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Thanks for the heads up!

Hello Everybody!

I am Kino, and I love playing and making games!  Anime is my go-to spot here and there but nowadays I am trying to be more productive.

I have been joining various jams to force  myself to try out new engines and frameworks to widen my perspective. 

This jam is no different. I hope everyone g'd luck and we shall meet at the end-line once again hopefully...

I am going to try out Ren'py.

I was wondering if there is a theme involved or we are free to create anything...

Thank you for taking your time to play the game!


Thank you!

This is all thanks to K-Sheep the artist. And thanks for playing!

Thank you for taking your time to play the game!

Thank you!

Thank you so much for playing! Will bring forth some optimization changes in the future if time wills.

Loved it! I can see real potential in this one. The music is especially captivating!

First and foremost thank you for playing.

Lack of optimization was plainly due to my lack of time management skills. I was unable to fix some annoying bugs. Which are taken care of now just waiting for the jam to be over so I can upload it.

Time is clearly more formidable than I thought.

Will check ur game out! :)

Graphics and using blocks to build a path are a plus from me!

Beautiful art and music. I love the way you implemented the objects to be musical too. 

I love what you did with the visuals! The robots are very automated! Give my thanks to the artist! The music drives you in.  Great job mate!

Thanks for the feedback! I was going to work on smoother and more intuitive camera flow but the final days got me real hard. If I ever update it, I will make sure the camera gets first seats.  ;)

A simple but unique game. The graphics were especially attractivio. Adorable and easy on the eyes.  The shortage of time proved to be more of a foe than expected... 

The Legion will Rise!

Loved the Game! Although I did almost quit... or did I

Loved it! Keep up the great work!

its by the way awesome loved it!

 Try my game: (Hardcore)

it was pixelated well! nice story maybe more actions in game?

you are absolutely right the more actions and things to interact the more the addictivity!

we got the same reply below

Its all thanks to Forild for bringing up the idea for the game and we are glad that you enjoyed it!

thank you for playing!

thank you for the feed back!yes more actions would have made it great however there is always a side effect to everything which was lack of time.

very well made! loved it