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>Start game

>kill kid

>10/10 would play again

I would like to pre order the game but it looks way to ambitious and without a proper demo showing any game play I don't know if it would be worth it to pay for a game that I don't have any reason to think will be good.

This game is actually a lot of fun, how did you make the weapons? I'm trying to make a different game and I haven't been able to get a shooting system this good.

I played the game and have a few suggestions.

1. Make the game darker 

2. Make it easier to tell what the player is

3. Change the skybox

4. add a main menu

5. add a tutorial

and obviously improve the graphics but its the first version of the game so it makes sense the graphics aren't good right now

This game looks like it would be a lot of fun but I cant play it because wasd don't work only s and d work.

I want to see this in vr that would look like you just took every drug on the planet. It already does but it would be even weirder in vr.

I got to the endless loading screen and cant do anything. did I do something wrong?

the number starts changing really quickly and will become a decimal 

I found a glitch if you hold down every button 

no its not I haven't seen those games. the title is in Latin it translates to true fear

Ok I'll email you and I cant make a browser version right now because I don't have the files of that version and if made a build it would be of the unfinished update, When I release the next update I will make a browser version.

I cant do much to fix the dialog because I don't have a budget to higher a voice actor, but I can try and fix the background music. There is going to be an antagonist in the next update the game is still in pre-alpha so a lot is going to change, I just didn't have the model done yet, and the blood on the walls isn't meant to be scary its just meant to be in the background to show that something happened.

10/10 best game ever