted.

 Pinterest's algorithm for suggesting images is really good, so searching for images for the portrait pack is a hell of a rabbit hole. 

This might be getting out of hand...

Update soon?..