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Hey, thanks for the feedback. 

It's alright, this project ist 100% legal. I am NOT making profit out of it and Riot allows people to use their content, making fangames. As long as the content is free for everyone to play (no pay to play), they allow it. 


"We love our players and the awesome stuff they create. We support players who use our intellectual property (“IP”) to create free fan projects for the benefit of the community (“Projects”). " 

They got a new point in 3. considering Apps, but I already contacted Riot a while back, getting their permission. 

Neeko <3

Maybe when I got time again. But her whole trickster part with the passive and W would be hard to implement. 

Sorry for the late answer.

I won't add currency and voices to the game. Right now I am quite busy, but I try to finish the 2nd player champions as soo as possible.

Thank's, yes I know. All projectiles can pass certain terrain-passages because I changed a bit. I will revert that because I already encountered performance issues with that change (which got better after I removed it)

I didn't copy their code to player 2 yet.

Especially when I want to change something, I would need to change it in both codes. So I wait a bit before I make them playable for player 2, or I would need to make some steps multiple times.

But I will add them soon.

yes there is, for windows, Linux and and mac!

I just uploaded the download version, it should work properly there!

The browser version is currently quite buggy, due to a lower tick-rate and bad performance.

This version is quite buggy, but it got too late yesterday to fix it.

Thank's, i'll have a look on it.

Maybe there will be a bit more structure this way than with direct comments under the game.

Post everything, from suggestions, bugs or general experiences in here by creating a new topic (if there isn't a similar one)

It is just a visual effect right now, I also already reworked the cyber skin (but did not upload it yet)

By the way,  I just updated my game.

Adding: Cooldown Reduction and Attack Speed in the Shop

Bunninja model rework and your ultimate suggestion (even though it looks pretty garbage right now)

It is not yet downloadable though, only in the browser version. Tell me what you think!

Oh, I think somehow the splash damage applies twice.

Normally the blue should be a bit transparent, it looks purple because now two of them spawn and overlap, so the opacity gets higher.

Might need to look at the code there. (I am not at home right now, in about 1-2 weeks I'm back.)

Oh yes, it's an old bug already and I was too lazy to fix it ^^

It should actually show the bot's health and stats when in range.

thank's for the feedback.

I already thought about adding attack speed and cooldown reduction, let's see what I can make with the damage types.

The idea for Bunninja also sounds quite fitting, let's see what I can change. I actually planned a small visual update for Bunninja anyway. (More detailed model)

I know how long it takes to finish something, this game is in development since 2016 already ^^

(but with a few huge breaks in between)

Belle is also one of my favorites, but especially her head looks a bit odd and stiff (similar to Riven), need to change it a bit.

Strange, normally they should disappear.

I'll have a look over it,  thank's!

Thank you for playing my game!

I also found my inspiration in a similar game called "Awesomenauts", tell me when you start the project, I am looking forward to play it! :)

You're welcome!

It changes thing's like the bot's reaction to certain things and gives him more gold.

Thank you for your support! I am so sorry that it took so long... but I somehow missed the notification.

I just added the download versions, try it out! :)

Strange, on which system and browser does the browser version not work?

I just uploaded the downloadable versions again (sorry for it being so late, totally forgot it), tell me what you think of the new update!

Yes, I meant that I can solve it by coding it so the minion will either jump/get destroyed.

Mouse directions for skills are in work, but it actually ended up to be quite complicated. Let's see.

Thank you for trying it out!

I started my Game already before the announcement of Construct 3. Also, Construct 3 ist WAY more expensive Witz 90€ per year instead of 90€ one-time purchase like Construct 2.

As I am sure that I won't use Construct for that long anymore, it would not be worth it.

Hm, that First Bug sounds interesting, I'll need to test it myself.

The second one is known already, I guess I was too lazy to fix it since it is quite low impactfull. But easy fixable in less than 2 minutes.

Thank you!

Yes, I also had that bug sometimes. Would be easy to solve by just destroying that minion in such a case.

I used something similar like Game Maker (called Construct 2), so a simpler 2D enginge. I think multiplayer won't work now, since I would have to rewrite so much.

Thank you for your support :)

Yes, it ja quite laggy because web Games have horrible Android support.

The only Problem is to make it work on Android, already implemented an Android version and I know how to make it work for Android. But I am struggling with performance problems right now.

Thank you <3 :)

Thank you!

That's were I took my inspiration from :)

No Problem, I have to make it somehow visible in the game anyway ^^

Thank's for playing my game :)

But Player 2 can use a mouse if you got one instead!

Single player = P1 can use mouse

Multiplayer = P2 can use mouse

You may just download it on an USB stick and take it with you!

Is the browser version not working?

I did to make 2 Player on 1 Keyboard possible. But you can use the mouse or a controller, too!

Intented were 2 Attack keys, to make it possible for the player to Attack behind you while moving.

I tested many control ways but I though that this was quite fitting.

I am sorry that I didn't reply to you :<

Individual regeneration is now already added, also buying regeneration updates is possible!

The new Lea'feat is the next think I will work on, shouldn't take much time anyway! :)

Thank you so much for the support! :)

Even more reassuring to know that there are actually people liking the game...

I worked on something different in the meantime, combined with the whole schoolwork I could not manage to work on this game. But I try to keep updating it!

Hey, I played your game and wanted to give you a feedback:

First of all, it is really funny and I played the first 2 worlds (forest + desert) and the lava chamber thing.

The movement is quite clunky and there are some bugs.

Primary fire is the biggest problem here, because you can only shoot while standing completely still. Also, when you shoot while jumping up (not while falling), the bullet will spawn on top of the character.

The knife attack has no cooldown, so you can basically 1 shot every enemy when standing near it and spamming "m".

The soundeffects of knife and shoot will always play when you press the button, although the animation is not playing.

You should focus on fixing all the animations and make the movement in general more fluent before adding new things!

Did you try using the new download version for Linux already?

Thank you for asking, the Browser Version is somehow broken and doesn't Work... But I will Upload one for linux!

Yes, I am planning a somehow tank as the next character.

Yes, I also think she is quite weak.

That's because I gave her too much in the beginning, and nerfed her after that a couple of time...I will definitely buff her.

How do you like her design as a whole?