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You're very welcome! I'm enjoying the work thus far, more than I thought I would! 

And I def wanna praise some of the realism of how counselling works in Absolution also!! I find myself really relating to when MC would express hope that she's done the right thing, I was just thinking of that during a session that I thought went poorly. Yet at the end: 

My client: Can I see you again?

Me: (LITERALLY why) sure thing! 馃グ

I guess never underestimate the power of an interested and empathetic counsellor! And I really feel that in a lot of the MC's personality, so the impact of that on the clients, I think you've really nailed it. My apologies for the rambling, I get too excited of counselling stuff! 

Ahhh, I adore this game so much! I love how each route keeps me guessing till the very end, you really know how to build suspense and keep players on their toes! I'll *think* I know how a route will go...only to be thoroughly blindsided in the best way!!

Funnily enough, I started taking proper clients irl (I'm a social work student doing a field placement/internship at a counselling centre) around the same time as I played this build! So it's kinda neat finishing up my irl client appointments and then jumping into this game during my breaks/days off!! 馃き馃き馃き

Eagerly awaiting the next build with bated breath!! *Minor spoilers below*

I'll be on that build like a certain character on top of another certain character!! 

Thank you for responding :))

Thanks for letting me know about the fireplace (I couldn't stop thinking about it!)

Honestly, when I finished playing this game--I found that I missed it!! This is really a unique and charming horror game, I'm so glad I played it!!

Hey!! I'm deeply enjoying this game!! It's very creative and interesting with some great scares. I've managed to get 3/5 endings but I had a question about the fireplace:

I know the telephone says I should come start a fire whenever I have time but anytime I try to use the matches, it doesn't work. Is there anything I'm missing? 

This was adorable!! I really enjoyed it a lot. I'm curious as to where the story goes next, and I really like all of the characters so far. Definite favorite is Zacharie: they are perfect and to die for!!

I appreciated the representation in this game, and I think for what it is, you've made something really nice!

This looks really cool! If you made an English translation, I would love to play it!!

This game was beautiful! I ADORED everything about it. Luna is too precious!! The only thing is: I managed to get the good and secret endings, but I don't really understand what happened 馃槄 

if you go back up the stairs into the living room, look closely at the fireplace. The rope caused something to appear in there. You will see a little sparkle :)

This game is so fantastic!! Easily one of the best visual novels I have ever played. Eagerly awaiting more from you :)

Hi! Played this game and am enjoying it so far, but really need help in a certain chase scene: won't spoil it for anyone else, but it's the chase scene after the forest and once you've gotten all 4 pages. I've clicked on everything, but I'm really not sure how to escape from this chaser! Please help.