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Thank you!

Sorry about that! It's now fixed. Thanks for letting us know (*^-^*)

Haha my bad (@_@;). Let me play the game again haha, this totally makes things different

First of all, the art is amazing! The controls feel super smooth as well, which makes this game very enjoyable.

The aesthetics are incredible! This also fits in perfectly with the theme! GREAT JOB ( ̄︶ ̄)↗ 

Nice aesthetics and amazing end scene! The keyboard setup makes it a bit difficult for people who have big keyboards however, hope there is a setting to set up arrow as the jump key O(∩_∩)O

The art and feel are really amazing. The game is also quite challenging (in a good way)! One thing I think I should let you know is the character is not quite responsive. Maybe it is just my computer that is causing this issue, but it might be the way the input is set up in the game. But everything else is perfect!

The health system is interestlly set up! For some reasons I thought the boxes could cover up the spawn points but after 10 minutes of gameplay I finally realized they don't (#`-_ゝ-)

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The game is pretty good. Like the aesthetics especially! One thing I would suggest though is to allow players to rewind back multiple times. I find myself restarting the game once I used up all my jumps, and it would perhaps be better to rewind to a earlier savepoint and try a different approach!