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Thank you for trying it!

I will someday release it in playstore when I finished a story mode ^^

Nice idea! I will add him soon :D

I worked quite some time on that coin bug a while ago, I think I will try it again soon ^^

Thank you for the review :) !

I will try to keep Update the game and improve it, but I am already getting to the Limits of the program I Mare the game with.

Something like summoner spellsy and new sounds new Sounds are Always possible.  3v3 might be more difficult because of how I coded the game. I should have to rewrite a lot of the game.

A Profile ist also possible but I need to experiment with saving a bit ^^

Yes, I think he might still be a bit OP because of the no-range-cap basic attacks.

I will work a bit on that, maybe it will give him some other things to improve then ^^

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Thank you for supporting me! :)

Okay it's done!

I re-added the browser version and did some minor new things! Read the new patchnotes which I released to get an overview of my new content :)

Do you mean as a browser game?

Yes, it was bugging earlier. I have to see if I can fix it now to upload it again!

But you can also download the game, too.

Has a good start, but it is rather boring right now. (might be because I don't like turn bases games generally)

Also. there should be more objectives or smth like that or maybe being able to move around the island.

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I don't know, since Steam will now Release their Steam direct which will cost 100€ per game. Also, it will generally be more difficult to get in in there.


Thank you! Did you try my main game? ^^

Pretty nice beginning!

But the sword animation is kind of strange, it feels like it never hits.

the controls are catastrophic, sorry. z and q for movements? You should stick with the wasd keys. That's what made me quit after 5 minutes already.

Did you make the graphics yourself? Looks nicely cartoonish ^^

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Pretty nice game, I like the cartoonish graphics. ^^

Is it intended that you can glitch throw the roof of the wood house to get the key? + I couldnt do anything on the lighthouse after I got up. There is one switch on the op but it does not do anything when I click "e".

Also, I can't go on the moving platform. It will always either kick me off it or glitch me throw the platform, so that I fall throw it.

Oh and one advice at the end: maybe make the camera a bit higher. It feels like you are controlling a dog or so. Even the stairs are like half as big as the character ^^

Thank's !

Did you encounter any bugs or so?

Thank you, I'm you enjoyed it!

 Do you have anything to report maybe? Some bad experience or bugs?

1. Hm strange, shouldn't be that hard to fix

2. Alt + Tab. Don't know how to fix that :D. But you could just press escape to exit the fullscreen, too.

3. Which window do you mean exactly?

Haha funny game ^^

I also made a LoL game on Construct 2 :)

Did you try it again?

I uploaded a fixed version, but still only downloadable

Yes that`s strange, it does not load for me either. Try the download version while I fix it!

I just updated the game with many balance changes, especially to the archers big arrow to make it less a spamming tool and more powerful in combat! I'ceat got more slows and dmg over time but less burst. Raven Ulti and mobility nerf since the strike could basically kill you with 40% hp. Arel is not so clunky any more (less animation-times) and got a much much better trap now. (faster catching time and completely stunning now). Foxy got the collision of her skills swapped. The stun bullet now stops on minions while the fast shoots go throw them.

haha yes, but I think he is still a bit weak. Especially the trap.

Development continued and new update is out!

Now there is only the downloadable version until my computer is repaired.

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My pc crashed when I uploaded the new version and now the pc doesn't work..... Have to repair it. I got a file on dropbox, but I am not sure if it is a new version

I don't know, haven't much time right now. But I am going to upload the newer version at least, soon!

Yes, because I didn't release the new version yet ^^

Thank you very much!! :)

Did you test the new Fox character and her skin? ^^

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Yes, I already nerfed his skills but it isn't online yet.

What do you think about my new character? ^^

Is it so broken now? xD

Just wanted to buff him a bit cause he seemed a bit underpowered compared to the others since I buffed everyone a bit to make it more dynamic ^^

Hi, I buffed it a bit (better throw animation) and longer stun duration.

Sounds are also added!

I added a new update, check it out :)

Hey, I just released my new update ^^

you can read the patchnotes in the description

Thank YOU for liking my game ^^

I hope I can soon start with new champs :)

I started to work on LoP again and aiming to fix my spaghetti coding finally xD

Working on some different projects learned me new things to implement in League of Pixels.

Since I coded many things kind of random and unnecessary large (because it is my first game I ever worked on), I actually never felt to go back to the game.

Riven is already re-coded and the others are following today/tomorrow. After that, sound effects for each character will be added and also some new mechanics! :)

Thank you for the advice, I am gonna implement it! :)

(working on a mobile game right now so I do not have much time)

Yes, I have very little time right now.

I also started a new game to work on, so I want to focus more on that one.

When I have more time I will continue working on league of pixels.

You could also try my 2nd game and tell me what you think ^^ (it's a 2 player fighting game)

Update 1.2

  • Different musik for each map
  • New maps "Magma Chamber" and "Destiny Towers"
  • Slower falling while casting an attack midair

In work: 4th Attack for every character, more mobility focused

Update 1.1

Sounds and musik added!

New character "Bow"

New Map "Jungle Rumble"

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Thank you. Right now I am working on another game.

After that I will do something for this one again I guess.

You could check it out, too and say me what you think ^^