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Glad you liked it! There will be an after jam update once the games are unlocked for editing. We'll make the punch feel more useful.

Thanks! Our wonderful teammate Kallai made all the music.

There will be an after jam update to fix the roughness once the games are unlocked for editing. We'll add an effect to show when you lose an ability.

Thanks! The game was actually planned to be much harder but we ran out of time to add checkpoints haha. We wanted players to experience the whole game, which would be frustrating if they had to restart the game after every death.

Glad you liked it!

Great presentation and very polished. Nice touch to add wind and rain to change it up.

The amount of enemies onscreen kept me on my toes without being overwhelming. Controls felt good and dodging enemies took a bit of planning. The music really added to the mood.

There were a couple times with unavoidable damage, like planes dropping mines directly on my ship. Perhaps getting repairs at the pier?

Nice job!

Neat idea to make speed controlled by terrain, but it was a bit hard to get used to. Perhaps an accelerate button?

Liked that damage taken shows on the car. Really liked the music.

It was hard but fun. Nice game!