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Thank you for responding :))

Thanks for letting me know about the fireplace (I couldn't stop thinking about it!)

Honestly, when I finished playing this game--I found that I missed it!! This is really a unique and charming horror game, I'm so glad I played it!!

Hey!! I'm deeply enjoying this game!! It's very creative and interesting with some great scares. I've managed to get 3/5 endings but I had a question about the fireplace:

I know the telephone says I should come start a fire whenever I have time but anytime I try to use the matches, it doesn't work. Is there anything I'm missing? 

This was adorable!! I really enjoyed it a lot. I'm curious as to where the story goes next, and I really like all of the characters so far. Definite favorite is Zacharie: they are perfect and to die for!!

I appreciated the representation in this game, and I think for what it is, you've made something really nice!

This looks really cool! If you made an English translation, I would love to play it!!

This game was beautiful! I ADORED everything about it. Luna is too precious!! The only thing is: I managed to get the good and secret endings, but I don't really understand what happened 😅 

if you go back up the stairs into the living room, look closely at the fireplace. The rope caused something to appear in there. You will see a little sparkle :)

This game is so fantastic!! Easily one of the best visual novels I have ever played. Eagerly awaiting more from you :)

Hi! Played this game and am enjoying it so far, but really need help in a certain chase scene: won't spoil it for anyone else, but it's the chase scene after the forest and once you've gotten all 4 pages. I've clicked on everything, but I'm really not sure how to escape from this chaser! Please help.