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this game is amazing and i love the whole "health is your money" gimmik, one problem on there is that on stage 5 when i was fighting the boss, i somehow glitched into the object,  forcing me to get killed by the boss.

hello, this is a great game but on the cave level of the first world i cant seem to find the 5th spider, and i have searched everywhere, and i want to 100% this game badly. im not sure if its missing from the game or im just bad at searching for stuff, please respond to my message, and thanks in advance.

great game, fun mechanic but my main problem is that i have so much trouble fighting spiders on there, i can never hit their back and it is usually a run killer for me, but i don't know if it's just me or other people also have a problem with them.

Shattered Realms community · Created a new topic AMAZING!!!

im not a huge fan of fighting games, but this one is great. easy to perform combos, great graphics, and i haven't experience any bugs or glitches. and not once have i died and thought that it was the games fault. keep up the good work :).

thought it was gonna be a rpg platformer, this is better then what i thought

I tried the game and i like the art style :), but there are some bugs that can heavily effect the game. i'm not sure if it just me, whenever I enter a random room, the character just starts moving by herself and sometimes even fall out the map, and random invisible collision boxes appear in the rooms making so that I cant progress without quitting. other than those 2 its a great game.