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What exactly do you mean? You can play it here in already! 

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Thanks for playing! The development is currently frozen, because I'm mostly working on my primary game right now.

I plan to work on this game more though, want to release it some day!

Why, did you try the Steam version?

Thank you! 

Check out the new update, I added winrate tracking and a leaderboard! :) 

(only working for steam) 

If you play on mobile, it's not possible. On your pc you should be able to press on "Online".

It's currently not possible, items are only buyable with the mouse. I'll add keyboard shortcuts a bit later.

You can also join the game's Discord Server to communicate with others, I think you'll get more attention there! :)

Yes I know, the chat is in the way and you somehow can't minimize it. Will fix it soon!

That's an intended unintended preview of the Veil Skin I just released on Steam. ^^

Yes, that is planned soon. I want. There is a wiki now that I linked in the description. 

It is being made by players!

The download version is currently not available. I will update the game today or tomorrow and will add the download version again! 

Going to follow with or a bit after the Steam release. I am currently working on a new item system and lv up

Thank you, I'll take a look at it! 


I've been creating a 2D MOBA for the last 3 years in my free time, and was always such an amazing place for all the feedback and testers I got. 

I recently added an online mode to the game and it is finally in a somewhat polished state. You can play it completely for free in the browser or download it (there are no download builds currently though), and I will keep supported the version even after the Steam release. (at least for a while) 

Here is my Game Page

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for taking the time to read this! 

She is actually in the new trailer I released. I am releasing the game on steam first and want to make a mobile version after that. 

Are you on the Discord server? I posted the notes for Kira there, too!

Thank you! 

I'm currently focusing on making the online mode work as it is, maybe 2vs2 will follow when I release the game on steam!

Ah yes, the mobile version is super buggy. I didn't update it for a long time, might need to look at it again soon.

Just click on "Online" and you create or join a room!

I added an Online Mode for the download version, try it out! (might need someone to play with, because there won't be any players. It's also super buggy still.)

Hey, I updated the game! If you want to read more about it, you can join my Discord where I post my news!

The random champs are because they need to be in the scene at least once. Probably is too near to the play field. ^^

Glitching over walls ist a problem with a few champions, when they dash. Especially over smaller walls like the top. 

Oh and the turret laser destroys itself too late somehow... I had this bug quite a while already but always had more important things to fix, so I always forgot about it. Sorry for the few updates, I am taking a small break. When my motivation for the game is back up, I'll want to update it again! 

Hey, thanks for playing! Control scheme probably won't come, but I did consider trying it. 

Online is not possible anymore. It's really complicated, adding an online to an existing game. Especially with the engine I'm working with.

New characters will come if I manage to finish the test. I took a small pause from the game and want to focus on existing things. 

Thanks for reporting! 

Oh yes, gamepad support is super outdated already... Might need to look over it again soon!

Thanks! I fixed the bugs with Bunninja on my version finally, will be on the next update!

Thanks for playing the game!

Thanks! You could join the Discord channel or just write me there, if you want to. 

The KI isn't really that complex, though. 

It wasn't finished to upload yet. The new update is coming soon, too. 

I added an android version, try it out!

Hey, thanks for re-visiting ^^

Yes, I was focused on the new champion and on updating the visuals in my game, to make it more polished.

Tell me when you are finished with the art. :)

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There are 2 files for windows, either 32 or 64. 

But you'll need to unzip them with WinRar or 7Zip (or some similar software) first. 


Creating a good AI is always quite difficult, especially because to it's hard for me to judge the strength for never players (since I am basically playing it for 3 years) 

Working on Akali right now! 

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Hey, thanks for the feedback

I am NOT making profit out of it, as the whole content is free to play. Everything I do is completely legal here, I contacted Riot games already. 

Neeko <3

Maybe when I got time again. But her whole trickster part with the passive and W would be hard to implement. 

Sorry for the late answer.

I won't add currency and voices to the game. Right now I am quite busy, but I try to finish the 2nd player champions as soo as possible.

Thank's, yes I know. All projectiles can pass certain terrain-passages because I changed a bit. I will revert that because I already encountered performance issues with that change (which got better after I removed it)

I didn't copy their code to player 2 yet.

Especially when I want to change something, I would need to change it in both codes. So I wait a bit before I make them playable for player 2, or I would need to make some steps multiple times.

But I will add them soon.

yes there is, for windows, Linux and and mac!

I just uploaded the download version, it should work properly there!

The browser version is currently quite buggy, due to a lower tick-rate and bad performance.

This version is quite buggy, but it got too late yesterday to fix it.

Thank's, i'll have a look on it.