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No, I'm just really "guns blazing" while this game requires tactic.

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I'm obviously not good at this game.  The part where you have to avoid the robots, I keep dying.  I think I even locked the game once.  I love this game, reguardless of my lack of skill to play it.

This is a nice game!  Glad I found it!

OMGosh this story tho XD

It apparently does it with Xbox One controllers as well then.  Well, regardless, it is a pretty nice game.

It does it with the controller as well as the keyboard.

I'm wondering if it is just me, but does anyone have a problem of the game continuously inputting the right command?  Makes it a bit hard to play, but like I said, might just be me.

This is an awesome game!  I especially love the fact that the grappling hook is one of the primary mechanics, which isn't seen in many games nowadays.