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Thank you <3 :)

Thank you!

That's were I took my inspiration from :)

No Problem, I have to make it somehow visible in the game anyway ^^

Thank's for playing my game :)

But Player 2 can use a mouse if you got one instead!

Single player = P1 can use mouse

Multiplayer = P2 can use mouse

You may just download it on an USB stick and take it with you!

Is the browser version not working?

I did to make 2 Player on 1 Keyboard possible. But you can use the mouse or a controller, too!

Intented were 2 Attack keys, to make it possible for the player to Attack behind you while moving.

I tested many control ways but I though that this was quite fitting.

I am sorry that I didn't reply to you :<

Individual regeneration is now already added, also buying regeneration updates is possible!

The new Lea'feat is the next think I will work on, shouldn't take much time anyway! :)

Thank you so much for the support! :)

Even more reassuring to know that there are actually people liking the game...

I worked on something different in the meantime, combined with the whole schoolwork I could not manage to work on this game. But I try to keep updating it!

Hey, I played your game and wanted to give you a feedback:

First of all, it is really funny and I played the first 2 worlds (forest + desert) and the lava chamber thing.

The movement is quite clunky and there are some bugs.

Primary fire is the biggest problem here, because you can only shoot while standing completely still. Also, when you shoot while jumping up (not while falling), the bullet will spawn on top of the character.

The knife attack has no cooldown, so you can basically 1 shot every enemy when standing near it and spamming "m".

The soundeffects of knife and shoot will always play when you press the button, although the animation is not playing.

You should focus on fixing all the animations and make the movement in general more fluent before adding new things!

Did you try using the new download version for Linux already?

Thank you for asking, the Browser Version is somehow broken and doesn't Work... But I will Upload one for linux!

Yes, I am planning a somehow tank as the next character.

Yes, I also think she is quite weak.

That's because I gave her too much in the beginning, and nerfed her after that a couple of time...I will definitely buff her.

How do you like her design as a whole?

Thank's for replying, too!

I had it again. Sometimes when I build new raft parts, there will be a green box on top of it and will stay there. After a while, I can't cut trees anymore.

Very nice concept. Reminds me of Sims ^^

But, it is VERY buggy. I had the same bug twice already. Out of nowhere, I can't do anything anymore. I can not destroy the tree nor can I build anything (while I had 300 woods).

The only thing I could do, was to let them go or stop them from  fishing and cooking.

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This is your first game? It's so damn good!

I usually don't like puzzle games but this one is such a nice mix of platformer + puzzle.... with this unique mechanic of moving objects.

Although I think, You should map both the jump and the control attack to both of the 2 shoulder buttons, because it is a bit strange to hold your fingers on 2 different layers ^^

You should definite do something out of this idea!

I added the restart function a while ago already and also did some huge updates in general ^^

The new update + new character is out now ^^

New update + character is out! :)

Uploaded my new update with a new character :)

Thank you for trying it!

I will someday release it in playstore when I finished a story mode ^^

Nice idea! I will add him soon :D

I worked quite some time on that coin bug a while ago, I think I will try it again soon ^^

Thank you for the review :) !

I will try to keep Update the game and improve it, but I am already getting to the Limits of the program I Mare the game with.

Something like summoner spellsy and new sounds new Sounds are Always possible.  3v3 might be more difficult because of how I coded the game. I should have to rewrite a lot of the game.

A Profile ist also possible but I need to experiment with saving a bit ^^

Yes, I think he might still be a bit OP because of the no-range-cap basic attacks.

I will work a bit on that, maybe it will give him some other things to improve then ^^

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Thank you for supporting me! :)

Okay it's done!

I re-added the browser version and did some minor new things! Read the new patchnotes which I released to get an overview of my new content :)

Do you mean as a browser game?

Yes, it was bugging earlier. I have to see if I can fix it now to upload it again!

But you can also download the game, too.

Has a good start, but it is rather boring right now. (might be because I don't like turn bases games generally)

Also. there should be more objectives or smth like that or maybe being able to move around the island.

(Edited 1 time)

I don't know, since Steam will now Release their Steam direct which will cost 100€ per game. Also, it will generally be more difficult to get in in there.


Thank you! Did you try my main game? ^^

Pretty nice beginning!

But the sword animation is kind of strange, it feels like it never hits.

the controls are catastrophic, sorry. z and q for movements? You should stick with the wasd keys. That's what made me quit after 5 minutes already.

Did you make the graphics yourself? Looks nicely cartoonish ^^

(Edited 1 time)

Pretty nice game, I like the cartoonish graphics. ^^

Is it intended that you can glitch throw the roof of the wood house to get the key? + I couldnt do anything on the lighthouse after I got up. There is one switch on the op but it does not do anything when I click "e".

Also, I can't go on the moving platform. It will always either kick me off it or glitch me throw the platform, so that I fall throw it.

Oh and one advice at the end: maybe make the camera a bit higher. It feels like you are controlling a dog or so. Even the stairs are like half as big as the character ^^

Thank's !

Did you encounter any bugs or so?

Thank you, I'm you enjoyed it!

 Do you have anything to report maybe? Some bad experience or bugs?

1. Hm strange, shouldn't be that hard to fix

2. Alt + Tab. Don't know how to fix that :D. But you could just press escape to exit the fullscreen, too.

3. Which window do you mean exactly?

Haha funny game ^^

I also made a LoL game on Construct 2 :)

Did you try it again?

I uploaded a fixed version, but still only downloadable