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ok that’s amazing to hear!

this game has been stolen on coolmath games. you should try and find out if you can take it down. Also this game is really cute!

I kin Melissa.

I too love birds, I actually want to be an ornithologist when I'm older. I am a bookworm. And I'm an artist!

Will you ever finish this or create more games? I love your work!

Cute and funny Liar Liar spin-off. You don't have to play LL before playing this but it's recommended.

I loved this game! This was an amazing sequel! The art and character designs are great as always. The true end disappointed me though. Also this game solos the original lmao.

As the description said, the plot was shallow. But considering this is just a test game and is pretty small it's good for what it is. It's enjoyable enough. I loved the artstyle and character designs.

The game won't open on MacBook Air. I open it and it doesn't launch.

Keeps crashing on MacBook Air? help?

I liked these a lot!

The colors show who is talking!

I would like one on orientations as well!

For as limited as the game is, this is amazing. I wish I had a tool like this as a kid. This game makes me feel seen. Thank you for making this.

bruh i know like fr

who would even be into this

First off, love the art. 

Overall the game was pretty short but I loved the aesthetic of everything and the music. On the technical side, the eye spy mini game had weird hotboxes so it was hard to complete it. 

This game is amazing! As a NB lesbian I was happy that I didn't have to play as a man like most dating sims. I love the art and the sprite animations. The music is also amazing. The atmosphere of the game makes it really immersive! I can't wait for the full release! (I hope it's free though cuz I'm only 15)

the game is confusing, I don't know who the anime boys are maybe they are from an tome or an anime or are oc's, but the art is cute.

The hairstyle looks like splatoon!

I want this game so mucccchhhh

I loved this game so much! I got every end. The true end was my favorite! The game has Doki Doki vibes. This game has become my favorite indie horror game!



This is adorable and beautiful! the art is so pleasing to the eyes. Do you ever think of releasing physical copies?

SO cute! I was shipping them from the beginning of the game so I'm really happy it's canon! My gay ass cried even lmao!

really cute! not lore accurate but this came out before the canon meeting of them was explained. Anyways Pearl is a gay gremlin and I kin her. 

Also I realized how similar the expressions and poses of Pearl where to Edward Elric, was that intentional or is my FMA fanperson self reading too much into it lmao.

I love your artsyle!

yuri version?


can you make more romantic interactions? I hear whicked has some new pg romantic interactions but I don't want to install whicked because the sex stuff.


This game is really fun, though there are some bugs with loading the dialogue. It's really cute and i'm a sucker for RV's. Very nice and hope to see more stuff from you! c:

Finally. A real gacha game!

subway surfers rip off

I love the fish ARG!

f       i        s      h

why did u quit roblox and make it here?

great work tho!~

reminds me of a dog in undertale

(lesser dog)

yeh yeh YEH

Just an edgy inkling