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I got that much of the narrative prompt, and clicked on everything my first time around.

Problem is, the game just freezes up after the narrative prompt shrinks down, and I cant seem to do anything.

OS: Linux (specifically, Ubuntu 18.04)

Thanks for the compliments.

I hope you noticed all of the writing on the walls, and perhaps the cheat code box ;).
That was my save system. I kind of went retro with that one. Although, there's also coin saving. Don't worry about that, at least ;).

Also, by escape, do you mean the esc to main menu, or the quit by clicking on the close button?
The esc requires a confirm press, but honestly I didn't even really consider the close button.


Just so you know, the music button on the homepage turns off the music but keeps the effects. :)

Alright, so let's way up the pros and the cons.

The Pros
1) Great art
2) Alright music / sfx, even if the volumes were poorly balanced

The Cons
1) No gameplay depth - I'm fairly sure monsters can't even hurt me, so this just seems like a "lack of time" mistake. Without any gameplay depth, this feels like a walking sim.
2) Input was *extremely* buggy for me. I'm not sure if this happens for everyone, but if i press left, and then press up, i kind of glide in an arc, slowly upwards. This made the walking in the walking sim feel pretty bad.
3) Extremely short. But once again, I can see the whole lack of time thing being the cause here.

All in all, this could of been good with better programming / gameplay design. But, at least you've got your "artsy" parts down. Look forward to your next submission!

Cant seem to get any of the controls working. Keep just freezing after a long narrative prompt :/